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Jan 21st

Vicky Bar Rutherglen, toe ocky 2pm

Jan 24th

Crown Inn Bo’Ness Starts a Wednesday night singles league.

Jan 27th

West Lothian Inter town league match , South v East Murray bar Polbeth

Jan 27th

Moffat Pairs, Moffat doubles entries are now closed!

Jan 27th

Exchange –East Kilbride, toe ocky 2pm

Jan 27th

Teeside Darts Open, £400 men’s first prize, Ladies £100 first prize. Grosvenor Casino- Stockton on Tees.

Jan 28th

Greenock Morton Supporters club open Singles, John P Memorial, £150 first prize, £90 Second, S/f £30 each, £7 entry, register by 21st Jan,


Feb 3rd

Gardeners Arms, Haddington, £300 prize pot, register by 12.30pm,

Feb 3rd

West Lothian Inter town league match , North v West, Cawburn Sports bar Pumpherston

Feb 3rd

Village bar Blantyre, register 1-1.45pm toe ocky 2pm, Prize fund £400

Feb 10th

32 club Shott’s , £200 in prize fund, £5 entry, register by 12.30

Feb 10th

Inter counties Scotland

Feb 11th

Open comp. Ballroom Morningside, Edinburgh, £5 entry plus Ballroom adding £2 for every person who enters. Register by 1pm toe ocky 1.30pm.

Feb 17th

The Original and Real Scottish Open run by the S.D.A. Takes place at the Normandy Hotel Renfrew, Enter on Line £15, we have had players making the finals on the Sunday before, the question is can YOU join them?

Feb 17th

Not the Scottish Open, Old Oak in Rutherglen, £5 entry, toe the ocky 1pm.

Feb 17th

Not the Scottish Open, Cawburn Sports Bar Pumpherston, £7 entry men- £5 entry Ladies, £500 guaranteed prize fund,

Feb 24th

Three Craws Open Singles, Irvine,

Feb 24th

West Lothian Inter town league matches, South v North & East v West


Mar 3rd

Inter counties Scotland

Mar 10th

Gardeners Arms, Haddington, £300 prize pot, register by 12.30pm

Mar 17th

West Lothian Inter town league matches, West v South & North v East

Mar 24th

Inter counties Scotland

Mar 31st

FINAL DAY OF, West Lothian Inter town league matches, West v North & East v South

April 7th

Ladies Open Singles at Kirknewton Inn, Kirknewton, more info to follow!

April 28th

Cathy Gibson Remembrance Trophy, Gunners Club Kirkcaldy, 10-10-30 am registration, Gents £10 entry £1000 prize pot, Ladies £5 entry, £300+ prize pot.



Presents the,

Jan Leggat Memorial, Ladies & Men's Competition’s.

Well ladies & gentlemen, we have enough players to make this event happen with 9 lady players entering, these are,

Jillian Speirs - Sandy Nisbet -Gillian Mitchell- Amanda Millar- Ali Chaffe- Abi Sclater - Mary Clark- Connie Bamburry - Kathy Henderson.

In the men’s section we have 26 players these are,

Grant Lyle - Callum Wilkinson - William Harraughty - John Grant- Willie Millar -Ryan Jack-Ben Hart- Stephan Buchan-Jim Mitchell - Martin Deegan- Gordon Bruce - William Borland - Scott Baillie-Jay Millar - Scott Cameron -  Graeme Bird - Moonshine Charlie - Jamie Banks - Ian Campbell - Paul Anderson - Christopher Mitchell - Andy Thomson - Wullie Wilson - John Sandison - Andy Pagget - Ian Stevenson.


And perhaps a few more once players can confirm their attendance!

Closing date for entries Tuesday 23rd January.


As many of you will know, Jan was a lovely lady and was very well respected in the local darts scene where she played in the West Calder & District darts league and also for the West Lothian county team for a while, Now Jan and her husband Stuart came up to Scotland a good few years ago, but did you know that they used to be Pool people, now there is a thing Jan and her husband helped run Pool leagues in the Big Smoke London and not quite sure if it was a pool hall or just a rather large pub that they had,  that is before Jan saw the error of her ways and found darts! anyway Malky Cowan of the Cawburn Sports bar who sponsors our local league and where our league plays its finals, was a good friend of both Jan & Stuart, and many will be aware is the Chairman of the Scottish Pool association, and has kindly agreed to sponsor this event with a substantial amount of money adding £350 to the prize fund a gesture of good will towards the memory of this well respected and loved lady.



The sites thought for the year to come is!
A Day Without Laughter is a Day Wasted! 

Just a small reminder for players in the Inter-town League, please organisers /team managers could you please collect your players registrations it's only £3 per person and any football card money you may have raised, just a reminder, still a while to go but as we all know if you don't start getting the money in soon players may forget! Gillian Mitchell is in charge of the funds, so please if you could pass your registration monies to her, it would be much appreciated, thanks.

 18th Jan, Bathgate league meeting, and here are the league placings for the Friday night league.









Lammies (2)














Corrie Bar







Cross Tavern







Glenmavis B.C.







Coppies (1)







Old Wine







Coppies (2)







Lammies (1)









17th Jan, The High road to the Sports bar in the E.D.A. Saw the local posse head of in good spirits, action from the night saw, Graeme Bird 8-8 Andrew Davidson, a match that had Graeme in charge and just a few errant doubles the difference from winning and drawing! As Graeme was in charge of this match up, Andrew though who won the Premier league last season is one tough cookie never giving up and battling it out for a hard fought draw, Graeme firing in match scores of 2x180’s, 9x140’s,13 ton pluses, fastest game a cracking 15 darter also a rock solid 82 game shot,

Rab Dick 9-4 Dale Chambers, Kirknewton player was on form in this match up and he had to be as the standard is extremely tough in the Platinum league, Rab on the night firing in a massive 144 & 90 game shots, also games finished in 14-18-18 darts keeping his campaign on target.

Jim Mitchell 9-6 Dane McDiarmid, once again a very close match up with both players sitting at 2-2 it then saw Mitchell fire in consecutive finishes of 123 &126 on the bulls eye then following that with 90 & 105 game shots to open up a gap however Dane then levelled at 6-6 at it eventually saw Mitchell close the match out with a double 18, Mitchell with 4 sub 18 dart games fastest being a 15 darter, 7x140’s and quite a few tons, However it was Dane who recorded the only maximum 180 of the match both players with dart averages of 75 which in laymen’s terms means all games finished in 20 darts or less! Not a bad standard.

Gillian Mitchell 4-7 Grant Hawkins, unlucky Gillian as like last week Gillian won the first two legs of this match up.

Denise Bird 3– 7 Scott Thomson score line not quite telling the true nature of this match, as Ian Lyon has just told me how this game went with the match being much closer than score line suggests. And he expects both ladies to be more than a handful for a lot of players in the league.


16th Jan, Results from Monday night’s action in the West Calder & District Darts League, Premier league results saw the results go like this!

Volunteer Highway Men 4-5 Loganlea Colliers,

 Kirknewton Innkeepers 7-2 Stirrup Stane Indians

Commercial Inn Nomads 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders

Stirrup Stane Wanderers 1-8 Almondale Pirates.

Championship League results went like this,

Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 1-8 Grand Central Railroaders

Kirknewton Barkeepers 1-8 Doo Club Flyers

Tower bar Knights 6-3 Commercial Inn Juniors

Doo Club Fanciers 1-8 Murray bar Crofters


16th Jan, Special Mention this week and there are a few, hopefully no one has been missed out!

Top finish this week belongs to only one man and that is Paul McCaig of the Railroaders with a superb 141 take out, Big Wullie Jack from the Pirates on target with a classic 130 kill shot, Elder statesman Gordon Bruce who almost made baseball boots a thing of beauty with his nicely turned ankles firing out on a cracking 124 take out,  From the Commercial Juniors Derek Yule with a classy 105 game shot, Also with a 105 game shot was our very own Womble from Dechmont Martin Deegan of the Highway Men, Harthill’s  top arrow smith the man called the Mighty Quinn yes Jim Quinn firing out a 100 game shot, Scott Cameron also of the Pirates of Craigshill nice 98 take out, Tower bar Knights player Brian McIntyre with a 91 take out, From the Crofters of Polbeth Ben Hart checking out on 91 game shot, Our league mascot the walking talking Giraffe Melman (Gary Christie) with 88 game shot for the Wanderers,  But perhaps shot of the week I believe must go to the player who finished 57 in three darts single3- single4- bulls eye! Take a bow SCOTT BRYSON.


16th Jan, Maximum hitters this week saw three players hitting the red lipstick and they are, Andy Young Gun Thomson from the Grand Central Railroaders with 2x180’s, Stevie Edwards a new player to add his name to the maximum league table  from the Innkeepers on the hill with a maximum 180, and Reigning league singles champion The Polbeth Hit-Man Davie Aitken also firing in a maximum 180.


16th Jan, Quick games and these must be 20 darts or less to get on the league tables saw, what can only be described as the Beauty and the Beast and you can decide who is who! Gordon Bruce & Jim Mitchell both recording 15 darters, Three players with 18 dart games and these were William Harraughty back from his poaching trip up in loch Awe, and Scott Cameron along with Paul McCaig, 19 darters were hit by Jamie Fleming for the Nomads, John Kirk of the Highlanders infamy, John Brogan from the Colliers of Addiewell, Players with games finished in 20 darts, was the Station Master of the Railroaders Wullie Wilson, Wullie Jack of the Pirates, and John Brett from the Commercial Nomads and that man again John Brogan who has been turning in excellent performances in both the Bathgate & West Calder leagues in the past few months.

Some top doubles matches and these were, Andy Thomson & John Sandison with 18 & 19 darters for a cracking 27.08 dart average, Gordon Bruce & Gary Christie 18 darter fro the Wanderers, Martin Deegan & Colin Robertson 20 &21 darters fro the Volunteer Highway Men.


16th Jan, Now ladies and gentleman, I think there are more than two of you who read this web site (hopefully) some thought from the web master, Last night saw the Premier league blown wide open as the Colliers under ZOKO ok Alan Wilson’s leadership brought the then league leaders down to earth with a bang, the Highway men have been at seas as the saying goes like a rudderless ship for some time now, however last night after almost a year since his last league match we welcomed back out team captain and leader Colin Robertson who has been out with injury for almost a full year with shoulder problems, and I believe that he will have a huge impact on the confidence of the Highway Men once he gets his toes back at the ocky, but now to slightly diverse from that line of talk in this Monday night league over the years we have had some superb teams last year the Stirrup Stane teams ruled supreme winning both leagues, before that the Cawburn Assassins were top team for a couple of seasons under Big Tam Laird's leadership, Dovehill/Volunteer topped the league tables before that for a number of years, and lets not forget the Paraffin Lamp and Lizzie Brice back in the day when John Bruton led his men on a rampage, and for those with longer memories remember the team from Old Deans Rab’s Bar or its correct title of McMillan’s, who topped the  league for a lot of years. Now where I am heading with this topic is this, we have 18 teams in the league and  with Fin Drummond at the helm, over the past ten years or so we have bucked the trend of leagues getting smaller, what we have done all of us is, expand slowly and gradually and because of that we now have a lot dedicated and some absolutely cracking dart players in lots of teams, no one team like in the olden days has a monopoly of top players all in one team, and that is absolutely magic as it means the competition is competitive and very fierce for every match played so far this season we have played four competitions and have players from five (5) teams picking up trophies at our presentation night at the moment, so it looks like there may be many twists and turns before this league season is eventually finished and now that ive run out  at the moment of things to say, Long may it continue, gives me something to write about doesn’t it!

And BREAKING NEWS, It could be that a company is about to sponsor the web site for the year ahead when the renewal in April is due, I have received an e-mail from a dart player in Armadale who plays in the Bathgate Friday night league, and he and I are going to put our heads together to see if we can come to an agreement to have his company sponsor Jim’s Darts Diary, fingers crossed this will mean another year of publication, for your entertainment, more will be revealed in due course.

 15th Jan, LATE REPORT CARD!! Just received from last week, better late than never, Willie Borland 2x180 & 18 darter, Graeme Bird 15 darter 114 co, G. Bird & W Borland 2x16 darter in pairs.


12th Jan, Action from the Bathgate league saw the results go like this,

Coppies (a) 5-4 Glenmavis Bowling Club, with top shots coming from Jimmy Woods rock solid 20 darter, Andy Thomson also with a 20 dart game and a tidy 75 take out, Top pairs game coming from Colin Maxwell & Peter Lavery with a cracking 17 darter.

Cross Tavern 6-3 Old Wine, This match had William Harraughty firing in a maximum 180 and to excellent games finished in 19&20 arrows, J McLaren also on the maximum trail with a 180.

Corrie bar 2-7 Lammies ((B) Another top performance from Spencer MacDonald’s men from Fauldhouse, with one of the leagues most respected players James (Pelter) Graham firing out quickest match of the night finishing in 17&19 darts and firing in a maximum 180 as well, Top finish in this game saw another of the leagues elder statesmen Mick Burke with a classy 100 take out via 20-tops-tops.

Kirknewton Inn 8-1 Coppies (B) A much closer match than the score line suggests, with some top finishing coming from the home side, Graeme Bird with 81&111 take outs, Rab Dick solid two dart 97 game shot, John Gardner 82 game shot, Jim Mitchell with the only maximum 180 score.


10th Jan, And the stagecoach trail A71 was back in use as the West Lothian Posse headed into auld Reekie for another adventure in the Murrayfield Sports Bar Premier league, which is run by the Edinburgh Darts Association, and with four leagues , Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues with I believe 19 players in each league, and it saw the usual suspects joined by two new members as Denise Bird from East Calder and Gillian Mitchell of Livingston have both entered and are in the Bronze league, where I believe they will be a handful for a few of the more experienced players in that league, The Premier league is played over 16x501 certainly not for the faint hearted and the Bronze league is 12x501, Results from the nights action saw Rab Dick  9 v 3 Tommy Houliston, With the Kirknewton sharpshooter firing in games finished in 16-17-18-18-20 darts along with a cracking 130 game shot on the bulls eye, Graeme Bird  9 v 5 Eddie Main, the Bird man on song with a brace of maximum 180’s and fast games of 17 & 18 darts, Gillian Mitchell 2 v 7 David Daly, Denise Bird 1 v 7  David Scott, Jim Mitchell 9 v 6 Gary Higgins, these two players who partner up in open doubles certainly chucked everything but the proverbial kitchen sink at each other with only the doubles the difference! Mitchell with 16-17-18-20-20 darters a solitary maximum 180 along with 3x140’s and 12 tons, Gary fired in 2x180 and 7x140’s plus somewhere in the region of 12 tons and a cracking 13 darter as well, but it was Mitchell who hit more doubles! So that concludes last night action for the Posse members from the West Lothian area.


8th Jan, And with the Festive cobwebs fully blown away the Monday night West Calder & District was back in action, West Calder’s infamous Central bar Rebels hosted the travelling Stirrup Stane Wanderers in their first match up of the new year and what a match it was by all accounts with the score tied at 4-4 after eight games it went the distance and it was the home side who came away with a hard fought victory, Rebels 5-Wanderers, and the home side had some top games with Sean Hanlon firing in a 18 darter along with an 80 take out, Ryan Little 89 game shot, as did Martin Balfour also on 89 finish, top doubles reported saw Scott Baker & Martin Balfour team up and fire in a 19 dart doubles game.

Almondale Pirates 2-7 Commercial Inn Nomads, and some top shooting from this match up with Nomads players suffering no ill effects from the festive lay off, John Somerville 90 game shot, John Brett 80 game shot, Davie Aitken 16 darter, in the doubles it had John Somerville & Bunny Forrest fire in a 17 darter and just a couple of arrows further back were Davie Aitken & Jamie Fleming with a19 dart game, Scott Cameron a 17 darter in reply for the Pirates and M Brady with a maximum 180 also for the home side.

Stirrup Stane Indians with their chief Fred Hamilton in charge hosted the Highway Men from the Volunteer and it was a closer match than the score line states with the visitors claiming a victory. Top shots on the night saw Fred Hamilton 1x140 & 1x180 in back to back throws, Colin Hamilton 80 game shot via tops tops, Jim Mitchell a tidy 17 darter in the singles Pete Hastings & Mitchell both firing in 2 x140’s apiece, and Mitchell partnering up with Graham Borland they fired in an 18 dart doubles game with Mitchell finishing on 154 via 57-57-40.  Indians 1-8 Highway Men.

The Doo Club Flyers from East Calder had the pleasure of entertaining the Deans Bowling Club home of the Golden Oldies and it was the home side who came away with a cracking 8-1 victory, some stats from this match up had S Hamilton 1x121, Brian Speirs with 1x125 & 1x135 scores, Big Geordie Dryburgh with a 118 not sure if that was a game shot or not! For the Flyers Ian Stevenson was on form with 1x140 & 1x123 scores, and The Ranger Paul Weir on the maximum trail again with another trade mark 180.

Grand Central Steamers played our only all ladies team in the league the Doo Club Fanciers and by all accounts a good game with the Steamers winning 6 games to 3, top finish of note coming from the ladies with Leona Stewart checking out on a rock solid 72 game shot, also finishing on the same score was Gerald Hughes of the Steamers with a 72 take out.

Murray bar Crofters 4-5 Tower bar Knights, Top game from the nights action in Polbeth once again one of the leagues newest and younger players Ryan Jack firing in a 80 game shot and a rock solid 21 darter.

 Don’t have any reports of fast games etc,from the next two matches but can report the final scores of the team matches and they were,

Commercial Inn Juniors 7-2 Kirknewton Barkeepers, Just heard that Jay Millar in this match just missed the maximum 180 twice and had to settle for 2x140's good arrows and another of the young brigade starting to flex their darting arms in the league.

Cawburn Highlanders 3-6 Kirknewton Innkeepers

Jim thinking waht will become of this envelope!
Once in Gillians handbag, Euro's or a nother Handbag!


6th Jan, And the venue the Priory Inn in Blantyre for a £400 open singles competition, a good entry with 56 players entering the competition, toeing the ocky on the day saw former English and Scottish internationals along with P.D.C. players also in the mix battling it out for the top prize, matches were the best of 5x501 with the final 7x501, and It was East Stirlingshire county player from Livingston Jim Mitchell who edged out the man called X Factor Andy Boulton in the grand final by 4 games to 2, the final went like this Andy 1-0, Mitchell then stealing the second 1-1 Mitchell 2-1, then 3-1 Andy then won the fifth leg but Jim made no mistake in sixth leg with a rock solid 15 darter finishing on 64 game shot to claim the first prize. On the day it saw Mitchell winning 3-0, 3-2, 3-0,3-1, 3-1, 4-2, with 10 sub 18 darters fastest a tidy 14 darter plus some excellent finishing. Also on a personnel note if you get the chance to play in the Priory then you should go, an excellent venue, clean, good beer, and very friendly bar staff, and well run comp.


5th Jan, And the Bathgate Friday night league was back in action, and the results are now in and looks like the second half of the league will be one close run race as the league leaders before the Christmas break were brought right back to reality, as Frank (Spencer)MacDonald had his team right up for the match and the  team from Lammies (2) in Fauldhouse gave them a real turn over winning 4 of the first 6 singles and then cementing the result with the first 2 doubles for an excellent 6-3 win and more importantly a valuable 2 points, Lammies 6-3 Kirknewton, Top games saw John Brogan, Graeme Bird, Spencer MacDonald all fire in 18 darters, Alan MacDonald 80 game shot and Paul Weir 100 take out.

Glenmavis Bowling Club in Bathgate 6-3 Lammies (1) from Fauldhouse,

Darby match up at the home of the Bathgate league saw Coppies (B) 1-8 Coppies (A)

Ian Battison’s Corrie Bar from Armadale with a titanic battle on the ocky and edging out Big G’s Cross Tavern by 5 games to 4. News just in from this match up saw, Jimmy Johnston 18 darter and a 81 take out, The man back from his poaching oops mean fishing expedition William Harraughty firing in a maximum 180, Callum Wilkinson on target with a 82 game shot and John Somerville with 96 game shot.


3rd Jan, First challenge match of the year, Danish International Klaus Rejnhold who has played for Denmark in the Nordic cup against the other Scandinavian countries, and his opponent yours truly Jim Mitchell, and so you know this was a serious wee game of arrows Klaus spent 5 hours yesterday practising with Davie Sharp from Edinburgh one of Edinburgh’s top players, So battle on the ocky commenced at roughly 14.30 hours and finished after a few breaks and dinner served by a Gillian and a couple of beers at 20.30 hours, So here was the lesson he gave me.

Klaus Rejnhold


Jim Mitchell

Games won 56


Games won 31

7x180’s & 1x177


7x180’s & 1x171






50+  tons

120-120-118-116-94-90-90 game shots


121-100-99-89-83-76 game shots

Fast leg 13 darts


Fast leg 12 darts

56 games won with  average of 18 darts  


31 games won with average of 19 darts

Running dart average for 87 games of darts was 76.56 was up at 80+ but slump in the middle section


Running dart average for 87 games of darts was72.45 And as it was at under 60 for first half hour  it isn’t that bad!!!

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