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Next Delegates meeting for the W.C.D.D.L. is 1st November in the Central bar West Calder, There will be no meeting in December, the next one after that will be 17th January in the Commercial Inn West Calder, SO  PLEASE teams who have yet to pay their players registration monies , please bring it on 1st November , much appreciated. (Treasurer)



Right folks here is a wee tune, for those of us who like a wee sing song! Windmill of Old Amsterdam.

Asking the readers for help. This week end has the counties starting if you play in our local area would you mind sending in anything of interest so it can be shared looking to try and get it in W.L. Courier for next Thursday if possible, you don't have to, but would be nice to hear how out local dart players fare over the week end, which ever county you have signed/play for, all news items are welcome, Thanking you in advance for the updates, Jim M.

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 23rd Oct, Quick report from the Latvian capital  Riga, With mixed results losing out in the final of the Open doubles on the Friday night with Cameron Anderson from Newcastle way!, Last 16 of the men's  singles on Saturday, and on Sunday playing with Gary Higgins making it through to the semi finals, not bad effort picking up ranking points to go along with ones from the Scottish Open, and collecting money for all three events.  




21st Oct, Bathgate Friday night league saw the results going like this, Coppies (B) 2-7 Lammies (B)

Glen Mavis 2-7 Corrie Bar, Old Wine 6-3 Coppies (A). 


News, Have heard through the darting grape-vine that our ex League Secretary Fin Drummond is not very well, many of you will know Fin from his days in the league committee (26) years, without him there might not even be a darts league as he helped keep it going back in the dark days when publicans were turning their back on darts, so on behalf of the players in the W.C.D.D.L. we wish him well hopefully see him again soon.


It’s that time again folks Quiz Time, some easy questions some hard, and some bit obscure, but all the answers are out there, I have them in hard format (books) so why not get your dating brains ticking over! 100 points to be had! Anyone up for a challenge.


 To Gayle & Lewis on the birth of their daughter, looks like a family rail card for the train now!  

Should anyone wish to contact me with information about the web site or a darts competition which may be happening the new e-mail for myself is (mitchell301@yahoo.com) T.Y.

Some information from the county week end just gone, with players that I could find who play darts in our Monday night league,

might be a few names missing if you can help feel free to send in the info, T.Y.


Ladies and Gentlemen, on Saturday I had the pleasure of playing for East Stirlingshire, and to say that I was made more than welcome is a vast understatement, Scottish Internationalist Craig Quinn (capt) when up on the stage gave me a resounding welcome saying how glad and privileged  they were to have signed myself, can I just say it was myself who has the privilege to have signed for such a great dart team, from the moment I walked into the venue (Crown Inn) people came up to me shaking my hand and saying how glad they were to see me, Along time since I have felt such a atmosphere at a darts venue , to put it into prospective when the last game in the men’s A team was being played there was at least 50+ people still watching the game, the atmosphere was superb and I for one can not wait until the next match, bring it on.




A or B

Games Pl



Dart Ave


Dart Ave

William Borland

East  Stirlingshire







Jim Mitchell

East  Stirlingshire







Mick Burke








Scott Baillie








John Charleston








Graeme Bird

East  Stirlingshire







Jamie Banks

West Lothian







Roy Anderson

West Lothian







Craig Jack

West Lothian







Colin Hamilton








Stephan Colthart

West Lothian







Denise Bird

East  Stirlingshire







19th Oct, Report from the Baltic states, just heard that Ben Hart recorded a maximum 180 on Monday night, all relevant league tables will be updated next week when back from my wee jaunt abroad!


16th Oct, Results from the West Calder & District Darts League

Central bar Rebels 6-3 Almondale Pirates

Stirrup Stane Wanderers 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders

Murray bar Crofters 5-4 Grand Central Steamers

Kirknewton Barkeepers 1-8 Grand Central Railroaders

Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Loganlea Colliers

Doo Club Fanciers 3-6 Commercial Inn Juniors

Tower bar Knights 3-6 Doo Club Flyers

Commercial Inn Nomads 9-0 Stirrup Stane Indians



Some top shooting from last night match ups here is what we have!

Maximum scorers are John Sandison for the Railroaders of the Grand Central, Paul Weir from the Flyers out of the Doo Club both hitting the maximum 180’s, Good finishes came from a lot of players ones we know off are, However top finisher this week goes to  Daisy Heeps firing out on a rock solid 98 game shot for the ladies of the Doo Club Fanciers, A Izzat for the Loganlea Colliers with an 96 game shot, Roy Anderson from the Juniors of West Calder 80 game shot,  From the Knights of Craigshill B Patterson with a 80 take out, Two Rebellious ones from the Central bar in West Calder with finishes off Scott Baker 80 and Graham Smith 74 take outs, Colin Kelly with a rock solid 78 game shot for the Wanderers at the Stirrup Stane, and Shaun Clow the Beard to be Feared with 86 & 82 kill shots, Fast games were recorded by , Commercial Nomads player Bunny Forrest with a 19 darter, also with a 19 darter was Sean Hanlon for the Rebels, no fewer than three players firing in 17 dart games and these were, Colin Kelly and Scott Baillie for the Wanderers and Shaun Clow for the Highlanders, fastest record game of the evenings play saw a doubles match going out in 15 darts and it was the pairing of John Kirk & Shaun Clow who recorded it, Scott Baillie & Mick Burke with a 17 dart pairs and M Bradie & Ross Burnside with a 20 dart pairs match for the Pirates of Craigshill.


13th Oct, Bathgate league action and some cracking results, Kirknewton Innkeepers (Kirknewton) 8-1 Glen Mavis B.C. (Bathgate)

Old Wine (Shott’s) 7-2 Lammies bar (B) Fauldhouse

Cross Tavern (Whitburn) 4-5 Lammies bar (A) Fauldhouse

Corrie bar (Armadale) 7-2 Coppies bar (B) Armadale

Only a few special mention at the moment, Paul McCaig and Graeme Bird both with 19 darters, Jim Mitchell with a maximum 180.


11th Oct, The Posse fighting it out at the Murrayfield Sports bar in Auld Reekie saw some excellent match ups, Kieran Bird with a excellent 8-6 victory after a couple of very close defeats see’s him back on winning ways with the help of 15-16-18 darters, Rab Dick keeps up the pressure in the Gold league sitting in second place and with three matches to go it saw come away with a fine 7-2 win which had 15-17-19 darters in it and a magnificent 157 game shot, Graeme Bird also winning 8-5 with games finished in 18 & 19 darts and a couple of rock solid finishes of 80 & 97 take outs, Jim Mitchell had two match ups on the night and came away with a fighting 8-5 victory in his first match with Gary Higgins who also happens to be Jims doubles partner in the Latvian Open next week in Riga in one of the biggest darting events in the Baltic states, However probably match of the night saw Mitchell facing off against high flying William Borland and a cracking match it saw Borland winning 8-5 but some stats for these two players on the night who are at the opposite spectrum of the age barrier, William (Bridges) Borland 1x180, 92 game shot and 15-15-18 dart games, (Old Man) Mitchell with 1x171, game shots of 76 & 100, and games finished in 12-17-17-18-19 both players dart averages in the high 70 plus bracket and would have been higher should they both have taken their respective doubles out when they had shot’s at them.


9TH Oct, Monday night darts results from the West Calder & District Darts league go like this,

Kirknewton Innkeepers 9-0 Stirrup Stane Indians,

Cawburn Highway Men 5-4 Loganlea Colliers,

Murray bar Crofters 6-3 Doo Club Fanciers,

Doo Club Flyers 8-1 Kirknewton Barkeepers,

Grand Central Railroaders 9-0 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies,

Almondale Pirates 6-3 Stirrup Stane Wanderers  

Commercial Nomads 7-2 Cawburn Highlanders

Commercial Juniors 4-5 Tower bar Knights

Special mentions (and I’m sure there must be more?)

 Jim Mitchell for the Highway Men with a 15 darter, William Borland 16 darter for the Innkeepers, R Burnsdale for the Pirates of the Almondale with a 19 dart game, Alan Galbraith 18 darter, Andy Thomson 20 darter, Brian Speirs 19 darter.

Stuart Russell of the Logan lea Colliers on target with a maximum 180 as was Jim Mitchell for Highway Men and Doo Club Flyers player Paul Weir all firing in maximum 180’s,

Game shots John Brogan with a cracking 111 game shot for the Colliers. Other top scores from the evenings play saw Mary Clark and Aldo Sinclair just missing out on maximum scores and settling for 140’s. Not sure if this was a check out or not! Paul Weir with a 124 score, Martin Blainey 122.  


7th Oct, Haddington was once again the place to be on the East side of the country with The Gardeners Arms holding one of their Open Singles competitions and it was that man William Borland from East Calder who took the top honours from a very good field of players coming away with the winners purse, Towards the west of the country there was also  Open competition in East Kilbride at the Union club in the shopping centre and a large field gathered to try and annex the first prize and with £500 added to the pot it saw some class action on the ocky, Graeme Bird from East Calder just falling in the semi finals by a score line of 2-5 the eventual champion was PDC player and former England international Andy  (x factor) Boulton who took the top prize purse. A good day out with excellent company only down side was my good lady was meeting up with her sister and her daughter and my bank card!!! And needles to say there are a lot of shops there don’t need to any more do I!


6th Oct, Action from the Bathgate Friday night league with a double celebration for Lammies bar in Fauldhouse with two excellent win’s Lammies (a) 9-0 Masonic, and Lammies (b) 6-3 Corrie Bar, Cross Tavern 5-4 Old Wine, Glen Mavis 5-4 Coppies (a), Coppies (b) 2-7 Kirknewton Innkeepers.

Top shooting coming from the Glen Mavis V Coppies match with Colin Maxwell firing in a maximum 180 along with a 94 game shot and a 19 darter, Paul McCaig rock solid 19 darter, also firing in a 19 darter was Jimmy Woods,  Gary Christie also with a 19 darter after just missing out on the bulls eye for a 167 take out, Jimmy MacMillan on target with a 20 dart game. There was some top shooting from the Coppies match in Armadale who hosted the Kirknewton Innkeepers team to their venue, Graeme Bird and Jim Mitchell for the Innkeepers both firing in a maximum 180 as did Coppies player Stuart Boyd with a 180 as well, Fastest game recorded was a cracking 12 darter from Graeme Bird with a superb 124 game shot on the bulls eye also going out on the bull was Jim Mitchell with a 121 game shot.

5th Oct, Things picking up players, the New Inter-Town league now has a new sponsor for the winners Perpetual Trophy with James Banks Joinery from West Calder donating the winning trophy to be played for each year, Also John Somerville has made up a quite simple but very good looking Match team sheet nice and easy for us all to follow! 


4th Oct, News from Auld Reekie in the Edinburgh Darts Association Premier league played in the Murrayfield Sports bar in Gorgi, Mixed results as Scott Baillie and Kieran Bird both lose out in close matches, Win’s came for Graeme Bird with an 8-4 victory over high flying Eddie Main the Bird man firing in a maximum 180 along with an 80 game shot , William Borland on his way to victory with games finished in 14 darts twice and also a brace of 18 darters and a more sedate 20 darter with a 8-2 victory, Mitchell with a 8-4 win after being off to his usual slow start and at 1-4 down it looked like Daine McDiarmid was going to turn the old fella over, but as the saying goes its never over to the last dart goes in Mitchell managing a tidy 14 darter on his way to the winning line!


 2nd Oct  W.C.D.D.L.

League action for Monday night saw the results come flying in, Our match secretary almost though she was dreaming!

Premier League results, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 6-3 Central bar Rebels, Commercial Nomads 3-6 Almondale Pirates, Volunteer Highway Men 8-1 Stirrup Stane Indians, Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Cawburn Highlanders,

Championship League results, Tower bar Knights 5-4 Murray bar Crofters, Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 3-6 Doo Club Flyers, Doo Club Fanciers 4-5 Grand Central Steamers, Kirknewton Barkeepers 2-7 Commercial Juniors.


Top Finishes, Highway man player Graham Borland superb 146 kill shot via 60-60-26, Nomads player Jamie Fleming on target with a cracking ton plus finish 103 take out, Innkeeper Graeme Bird rock solid 86 game shot.

 Fast games came from, Graham Borland with 15 & 17 darters for an excellent 31.31 per dart average, Paul Weir & Jim Mitchell 17 darters, Ben Hart for the Crofters with an 18 darter and just one dart behind was Crofters captain Craig Jack with a 19 dart game, it saw Hart & Jack team up for a rock solid 21 dart pairs game as well.

Maximum hitters, this week have four players on target at the red lipstick, Graham Borland, Jim Mitchell, Ben Hart, Craig Jack taking the honours of the weeks highest scorers.


1st Oct, Page with relevant information for Inter-Town league has now been opened in the left hand column, YES folks this event is now definitely going ahead, with the organisers John Somerville, Callum Wilkinson, Spencer McDonald, Graeme Bird, Rab Dick and Jim Mitchell all in agreement to format and venues.


Some Information just in!

30th Sept, Thanks to John Somerville for the following information which will be added to the relevant league tables, From the Commercial Inn in West Calder’s summer league, Bunny Forrest 8 x180’s, Davie Aitken 7x180’s John Somerville 3x180’s, Den Hart 127 game shot, John Somerville 136-2x86 game shots.


3Oth Sept, Lammies bar in Fauldhouse was the place that top players from around the central belt all conversed for an open competition,  and it was Scottish International  Craig Quinn who took the winners purse, r/up William Borland from East Calder, and the semi/finalists saws Gordon Bruce from Livingston and Steven Carson from Airdrie, All four players receiving monetary wards for their endeavours on the day, some excellent scoring on the day and Here is what was given to me; REMEMBER folks if you don’t tell me how am I supposed to know! Maximum scorers saw Kieran Bird 1x180, and a tidy 20 darter, Ricky McDonald 1x180 and a cracking 108 game shot, William Borland 1 x180, Jim Mitchell 1x174 and 17&20 darters, Micky Rice from Whitburn 1x180, Armadale’s Scott Baillie 98 game shot, Gary Christie 78 game shot and a maximum 180, Graeme Bird 17 & 18 darters plus a tidy 120 shanghai game shot on the twenties, Rab Dick 2x180’s and a superb 14 darter, One of Whitburn’s favourite darting son’s William Harraughty 17-18-20 dart games, Gordon Bruce showing age has never slowed him down with excellent finishing power on the day rattled in game shots of 95-100-118-121 a long with a brace of maximum 180’s and games finished in 3x17 -18-19 dart legs.

So many thanks to the sponsors Lammies Bar and of course to organiser Spencer McDonald, Big thank you from all the players who attended, there was a tremendous amount of darting talent which was on show without a doubt one of the best fields assembled for some time.


29th Sept, Bathgate league action saw some top arrows thrown with Jim Graham (Pelter) from Lammies bar in Fauldhouse leading the way with quick games a fabulous 12 arrow leg via 140-140-140-81 g.s. Other shots of note saw Paul Weir 132 game shot via 25-57-bulls eye, Stevie Duncan from Coppies bar in Armadale 112 game shot showing the young players you can’t give the older generation a shot at a finish! Mitchell a more sedate 86 check out, Maximum hitters came from Alan McDonald, Jamie Banks from the Lammies team, and Graeme Bird from the Kirknewton Innkeepers, Also on the high scores was Rex Brady with a superb set up shot of 177. Paul Weir with a 16 darter,

Team scores Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Lammies bar (2), Cross Tavern 4-5 Corrie bar, Coppies (A) 5-4 Coppies (B), Lammies (1) 3-6 Glen-Mavis B.C


27th Sept, Murrayfield Sports bar for the Posse’s weekly pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Darts association Premier League, And perhaps the fastest recorded or luckiest game of the season so far 10 darter. Once again in the Gold League it saw Kirknewton ace Rab Dick firing out the big shot’s and winning comprehensively 7-0 & 7-3 in his two matches on the night Rab firing in games finished in 15-16-17-17-18-19 darts and some excellent finishing with game shots of 86-101-106, Kieran Bird had mixed fortunes losing out 5-8 in his first match but then returning a score card of 8-3 in his second match of the evening firing in 3x18 darters and a 20 arrow game along with a superb 133 game shot, Graeme Bird snr was on form up against one of Armadale’s top players Scott Baillie and it was East Calder’s (Bird man) who came away with a 8-2 victory with 17 & 18 darters recorded, Last match on for the Posse was Jim Mitchell who fired out winning legs of 10-17-17-18-20 darts on his way to a 8-2 win with the 10 darter being the fastest of the night scored 140-140-171-bullseye.

25th September, Match of the week.

Two brand new teams in the Championship league toed the ocky on Monday night and the Murray bar Crofters from Polbeth opened their doors to the Barkeepers from Kirknewton on the hill, and at one stage it looked like the Crofters were about to plough the travelling barkeepers into submission at 4-0 up, however a fight back was on the cards once Amanda Miller and Martin Blainey took to the ocky in the last two singles to keep the Barkeepers hopes alive, so 4-2  and only one match needed to take the first points of the season for the Crofters, but the pairs were hard fought and back came the visitors taking the match to a deciding 9th match and it was the home side that prevailed coming away with a very hard fought victory by the tightest of margins 5-4 to the Crofters. Some excellent scoring in the match it saw Amanda Miller with a rock solid 72 game shot, Martin Blainey 111 take out both for the visiting Kirknewton Barkeepers and captain of the Murray Craig Jack with a 75 game shot for the Crofters.

Team scores went like this Crofters names first, Stewart Russell 2-0 Colin Laidlaw, Ben Hart 2-0 Jay Millar, Ryan Jack 2-0 Alli Chaffe, Craig Jack 2-0 Mary Clark,  Rab Craig 1-2 Amanda Miller, Frank Crook 1-2 Martin Blainey, so 2-4 to the Crofters now the doubles Stewart Russell & Ryan Jack 0-2 Jay Miller & Martin Blainey, Ben Hart & Graeme Vance 1-2 Colin Laidlaw & Mary Clark, Rab Craig & Frank Crook 2-0 Amanda Miller & Abby Chaffe.


W.C.D.D.L. RESULTS 25/9/17

Doo Club Flyers 2-7 Grand .Central Railroaders    

Commercial Inn Juniors 5-4 Deans.B.C. Golden Oldies

Almondale Pirates 2-7 Kirknewton Innkeepers

Central Bar Rebels 6-3 Commercial Nomads

Murray bar Crofters 5-4 Kirknewton Barkeepers

Grand Central Steamers 2 – 7 Tower bar Knights

Cawburn Highlanders 3-6 Volunteer Highway Men



Maximum 180 hitters Paul Weir for the Doo Club Flyers, Grant Lyle from the Railroaders, Davie Aitken for the Nomads, Lorne Mitchell of the Highlanders and Graham Borland for the Highway Men also on target with Maximum 180’s scored. Top finishes of the night went to two players both with 111 game shots Martin Blainey from the newly formed Kirknewton Barkeeps, and Scott Baker from the West Calder Rebels, other players finishing well were, J Sandison of the Railroaders with a 83 game shot as was his team mate Andy Thomson but just edging them out was Alan Galbraith with a 85 kill shot, Craig Jack for the newly formed Murray bar Crofters in on the action with a 75 take out, Scott Cameron 100 game shot for the Pirates of Craigshill and a 82 take out for the Bird man of East Calder Graeme Bird, And for the ladies we have Amanda Miller finishing a 72 game shot. Fast games were scarce but as players may well be rusty after the summer respite I’m sure things will hot up in the weeks to come, Scott Baker nice solid 18 darter, Ryan Little 19 darter both playing for the Rebellious ones from the Central bar in West Calder, William Miller & Graeme Bird both with 18 darters and Rab Dick 19 dart game for Innkeepers,  Fastest game recorded on the night saw a pairs match finished in an excellent 14 arrows for William Miller & John Gardiner of the Kirknewton Innkeepers. Please remember folks we now have a stand alone ladies page on the web site so ladies please send in your information as well, if your not sure about scores etc just check out the page on left hand column of the opening page on web site, t.y. Jim


22nd Sept, Once again the Bathgate Friday night league got under way with Danny Kirkland (Chairman)at the helm without a doubt the longest standing darts committee man in the West Lothian area, and it was Coppies in Armadale where the first competition of the season got under way with the K.O.Cup, this is played over 6 singles and 3 doubles matches so simply put first to 5 take the match, and after three hours play we had our finalists, and it had Big Gordon McMillan leading his team the Cross Tavern from Whitburn to the final with Rab Dick taking his new team of newbie’s The Kirknewton Innkeepers from Kirknewton to face them in the final, and it was nip and tuck with the singles matches shared and at 3-3 it was all down to the doubles and it saw the Cross Taverner’s take the first two doubles and the title by 5 games to 3. Some special mentions from the nights action, Scott Baillie from the Corrie bar firing in a maximum 180 as did Callum Wilkinson of the Taverner’s and Jim Mitchell for the Innkeepers however top maximum hit on the night must go to Graham Landels from the Old Wine/Lammies bar!!! who was playing in the first match of the new season he recorded with his first three darts of the new season a cracking maximum 180 great way to start the season with your first ever league maximum 180 well played. Congratulations to both teams, K.O. Cup Champion’s The Cross Tavern and Kirknewton Innkeepers r/up.

2Oth Sept Report. The Posse once again headed into the Sports bar at Murrayfield for their weekly show down at the ocky with top players from the Lothian and surrounding areas, William Borland still firing out fabulous darts from his right hand which is on fire at the moment after winning the Scottish Masters title two weeks ago he was down in Wigan for a PDC week end and came away with £400 in prize monies which at the moment would get him into the final 64 of thr PDC World youth championships later in the year William sitting at 45th in the provisional rankings, However back to business William fired in 6 sub 20 dart games and a maximum 180 on his way to a fine 8-3 victory on the night, Rab Dick from Kirknewton keeps the pressure on at the top of the Gold League with a cracking 7-4 victory which included a 100 game shot and 17 and 2x18 darters, Graeme Bird also on the maximum trail with a brace of them in his win over Daine McDiarmid in a real tough battle, Mitchell had two matches on the night with mixed fortunes winning 8-6 over Callum Smith in a battle where both players held their own throw exceptionally well but one break of throw which went Mitchell's way was enough to see him over the line 8-6, However Ian Butler was next up against Jim and both these players are heading to the Latvian open later in the season and it saw Jim hitting plenty of treble twenties but it was Ian who rattled the doubles while Jim floundered from one double to the next both players on the maximum trail but Ian a deserved 8-4 win, Mitchell on the night fired in 1x171 and 2x180's along with 4 sub 19 dart games. Another player also heading to Riga in Latvia was North Berwick's Gary Higgins who rattle in 5 x 180's in seven legs but he also lost out to Davie Sharp 7-8. Gary almost doing the magical nine darter starting off with 6 perfect arrows in a leg he eventually won!


18th Sept, W.C.D.D.L. Yes the league is back and with it we have a new winner of the leagues first trophy the prestige’s K.O. Cup event which is played as a 7 person team with each singles match being 1x701 so the first team to get 4 chalks on the board wins, sounds easy but with so many good teams in the league you have to be on your toes to make the final and this season it saw the Commercial Nomads under the leadership of John Bruton make it through and up against them was the Almondale Pirates from the Masonic club in Craigshill who had Derek Carmichael at the helm, the matches were just about even and only the finishing power of the Nomads the difference and it saw John Somerville taking the title to West Calder with a fine 72 game shot for the Commercial Nomads, final score Nomads 4-1 Pirates. Winning team were John Bruton, Davie Aitken, John Somerville, John Grant, Jamie Fleming, Jim Quinn, Bunny Forrest, losing finalists were, Stevie Duncan, Michael Brady, Scott Bryson, Derek Carmichael, Jamie Pattison, Scot Begley, Scott Cameron, the two losing semi finalists were the Central bar Rebels from West Calder and Doo Club Flyers from East Calder, Top shots from the competition saw Paul Weir and, Derek Carmichael and Wullie Wilson all firing in maximum 180’s top finishes had Andy Thomson with a 107 game shot, Ian Stevenson 81 take out and Saun Hanlon with 80 game shot, Two players had excellent games with  dart averages of 31.86 for their 701 legs and they were Martin Balfour and Saun Hanlon.

Competition Page Updated 7th Oct Haddington-Gardeners Arms.


West Lothian Inter Town Saturday  League. (In the planning stage at the moment)

Looking to start a new league to make this happen what is needed is four teams, with teams playing three away matches and three home matches,

Feed back is welcome, just to try something new! The Idea is like this, we could have,

East Section – Kirknewton, East Calder, Mid Calder. Contact Rab Dick & Graeme Bird.

West Section- Fauldhouse, Whitburn, Armadale. Contact Spencer McDonald.

Central Section- Polbeth, West Calder, Breich. Contact John Somerville.

South Section- Livingston, Pumpherston, Broxburn. Jim Mitchell & John McDonald

Obviously names can be changed this is to give an idea only!

Team’ to be made up of 9 nine players or 6 if preferred! You can sign as many as you wish.

Matches to try something different and to make them more exciting could be,

3 pairs matches 3x501 each match worth 1 point

1 Triples match 3 x701 match worth 2 points

9 Singles matches 3x501 each match worth 3 points, Reason for this is simple if you played the singles first match could be over in first 6 games however if you do the format this way, winning the pairs and triples would only give you 5 points, so the singles then become more important, now there would be 32 points up for the taking in each match, the idea is that if you get say 20 points then you get 20 points and your opponents get 12 points, makes for a more interesting game as every point becomes very valuable in the final outcome.

Only an idea and if there is enough interest perhaps myself and other interested parties (organisers) can meet up and discuss dates etc, or change the structure of the league to 7 players or what ever you think is best suited. Feed back is welcome.


Credit where Credit is Due.

Once again a combined effort from our current and past Match Secretaries have delivered the goods, The league tables are now finalised and fingers crossed every team should be happy, they have tried as much as possible to give all the teams home and away fixtures obviously with our league set up it cant quite be as straight forward as we would like but all teams have same number home and away matches, so a big thank you must go to Connie Bamburry & John Kirk for delivering the goods. Where would we be without them, Cheers guys.


13th Sept, Once again the local posse rode into the Murrayfield sports bar for their weekly showdown with the Edinburgh players, though to be truthful this week was more of a home derby in some matches, Graeme and Kieran Bird were drawn against each other and it was the senior bird who came away with a fine 8-5 win over Kieran , Graeme firing in 16 and a brace of 17 darters in his win, William Borland who was not at his best think man flu may have had something to do with it, but he struggled over the line winning 8-3 but only a single 20 dart game in the fast legs column to night! Rab Dick was in superb form winning 7-0 with games finished in 17-18-19-19 darts and three excellent game shots of 78-88-103 along with a maximum 180 and an excellent three dart average of 77 per throw, Jim Mitchell played Scott Baillie in another local posse match up and it was the old man who came away with a 8-1 Scott missing a few vital doubles letting Jim In, Jim with 2 x180’s and games finished in 16-17-18-20 arrows and a tidy 130 out on the bulls eye.

7th Sept, Bathgate darts league to start on the 22nd September with the K.O. Cup in Coppies bar Armadale. League matches the following week.


6th Sept, The Posse headed East to the Murrayfield Sports bar for their weekly showdown with the Lothian and surrounding area top arrow smiths, and came back with some excellent results, Rab Dick with an cracking 7-2 win to continue his move up the rankings of the Gold league Rab at the moment sitting in second place with only Alan White in front of him but the Kirknewton man is moving ever closer! Kieran Bird also on the winning trail with an excellent 8-6 victory in the Platinum league, Graeme Bird on target with an 8-4 winning score line which included 111 along with 88 & 84 game shots, a brace of maximum 180’s and games finished in 13-17-17 darts, William Borland continuing his superb form of late with yet another top performance on the good old flock board, firing in 2x180’s  along with 88&84 game shots and games finished in superb style with 4x14 darters and 16 and 18 darts for a very impressive 8-2 victory over top Edinburgh player Daine McDiarmid.


 4TH September, West Calder & District Darts League A.G.M.

Well another excellent turn out for our annual meeting with over 50 people who are interested in darts in the local area, turning up to support the league and have their say, to my mind this makes the league much stronger rather than just a few people making the decisions, the body of the hall were asked to vote on quite a few proposals on the night, (democratically)

On a sad note we have had to say goodbye to three teams the Brucefield Farmers & Crofters are no more and also the Cawburn Assassin’s have left the league, however we welcome the three new teams into the league the Murray bar in Polbeth which has over the years had a great darting history are back in the league under the leadership of I believe Craig Jack, also to the Grand Central who have entered another team into the league look forward to finding out a nickname for them that suits (Steamers) so I have been told! also to the Kirknewton Barmaids (unless another name is more apt) so on behalf of the league welcome to all three teams.  Couple of changes to the league set up, We now have a stand alone Ladies Doubles competition along with the Ladies Singles, also the Three Person team event has been turned around it will now be the singles player first then the doubles game and then if the scores are tied a three person 1001 will take place to decide the winner, also from now on there will be no toss of the coin to start a match all competitions will be decided by a Bull Up, person/team who’s name comes out first will throw for the bulls eye first obviously the winner of middle for diddle will throw in the odd legs. Once again our league sponsor is the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston and we look forward to another top season on the six match boards that are provided by our sponsor, also thanks go to Ted McMillan the Scottish Winmau representative and associate for Scotland, Ted also has a Winmau stall stocked for all your darting needs on match nights in the Cawburn, his offer of help in getting our exhibition night players is much appreciated (more info to follow) looking to try and get two of the top lady players in the world to come and play us this year, this would be the Monday after the Scottish Open. And we start the league on the 18th September with the K.O. Cup all teams are asked to attend and pass in their player registration sheets to the Match Secretary Mrs Connie Bamburry on the night, your co-operation would be very much appreciated in this matter. The league has nine teams in the Premier league and nine teams in the Championship league the committee would like all the teams old and new all the very best for the forth coming season, The committee for the season to come is status quo, with Connie Bamburry Match Secretary, John McDonald League Secretary, Jim Mitchell Treasurer/chairman.

 Photo say's it all William Borland Scottish Masters Champion 2017 (Superb)



Only one major thing to report! Rest can take back seat!

Scottish Masters Singles competition was held in Glenrothes Fife at the week end,

And it was East Calder's William Borland who took the title he now adds his name to some of the all time greats of our sport

With the likes of Jocky Wilson and Gary Anderson to mention just a few, William in the semi final defeated the Scotland captain

Alan Souter 5-0 before going on to win the title 5-3 from Fife player Jamie Clark in the final,

William who plays for the Kirknewton Inn on a Friday night in the Bathgate & District darts league and

The Cawburn Assassin's on a Monday night in the West Calder & District darts league,

This young 20 year old has the whole of Scotland applauding his magnificent achievement.


On the day he recorded no fewer than 6x180’s games finished in 2x13-15-16-2x17, and game shots of 116-86-84 and that’s only what he can remember!

2nd Sept, Darts snippet, Players going to the exhibition in October at the Bathgate Royal British Legion to play one of the professionals are, Rab Dick (Kirknewton) Graeme Bird (East Calder, Gillian & Jim Mitchell (Livingston)

Gordon (THE) Bruce with the Stewart Tait Trophy
Summer League Champion 2017


27th Aug, Stirrup Stane Finals Night.

The prestige’s Stewart Tait Summer League Cup, was the title on the line, with the top eight players from the summer qualifying weeks taking to the ocky to try and get their name engraved on the Silver Cup, The quarter finals saw the matches being the best of 9x501, Micky Burke 5-0 Frank Begley, Craig Agnew 5-3 Brian McIntyre, Scott Baillie 5-1 Gary Christie, Gordon Bruce 5-0 Arran Edwards, and so to the semi finals which saw the matches now the best of 11x501, Gordon Bruce 6-1 Craig Agnew, Micky Burke 6-5 Scott Baillie and so after some terrific match ups we had our two finalists and the final match the best of 13x501, and you could not get any closer with the match going the distance and only decided on who’s name would go on the trophy in the very final leg of this superb match, Gordon Bruce 7-6 Mick Burke. Along with the title of summer league champion and the Stewart Tait Silver cup Gordon also received £240, the runner up Micky Burke receiving £140, semi finalists Craig Agnew and Scott Baillie receiving £50 a piece, Quarter finalists each received £25, Arran Edwards, Gary Christie. Frank Begley, Brian McIntyre. Some terrific darts thrown on the night and maximum hitters were, Brian McIntyre 1x180, Arran Edwards 1x180 & 1x171, Scott Baillie 1x180, Quick games came from Scott Bailie with 16-17-18-19-20 darters, Mick Burke with 17-17-19 dart games and a 85 game shot, However their can be only one and that was the champion Gordon Bruce who fired in 10 sub 20 dart games between 15 and 19 darts and two excellent ton plus finishes with 100 &131 kill shots and a maximum 180. Once again many thanks to the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill for hosting this event and to Stewart Tait’s Electrical & Plumbing services for sponsoring this annual competition.

Finalists of Sports bar E.D.A. Singles
Ian Butler champ-Callum Smith r/up
(Bag-Men) Ian Butler on the right newly crowned
Champion for the M-Field Sports bar Singles comp.


26th Aug, And the Posse was once again assembled apart from the Kirknewton Lefty Rab Dick who was on a Edinburgh Festival day out in Auld Reekie, However Kieran, Jim, William and Graeme took the stagecoach into the Murrayfield Sports bar for one of the leagues major titles, and this was a competition which was played in a round robin league format 4x501 a draw being available! with the top four making it into the K.O. cup section, Some great arrows thrown on the day and have tried to condense it so here goes, Kieran Bird pl 5 won 1 drew 3 lost 1, William Borland pl 7 won 6 lost 1, Graeme Bird pl 7 won 5 drew 1 lost 1, Jim Mitchell pl 10 won 7 drew 2 lost 1, Jim being the last one of the Posse left standing bowed out in the semi finals to Callum Smith 5 games to 3, Graeme losing in the quarters, The final saw Ian (the Navigator) Butler winning 5-1 from Callum Smith. Some stats from the posse players goes like this, Kieran Bird 1x180, William Borland 4x180 and games finished in 12-15-17-17-18-19-19- 20-20 darts and finishes of 121-107-94-92-83 game shots, Graeme Bird with 1x180 and games finished in 16-20-20-20-20 darts, Jim Mitchell with 3x180’s and a 1x171 along with game shots of 100-93-84-82, and 17 sub 20 darters being 14-15-15-15-16-16-16-16-16-17-17-18-18-18-18-18-18 arrows, and I was more surprised than anyone else for these stats changed darts as point came out of ones been using for last 4-5 months on Friday night dropped two grams to a set of new (old) Leo Newstead darts 25.7 grams, and they carried me most of the day! Once again many thanks to the hard working Edinburgh Darts Association committee for running these events on behalf of the West Lothian Posse we all think you do a cracking job, and I know it sometimes does not look or sound like your appreciated but you are thanks guys.

Congratulations to both finalists, Ian (Navigator) Butler champion, runner /up Callum Smith


25th Aug, Well the local Posse headed west this time and the venue was the Lanark Thistle Bowling club for an open doubles competition, Once again we were made very welcome by the members of the club and their committee, and can we say what a fabulous spread the ladies put on to feed us  must remember not to have my tea next time so I can do it justice,(t.y.)Once the games had been played it saw Rab Dick & William Borland toeing of against Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell in the final, and it was the former who took the title from the defending champions by a score line of 4 games to 2, Rab Dick from Kirknewton firing in two cracking shots and as the t.v. pundits say it is all about timing and Rab did just that a cracking 177 to leave a finish which William took out for a 12 darter, Graeme and Jim then replied with a 14 darter of their own only to see Rab and William go out in 15 darts back again and it saw Jim and Graeme with a 16 dart game, so game going with throw and at 3-2 to Rab and William it saw Rab fire in a maximum 180 to leave 38 and that was perfect timing so Champions Rab Dick & William Borland, runners up Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell, William’s second time in the final here, Graeme’s second and believe it or not the fifth time Jim has graced the finals, Rab on this firm I’m sure will be making many more! Watch this space.

Engine Driver for the Grand Central does it!
Casey Jones with his first maximum 180, well done


23rd Aug, Once again the Posse headed into the Murrayfield Sports bar for their weekly showdown with some of the top darters from the Lothian’s and surrounding area, mode of transport this week was the good old stagecoach  (bus) and once again it saw a mixed return for our travelling darters, Rab Dick playing in the Gold league recorded two excellent wins with 7-1 and 7-2 victories which included 3x180’s and a couple of fast games finished in 15 & 18 darts, Graeme Bird in the Platinum league was up against the high flying William Borland , but it was the Bird man who was in racing mode! At 0-3 down it could have been just another bad day at the ocky but Graeme then turned on the style with 3 ton plus finishes 104 twice and 110 game shots and with games finished in 15-16-17-18 darts came away with fine 8-6 victory this was William Borland’s second defeat in three matches perhaps the winning streak is coming to an end who knows but it could be time for William to get back on the practise board! William did fire in some cracking shots an excellent 160 game shot, and games finished in 13-15-17-19 darts and a nice 180 aren’t they all? But it was not enough against a Bird Man who was out hunting for points/prey?, Scott Baillie suffered a 5-8 loss but did fire in two excellent 19 darters so once again just though dastardly doubles that always seem to move just when you think you have them in your sights! Kieran Bird also on a 5-8 loss but did fire in a maximum 180, Jim Mitchell and Davie Sharp went toe to toe, and it was in the 11th leg that it saw Davie manage to break Jims throw, and at 7-5 down it then saw Mitchell fire in a 12 darter via 140-100-125-136 g.s. however the inevitable happened Davie took out the next leg for a well deserved 8-6 win both players enjoying this match up which was as close at it gets both with almost identical dart averages Davie firing in 3x180’s a 15 darter and a brace of 18’s, Jim 12 darter a couple of 17’s and a 180, both players top finish identical as well 78 the best both could manage! Once again a cracking night at the Murrayfield even if it at times was not the results we would all have liked! See you next week guys!


21st Aug, The final places for qualification were up for grabs in the Stirrup Stane Saints & Sinners Summer darts league sponsored by Stuart Tait’s Electrical & Plumbing services and the Stirrup Stane public house, and the top four in each league who have now made the money rounds are none other than, from the League of Devils, Arran Edwards pl 13 won 12 lost 1 -24 points, Gordon Bruce pl13 won 10 lost 3-20 points, Craig Agnew pl12 won 9 lost 3  -18points, Scott Baillie pl 12 won 8 lost 4-16points. And from the Saints league we have Frank Begley pl18 won 14 lost 4 – 28 points, Mick Burke pl13 won 13 -26 points, Brian McIntyre played 17 won 11 lost 6-22 points, Gary Christie played 17 won 11 lost 6- 22 points. And so these top eight players go into a final K.O. cup format next week to crowned champion of the Stirrup Stane Summer league Singles, (all the best ) Players on the night firing in top shots were, Scott Baillie with 18 &19 dart games and an 87 take out, Mick Burke firing in 18-19-19-20 dart games and a tidy 100 game shot, Colin Kelly with a brace of maximum 180’s and a 18 darter, Gary Christie the man who can confuse his opposition by changing hands and throwing accurately with both! On target with 18-19-20 darters and an 84 game shot.


Denise Bird wins Calamity Jane Ladies league 2017
Buffalo Bills League Champion 2017
William (Bridges)Borland

 21st August, The final night of action at the Cawburn Sports bar Rodeo for the season finale of the Calamity Jane’s & Buffalo Bill’s Wild West dart leagues, and what a night of action we had with the top four ladies playing for monetary prizes and the top 6 men also battling it out for a share of the goodies as well! Both Ladies and Men’s winner taking home the same amount in with £125 each to both plus memento’s to the winners.


In the Calamity Jane’s league it was nip and tuck as the championship was not won until the last match was played it was that close, However once the chalk dust settled  it was East Calder player Denise Bird who took the title with 38 points which saw her finish the season with 15 wins from 18 matches, just losing out in second place was Kirknewton’s Mary Clark who finished on 36 points with 13 victories from 18 matches, third place went to one of the most improved lady players in the West Lothian area once again from Kirknewton Amanda Millar with 29 points and a league record of won 10 from 18, in fourth place it saw East Calder’s Kathy Henderson who fought back after a poor start to the season to claim fourth place with 8 wins from 18 matches with 28 points, remembering every leg was worth a point in these best of 3x501 match ups. The chasing league players had only 6 points between the next 5 players this was one very hard league to win so many congratulations to Denise Bird champion of the First Calamity Jane’s Ladies Singles title 2017.


Match scores from the nights play went like this, Ali Chaffe 3-0 Leona Stewart, Kathy Henderson 2-1 Daisy Heeps, Gillian Mitchell 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Christine McIntosh 2-1 Amanda Millar, Denise Bird 2-1 Christine McIntosh, Abi Sclater 3-0 Daisy Heeps, Denise Bird 2-1 Gillian Mitchell, Leona Stewart 20=-1 Daisy Heeps, Kathy Henderson 3-0 Abi Sclater, Amanda Millar 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Mary Clark 2-1 Christine McIntosh. (Well played the Ladies)


The Buffalo Bill’s league was just as tough in the run in with only William Borland secure in the top place and with the men’s league paying out to the top six players every point was invaluable in these best of 4x501 matches with every leg worth a point, William Borland champion with 54 points with 15 wins and 2 draws, second place players could not be separated with Rex Brady needing a draw or better and his opponent Jim Mitchell needing a 4-0 win in their last match clash of the night, it saw Jim win 3-1 and both players ending up on 44 points with Rex winning 11 drawing 2 and losing 2, Jim Winning 10 drawing 4 losing 1,  in fourth and fifth places were father and son players Graeme Bird who just edged out his son Kieran Bird by one point Graeme 42 points with 10 wins 3 draws 2 losses, Kieran 41 points with 8 wins 5 draws and 2 losses points, and in sixth place by the skin of his teeth was Dechmont’s top arrow smith Martin Deegan with 36 points with 7 wins 3 draws and 5 losses. To say this was a close league was an understatement with Rab Dick and Ian Stevenson both just losing out on the prize fund by one point as both sat on 35 points.


Scores from the nights action saw, Graeme Bird 3-1 Rab Dick, Rab Dick 4-0 Jay Millar, Geordie Dryburgh 4-0 Scott Bryson, Graeme Bird 2-2 Jim Mitchell, Kieran Bird 4-0 Jay Millar, Ian Stevenson 4-0 Shaun Robertson, William Millar 4-0 Scott Bryson, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Rex Brady, Graeme Bird 4-0 Jay Millar, Martin Deegan 2-2 Kieran Bird, Rab Dick 4-0 Shaun Robertson, William Borland 4-0 Geordie Dryburgh.


Top shooting from the Buffalo Bills had, William Borland firing in 126 & 94 game shots along with 16-18-19 darters, Jim Mitchell with two maximums one on the treble twenties 1x180 and one on the treble nineteen’s 1x171 and a tidy 89 take out along with a brace of 17 darters, Rab Dick firing in the highest finish of the evening play with a superb 136 take out and games finished in 15-18-19 darts, Martin Deegan withn16 & 19 dart games, Kieran Bird 18 darter, Graeme Bird 110 game shot. So after eight gruelling weeks at the ocky we have out champions, Congratulations to Denise Bird Calamity Jane Ladies Champion 2017 & William Borland the Buffalo Bill’s Men’s Champion for 2017. Also can I take this opportunity to say well done to all our players who stayed the course to make these leagues not just hard to win but most enjoyable evenings on the ocky, and of course without the continued support of Malky our host at the Cawburn Sports bar and lets not forget Kenny the barman for keeping us refreshed throughout the evening action, cheers guys and gals see you at the next one, Jim M.

Final payout saw Calamity Jane’s winner £125, r/up £60, third place £30, fourth place £25

Buffalo Bills winner £125, joint r/up £50 each, fourth £30, fifth £25 sixth £20 in total £540 paid out.



19th Aug, Haddington town the place to be at, and the Gardeners Arms for another afternoon of outstanding darts play, With 32 top arrow smiths in the field it saw some excellent action on the match boards, The last four players left standing were all top county or internationalists so there was no quarter given and none expected, First semi final saw Greg Ritchie just edge out William Borland in a 9 leg thriller which until the last dart hit the flock board had William in charge however you have to finish on a double and that is what Greg did five to Williams four! In the second semi final we had former Scottish international Harry Todman up against Lothian county player Andy McCardle and once again a tight match up with Harry just doing enough to keep Andy on the back foot and a 5-3 win for the Todman, so a final which saw Greg Ritchie winning by 6 games to 2 both players rattled in maximum 180’s but there can be only one winner and that was Greg Ritchie, runner up Harry Todman, couple of top games on the day saw Alan Crosbie and William Borland both firing in superb 12 darters, Once again excellent hospitality from the Gardeners Arms and a well run comp by none other than Mick Burgess who it was nice to see back playing himself after a serious illness. Fingers crossed will meet up with the players around the tournament circuit in the near future, Oh and the Pizza laid on by the pub went down a treat (and there was me watching my figure!) thanks guys.


16th August, Well another night in Auld Reekie for the West Lothian Posse with mixed results, Kieran Bird playing in the Platinum league started off like a racing pigeon with a superb 13 dart game then it became a war of attrition with each player swapping leg for leg until the 12th leg when Kieran took the initiate to go 7-5 ahead and then closed the match out in the 13 th leg for a hard fought 8-5 victory which included 13 & 18 dart games, Rab Dick in a best of 13 match in the Gold league just lost out going down 6-7 Rab firing in two quick legs of 17 & 18 darts, William Borland was in a close encounter with Eddie Main and at 3-3 it looked anyone’s game however William then stepped on the gas and came away with a cracking 8-3 win which included 2x15-17-19-20 dart games a maximum 180 and finishes of 110& 90 game shots, His next match though was not so fortunate at 5-5 with Davie Sharp it was nip and tuck until Davie pulled away and it saw William lose 5-8, Jim Mitchell one of the last matches on saw him slip to 0-3 at the beginning of the this best of 15 encounter before he came back with 8 winning legs from the next 9  to win by 8 games to 4, Jim once he woke up rattled in 12-13-16-20 darters plus 2x180’s and a cracking 146 game shot to take the match which was in the last leg which went like this 180-83-82-146 take out! Scott Baillie who was also in action never passed on any information but once it gets to me it will be added, On a more serious note last night an offer was made to Scott to transfer teams for the forth coming season on a Monday night , however the thought of a used dart board a large packet of Walkers crisps were not enough to make him change his mind until the ante was upped and Quavers and a can of pop were added to the transfer bid, think Stuart Tait may have to renegotiate his fee for keeping him at the Stirrup Stane!!


14th August, The Saints & Sinners league tables from the Stirrup Stane updated,

sponsored by S Tait's Electrical & Plumbing services. Big Daddy Frank Begley new club house leader in the Saints league.


14th August, The Cawburn Sports bar held its penultimate night of Summer league darts and it saw players making their move as the top four ladies will receive monetary prizes in the Calamity Jane’s league, and we have a new club house leader with Mary Clark on 34 points, Denise Bird on 31 points but does have games in hand! Amanda Millar sits in third place with 26 points then there are three ladies all on 23 points, Gillian Mitchell, Kathy Henderson and Daisy Heeps, so it wont be until the last arrow hits the winning double next week be fore we can crown the Ladies champion, exciting stuff!


14th August, The Buffalo Bills saw some tremendous matches with all the players trying to make their way into the top six places where the prize funds start from, William Borland and Rex Brady once again swapped places at the top of the league, with William sitting top, moving up from sixth place into third place has Jim Mitchell, however nothing is secure for any of the players below the top two who have enough points to stay in the money places, So next week with the top nine players all within a couple of points of each other, there should be some tremendous battles on the ocky to see who ends up where in the rankings, Though looks like William has the crown in his hands!

Top shots from the night saw Maximum hitters in Jim Mitchell & Rab Dick with 2x180’s, William Borland 1x180, Top finishes saw Rex Brady 98 game shot, William Borland 94 game shot, Ian Stevenson 86 game shot, Jim Mitchell a brace of bull finishes with 80 & 78 take outs finishing on the bulls eye, Top games from the night had William Borland 14-17-20 darts, Mitchell 2x15 and a 17 darter, Rex Brady 17 darter, Kieran Bird 19 darter.


12th August, The venue was westwards to Irvine in Ayrshire for the Marymass the oldest running Darts Competition in Ayrshire, run by William Laird, this event carried a first prize of £300 and paid out to the top eight left standing, With P.D.C. players and Internationals in attendance along with former Scottish Singles and Masters champions in the mix the standard was of an exceptionally high standard as one would expect, Once four hours play had gone, the four remaining players toeing the ocky were Jim McEwan 3 v 1 Jim Mitchell, Andy Boulton 3 v 1 Cameron Menzies, and it was Jim McEwan and Andy Boulton who went through to the grand final, Jim was deadly when it came to the doubles and when given the opportunity he took it with both hands Jim McEwan 3-0 Andy Boulton, Andy unable to convert his doubles when they came round! But no doubt who the winner on the day was Ayrshire Jim McEwan, runner /up Andy Boulton, s/finalists Jim Mitchell& Cameron Menzies. Good to meet up with some old darting friends Colin Nicol, Neil Dempsey and big John from Glasgow and Airdrie’s Simmey, good company to spend an afternoon with, and of course to my darting companion and chauffeur home who if she had only brought her darts could have played as well, Cracking club and made very welcome, five boards, good beer well priced and comfy seats! Had a bit of trouble finding the venue at first, followed instructions, found our selves in a car park next to a nursery and community centre, so phoned Wullie Laird only to be told we were there, just round the corner, you would never find it without help, seems it was a converted farm with lots of buildings, great setting once you were inside.

 11th August, Snippet, William Borland lost out to International Gary Stone in the final qualifying round held in Bo'ness to try and make the world championship play offs in Bridlington on the night William fired in 5x180's. Just one double away from getting to the qualifiers!


9th August, Only three of the local West Lothian Posse made the trip into the Murrayfield Sports bar for this week’s darts rodeo! And it was a good night on the ocky for the local players, Kieran Bird a fine 8-5 win which saw Kieran firing in a 116 game shot, also three fast games finished in 15-17-20 darts, Graeme Bird also in the winners circle with a 8-4 victory which saw the Birdman on target with a maximum 180 and also a 116 game shot along with 17 & 18 dart games, Jim Mitchell winning 8-1 with 13-18-19 darters to his credit along with a maximum 180 his 100th of the year in competition matches but a bit adrift of William Borland who is out in front by a good old country mile but you never know last season he led for most of the year but was caught at the final furlong! Mitchell also with finishes of 86-116-124 with the 86 & 124 being on the bulls eye!


7th August, The Saints & Sinners were in action in the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill, results from the group of Sinners/death saw C Agnew 3-2 I Mitchell, A Edwards 5-0 T Smith, G Bruce 4-1 T Smith, A Edwards 5-0 J Devlin, I Mitchell 5-0 T Smith, G Bruce 3-2 A Edwards, I Mitchell 5-0 T Smith. In the Saints league the results went like this, M Burke 4-1 R Barron, S Tait 3-2 B Patterson, G Christie 3-2 F Begley, B McIntyre 4-1 F Crook, G Christie 5-0 B McIntyre, M Burke 5-0 F Begley, G Christie 5-0 B Patterson, F Begley 3-2 B Patterson,  B McIntyre 3-2 R Barron, G Christie 4-1 M Conway, S Tait 4-1 F Crook, M Burke 3-2 G Christie, R Barron 5-0 M Conway. Player of the night must go to Armadale’s old timer Mick Burke who was in superb form firing in not one ton plus finish but four of them and they were crackers, 153-147-141 and a more modest 111 take out he also fired in a maximum 180 and games finished in 15-18-18 darts, Rodger Barron also on the maximum trail with a 180 to be added to the maximum league tables, also on that table will be Arry Edwards with 3x180’s to add plus games finished in 14-17-17-18-19 darts, Big Daddy Frank Begley also on target with a 180, Frank firing in a 20 darter and Gary Christie a rock solid 84 take out,


7th August, Calamity Jane league, saw Denise Bird and Mary Clark starting to move ahead of the chasing pack, Denise and Mary have both played two games more than third place Amanda Millar and with only two weeks of matches left every point from now on in is very important as the ladies prize fund goes  down to fourth place, and only five points separate the next six ladies on the league table, so all to play for, and with Daisy Heeps, Gillian Mitchell and Christine Macintosh all with four games in hand on the leaders of the pack, could be some exciting match ups next week! All to play for and with Denise on Holiday it could be time for players to move close to the top places.


7th August, Buffalo Bills league saw some tremendous action on the ocky with Martin Deegan taking the plaudits for the nights action with a superb 14 points from a possible 16 to move from eighth to third and with only two weeks remaining there are some superb match ups to come in the final two weeks of action on the ocky at the Cawburn Sports bar, Rex Brady sits top of the league but back in second place is William Borland with games in hand, With William playing some cracking darts at the moment players are getting chances against him but none are taking them, and so he is making then pay for their misses, and that is what darts at this level are all about, if you miss your opponent doesn’t! So with Rex on 40 points and William on 38 and with three players all sitting on 33 points and all to play each other in the course of the next two weeks, someone has to pull away, exciting times on the ocky! In the two weeks remaining. Shots of note from the night’s action remembering all fast games maximums and high check outs must come in competitions or league events, not practise in the house! Has seen Old Man Mitchell fire in a maximum also hitting the red lipstick was  Rex Brady and William Borland with maximum scores as well, High finishes well one absolute cracker and it was William Borland with a superb 150 take out via 57-57-36 he also recorded a more sedate 80 game shot as well, Rex Brady 117 & 104 clearances from the man we call cool hand! Scott Cameron 96 game shot, Mitchell 82 take out, Fast Games fired in by Rex Brady with 18-18-19- darts William Borland 2x15-18-19 darters, Jim Mitchell 15 & 19 darters, Scott Cameron 15 darter, Graeme Birds 18 dart game, Kieran Bird 19 darter, and that is all that was written down if any shots missing drop me a line and they will be added cheers Jim M.


5th August, East Calder Homing Society Club (Doo Club) saw a plethora of top players descend upon the venue for one of a set of open darts competitions which will held on the premises and sponsored by the members of the club, future competitions will be added at a later date! Players from as far a fields as North Berwick, Edinburgh, Perth and the central belt came to try and annex either the Ladies or Men’s titles, Both competitions having Scottish Internationals in the mix along with a scattering of players who also play in the P.D.C. tours, In the Ladies competition it saw the quarter finals results go like this, Laura Hobbins bt Kathy Henderson, Karen Cruikshanks bt Mary Clark, Claire Cruickshanks bt Gillian Mitchell, Francis Lawson bt Denise Bird, Semi final saw, Laura Hobbins bt Karen Cruikshanks, Francis Lawson bt Claire Cruikshanks, and so to the Grand Final and it was Lothian county player Francis Lawson who just edged out Laura Hobbins in a superb final. All the ladies from the quarter final stages receiving prize money, once again congratulations to both finalists for making it to the grand final having to play through an exceptionally tough pool of county and international players, also to Denise Bird for running the ladies competition.

Grand Finalists Doo Club 2017 Open
Greg Raitchie Champ, William Borland r/up
Quote of the day! from our youngest supporter!
Daddy you said darts was exciting!


5th August ,While the ladies were battling it out downstairs on three boards upstairs in the hall it saw the men having five boards in use, and what a line up of top players toed the ocky, the matches were the best of 7x501 in the early rounds before extending to 9x501 and then 11x501 for the finale, the last 16 saw Jim Mitchell bt Ian Stevenson, William Borland bt Paul Weir, Rab Dick bt Lewis Coult, Stuart Wares bt Rex Brady, Greg Ritchie bt Graeme Bird, Gary Higgins bt Brian Duffy, Callum Wilkinson bt Andy Thomson, Martin Deegan bt Frank Crook, and so to the quarter finals where the money rounds started! William Borland 5-2 Jim Mitchell, Rab Dick 5-4 Stuart Wares, Greg Ritchie 5-3 Garry Higgins, Callum Wilkinson 5-2 Martin Deegan, and then there were four, William Borland 5-0 Rab Dick, Greg Ritchie 5-2 Callum Wilkinson, and so here we were at the end of four hours of exceptional darts being thrown and the final was the tip of the mountain with both Greg Ritchie and William Borland playing top class darts with no quarter asked and none being expected! The best of 11x501 final was poised at 5-4 to Greg and William was sitting on double 16 after 15 darts Greg had to stop to replace his flight in his last dart in hand but what a dart straight into the centre of the bulls eye to take the title in dramatic fashion by 6 games to 4, neither of these finalists taking more than 19 darts in any leg of arrows an absolute privilege to watch, and both receiving a standing ovation for their efforts. On the day it saw Greg Ritchie receive £350, William Borland £150, Callum Wilkinson & Rab Dick £50 each, Jim Mitchell, Martin Deegan, Stuart Wares, Garry Higgins each receiving £30, including the ladies prize fund it saw the Doo Club in East Calder pay out in£965 in prizes, Once again many thanks to the committee and members of the Doo Club for sponsoring this event, Also many thanks to George & Fiona the hard working bar stewards of the club and to Ted McMillan for sponsoring the dart boards courtesy of Winmau Scotland and of course Graeme Bird for all their help in making this such a fabulous success, and as stated before there will be more in the pipe line in due course, later in the darting season, dates to be confirmed at a later date. On a personnel note hope all our travelling entrants made it home safe, not to pick anyone out in particular but the NAVIGATOR Ian Butler was in the premises WHAT EVER you do don’t follow him you might still be finding you’re way home now this fine Sunday morning!!!


5th August, Some tremendous arrows thrown at the flock boards on the day here are the reports that have been written down, Stuart Wares 16 darter, Paul Weir 14 darter, Rab Dick 15-17-17-17-18 dart games, Jim Mitchell 15-16-17-17-18 darters, Alan McNiven 16-176-17 dart games, Rex Brady 17-19 darters, Graeme Bird 14-17 darters, Callum Wilkinson firing in 13-14-15-17-18-18-18-20 darters, William Borland exceptional amount of fast games with 21 sub 20 dart games recorded on the day between 13 and 20 darts exceptional shooting,

Top finishing power came by way of, Jim Mitchell 134 & 86 g.s. William Borland 112 & 130 g.s.  Rab Dick 120 & 94 g.s. Callum Wilkinson 116-93-91-86 take outs, Graeme Bird 104 g.s. Rex Brady 96 g.s. Ian Stevenson 78 g.s.

Maximum scores recorded saw, William Borland 7x180’s, Rab Dick 1x180, Callum Wilkinson 1x180, Alan McNiven 1x180,

 But at the end of the day there can be only one! And it was from Edinburgh who was by far the best of the day Greg Ritchie men’s Doo Club Men’s Open Champion 2017. Greg’s final 6 legs of darts were a superb 17-17-19-18-14-18 for a winning leg average of 29.19 per dart Williams dart average for his 4 legs in the final was 28.22. And that folks is that for today, Morning Sunday readers, coffee calls!!


2nd August, The Local Posse headed East into the badlands of Auld Reekie for their weekly rendezvous with the Murrayfield sports bar top shooters, and it was a week of mixed results, Scott Baillie from Armadale found it hard going and never got into his match up losing out 1-8, Kieran Bird also losing out 6-8 however their were aspects to take encouragement from with 2x180’s along with games finished in 15-17-20 darts and a cracking 104 game shot, Jim Mitchell also losing out 6-8 in a toughie with Eddie Main a slow start saw Jim 0-4 down before he knew where he was but picked up later in the match but to much of a lead to give Eddie who is a top East Lothian player, Jim firing in 1x171 & 1x180 along with 17-19-20 darters, but his opponent was in even better form firing in 2x180’s and a cracking 14 dart game which could have been a lot less!, but on the bright side Graeme Bird turned in a fine 8-3 win with 14 & 18 dart games and two classy finishes off 90 & 114, Rab Dick also in the winners circle with a cracking 7-1 victory which included 16 & 18 darters, William Borland continues his recent good run of form with a 8-0 win and 15-18-19 darters and a tidy 85 take out. On a personnel note, can I say thank you to Eddie Main for marking the games that I should have marked, was taken not very well, also to Alan White who asked if there was anything he could do, and of coarse Anne our top barmaid, who brought me water and towels and something to try and settle my stomach cramps! Anyway my better half Gillian came to bring me home as don’t believe I could have made it on the bus!  So folks that’s me on the wagon, Bottled water comes to mind so next week Jim will be driving, think age has caught up with me! Also thanks to the messages got this morning asking how I was doing, much appreciated.


31st July, Saints & Sinners league played from the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill, has seen Arran Edwards and Mick Burke last weeks league leaders maintain their unblemished records and sty top of their respective divisions, Top scores recorded this week saw, Ian Mitchell with a rock solid 19 darter, Gordon Bruce 3x18 dart games and 19 darter along with a 112 game shot. Stewart Tait checking out on a 80 game shot finishing on the bulls eye, Scott Baillie tidy 86 take out, Tommy Smith getting in on the action with 20 darter.


31st July Buffalo Bills action from the Cawburn Sports bar, saw Jim Mitchell 4-0 Jay Millar, Scott Bryson 2-2 Rab Dick, Jay Millar 2-2 Shaun Robertson, William Borland 4-0 Rab Dick, Jim Mitchell 3-1 William Millar, Graeme Bird 3-1 Scott Cameron, Kieran Bird 2-2 William Borland, William Millar 4-0 Jay Millar, Jim Mitchell 2-2 Scott Cameron, William Borland 4-0 Rex Brady, Graeme Bird 2-2 Ian Stevenson, Ian Stevenson 2-2 Rex Brady, Kieran Bird 3-1 Graeme Bird, Scott Bryson 3-1 Shaun Robertson. Top shots saw Scott Bryson with 1x180 and 18 darter, Ian Stevenson 92 game shot and 18 darter, Jim Mitchell 87 take out on the bull! And 17 and 18 darters, Kieran Bird 20 darter, Graeme Bird 20 darter, Scott Cameron 17 and 19 darters, William Borland 1x180 and 7 sub 20 dart games between 16 and 20 arrows of mass destruction! The league at the top of the Bills is starting to get congested with only 4 points now separating the top 5 players, William Borland sits top with last weeks leader Rex Brady just 1 point behind! Going to be a real tough run in for all these players as everyone in the league is taking points from everyone else and no one has won all their matches! And last night with 6 draws on the cards it has kept everyone in contention, could be some real fun and games ahead, looking forward to it!


31st July, Calamity Jane’s summer league results from the Cawburn Sports bar, Daisy Heeps 2-1 Gillian Mitchell, Kathy Henderson 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Daisy Heeps 3-0 Leona Stewart, Kathy Henderson 2-1 Abi Sclater, Daisy Heeps 2-1 Denise Bird, Leona Stewart 2-1 Kathy Henderson, Amanda Millar 2-1 Abi Sclater, Mary Clark 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Mary Clark 2-1 Leona Stewart, Denise Bird 2-1 Abi Sclater. Amanda Millar 2-1 Mary Clark.

Biggest mover in the Calamity Jane’s this week is Great Gran Daisy Heeps who moves up into contention sitting in fourth place with 4 games in hand there could be changes in the weeks ahead so Denise Bird top with 26 points, Mary Clark 24 points, Amanda Millar on 17 points, Daisy Heeps 16 points, then the rest of the chasing pack has very little between them, and as every leg is worth a point this league is far from over, league tables are on the left hand column, just click on the title to be taken straight to the tables.


30th July, Granite City Open Doubles results for the local players from this area go like this, losing out in the first round were, Jamie Banks & Stevie Scott 0-3, John Somerville & Callum Wilkinson 1-3, other results saw John Charleston & Colin Hamilton W 3-0, L1-3, Davie Nisbet & Martin Deegan W3-1, L0-3, Jim Mitchell & Colin Robertson W 3-1, W3-1, L 1-3 in the last 16.


29th July, The venue Dyce in Aberdeenshire for the Granite City Open, this saw professional players from both the B.D.O. and the P.D.C. in action and with International players in abundance it saw a huge presence of local West Lothian players all take to the ocky to try and annex this one of Scotland’s top tournaments, Some excellent performances however losing out in the first round we had Martin Deegan 2-4, Jamie Banks 1-4, Stevie Scott 1-4, Stephan Coulter 0-4, Gillian Mitchell 1-3, second round losers saw Jim Mitchell 2-4, Shug Rice 1-4, Colin Hamilton 1-4, Davie Nisbet 3-4, John Charleston 2-4, Still in action saw Colin Robertson from Broxburn who was back in action after a four month lay off with a shoulder injury, and was doing well with 4-3 / 4-2 / 4-0 / before going out 2-4, Callum Wilkinson from Whitburn was in action with wins of 4-1, 4-1, before losing 2-4, HOWEVER TOP PLAYER was Arran Edwards from Craigshill in Livingston who was putting a tremendous run together with wins of, 4-0, 4-2, 4-3, 4-0, 4-3, before losing out in the Quarter finals in dramatic fashion with the matches now best of 9x501, it saw Arry on a double only for his opponent to check out the deciding factor in this superb match was the bull up at he beginning of the match so tight between the top players these days it just shows how important the bull up for the honour of throwing first is, However the £200 for reaching the last eight will help sooth the loss! on the day Arran fired in some tremendous darts here is what was recorded, 1x171, 4x180’s, checkouts of 126-86, and some superb fast legs which saw his fastest a sublime 11 darter finished like this, 140-95-180-86, he then followed that up with 13-14-15-16-16-16-16--17-19-19, tremendous effort Arran Edwards quarter finals of the Granite City Open, and when you realise the quality of the players in this competition Ronnie Baxter , Jamie Caven, Brian Woods, all who have graced the P.D.C. televised stages of competitions before and more Internationals than you can shake a stick at this was a superb achievement to make the last 8!! The eventual winner of this prestige’s tournament was Andy Boulton, runner up Colin Heplewhite in the final. Other players firing in top shots saw Davie Nisbet 1x180, Jim Mitchell 1x180, 1x171, Callum Wilkinson 1x180, Colin Robertson 1x171, Callum Wilkinson with a 106 game shot, John Somerville 91 take out, Callum Wilkinson 12 darter, Martin Deegan 2x17 darters, Mitchell 17 and 19 dart games, Colin Robertson 16-4x18 darters.


27th July, Kirknewton Inn saw some top players turn up for a practise and a round robin tournament was then played out with the top four then playing off to decide a winner, William Borland on target with 17-17-19 darters and a fine 106 game shot, Mary Clark of Kirknewton had the highest game shot of the nights action with a superb 118 game shot, Rab Dick fired in a maximum 180 along with 18 darter and a 78 game shot, Martin Deegan from Dechmont classy 97 take out via 17 double tops double tops! Kieran Bird 1x180, but winner on the night was Jim Mitchell from Dedridge with 3x180’s and finishes of 115-110-82 take outs, and 15-17-18 dart legs.


26th July, Premier League action from Edinburgh , saw four of the West Lothian Posse in action, Rab Dick from Kirknewton with an excellent 7-3 win which saw Rab firing in 2x180 maximums along with game shots of 80&92 and games finished in 18-18-19-20 darts, Kieran Bird just losing out in a cracking match which could have gone either way score 6-8 he did fire in a 2x180’s and games finished in 17-18-20 darts, William Borland eased his way to victory with a 8-0 win thanks to games finished in 14-16-17-18 darts along with 2x180’a and a rock solid 80 game shot, But without a doubt story of the night was Graeme Bird at 0-6 down it was all going wrong for the East Calder player, However the adage of a game of two halves comes to mind and it saw Graeme turn the score board upside down coming away with a fabulous fight back winning 8-7 with games finished in 16-16-17-18 darts and some tremendous finishing with 80-80-97-120 check outs now that was some fight back.


24th July, Stirrup Stane Summer leagues Saints & Sinners results now in, And in the group of Death we have a new club house leader as Arran Edwards goes top with 8 win’s from 8 matches to sit 4 points clear of Craig Agnew who drops from top to second in the league this week, Gordon Bruce moves up to third on 10 points, with Scott Baillie dropping to fourth on 8 points, Ian Mitchell 4 points Tommy Smith and Joe Devlin sit on 2 points each while Scott Begley and Liam Corbett have still to get on the points table, but with weeks to go they have time to catch the leading pack, Arran Edwards was in high scoring mode firing in 2x180 and a cracking 174 score, Joe Devlin also on target with a superb 1x171 score. Craig Agnew also on the maximum trail with a 180, Gordon Bruce and firing in  a superb 114 game shot along with 18 and 20 darters, Craig Agnew also with a 18 darter.

In the Saints league we have Mick Burke extending his league with 7 wins from 7 matches to sit top of the league with 14 points, Also on 14 points is Big Daddy Frank Begley but Frank has played 2 matches more than Mick! Michael Conway is in third place with 12 points, and then Brian MacIntyre in fourth with 10 points, Rodger Barron 8 points in at fifth, then there are only 2 points between the next four players, Stuart Tait and Colin Kelly 4 points a piece Bob Patterson and Gary Christie with 2 point each, Frank Crook still to record his first win but with plenty of matches left there is still time to get on the score board, Colin Kelly with a superb 149 game shot takes the plaudits this week from this league Frank Begley rock solid 81 game shot, Micky Burke a brace of 17 darters And Colin Kelly with a 18 darter.


24th July, Calamity Jane League, Saw Denise move ahead of the chasing pack with some superb performances winning 9 of the 9 legs of darts she played so Denise Bird tops the league with 23 points, second place is Mary Clark on 19 points but biggest movers of the week were Gillian Mitchell and Amanda Millar who have moved into joint third place with 13 points and both have three games in hand on the leaders, Leona Stewart is on 12 points, Ali Chaffe sits on 11 points, Kathy Henderson 10 points, then we have a novice and a senior player both on 9 points Abi Sclater in her first full season is picking up points as she goes along and Senior player Daisy Heeps who was in last place saw her showing that age is no barrier as she won 4 from 4 matches on the night and has 5 games in hand so could be some big changes in the weeks to follow, sitting on 8 points is Christine MacIntosh.


24th July, Buffalo Bills league,

 This week it saw Rex Brady move clear by 4 points to sit at the top of the league on 28 points, In second and third place it has father and son duo of Graeme Bird with 24 points and Kieran Bird on 22 points, William Borland drops to fourth from top of the league last week on 21 points, the next four places are separated by only 2 points with Martin Deegan on 19 points, Rab Dick and Jim Mitchell both on 18 points and then Ian Stevenson on 17 points but Rab and Jim have games in hand having played fewer matches than the top players, Scott Cameron and Colin Robertson both on 14 points, Geordie Dryburgh 9 points, William Millar 8 points, Scott Bryson 7 points, Jay Millar and Shaun Robertson both with 4 points. And with the matches being 4x501 and every leg you win worth a point no bonus points in this league, win a leg receive a point, so a lot of games to go and I am sure the top place will change hands in the weeks to follow on more than one occasion! 

Quiet night on the ocky in the Cawburn with a few players missing, but the scores that were recorded are here! Rab Dick 1x180, Ian Stevenson 1x180, top finish going to  Ian Stevenson with a cracking 130 take out, Graeme Bird with a excellent  125 game shot, Rex Brady a more modest 79 game shot, Fast games had Jim Mitchell and Ian Stevenson both with 16 darters, Ian also firing in a 18 dart leg as well, Colin Robertson 17 darter, Graeme Bird a brace of 18 darters, Kieran Bird 18 darter, Rex Brady 19 & 20 darters, Rab Dick 20 dart game.




21st July,

The venue the Lanark Thistle Bowling club, for the Open Doubles competition which had county players who have represented Lanarkshire, West Lothian, Lothian, East Stirlingshire all in the mix, But once the chalk dust settled the last two pairs left in this competition saw, Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell toeing the ocky against Alan Jamieson & Ian McCaskill, close match up with first three legs all going with throw, then a 13 darter from Bird and Mitchell sealed the match by three games to one, final leg 140-100-100-129-32 g.s. Winners £150, runners up £100, s/f £20 . Graeme s top finish 117 via  19-60-38, Jims top finish 116 via 60-16-40, Once again well run tournament, and the hospitality is second to none, cracking place to play darts, four boards plenty of room, if you can I would recommend it for the next one late in August, date to be posted, once I remember it! Alan Gardiner & Dougie Hogg must be kicking themselves in the quarter finals 40 left after 12 darts when at 2-2, they missed and Mitchell took out a 116 for a 15 dart steal! Nice to see Boss man back in action!



19th July, The Murrayfield sports bar Premier league action saw the West Lothian Posse firing in some tremendous darts in night of cracking match up’s, Scott Baillie winning 8-4 after a slow start Scott got into his stride firing in games finished in 13-16-17-17-20 darts plus a maximum 180, Graeme Bird and Neil Tomlinson went toe to toe on the ocky in a cracking match up which saw Graeme winning 8-5 but having to work damn hard for those valuable points firing in 14-17-18 darters and a tidy 112 game shot, William Borland crossing the line 8-3 with fast games done in 16-18-19-20 darts and a cracking 1x174 set up, Kieran Bird losing out in a 15 leg thriller to Ian Butler in a game that went the distance and only decided in the final leg of this match up, Jim Mitchell on target with a 8-0 win which was closer than it looks as his opponent William Campbell was either on a double or a finish when Jim went out! Thanks to some quick finishing with 2x80 game shots and a 76 take out and games finished in 14-16-16-18-19-20-20-20 darts and a maximum 180.


17th July, Saints & Sinners league played in the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill results has in the group of Heaven! M Burke 4-1 M Conway, C Kelly 5-0 B Patterson, M Burke 4-1 F Begley, M Conway 3-2 S Tait, F Begley 5-0 B Patterson, M Burke 4-1 C Kelly, B McIntyre 4-1 B Patterson, S Tait 5-0 F Crook, F Begley 5-0  F Crook.

In the group of Death it saw, S Baillie 5-0 I Mitchell, S Baillie 5-0 J Devlin, C Agnew 5-0 T Smith, A Edwards 5-0 S Begley, C Agnew 5-0 S Begley, A Edwards 5-0 I Mitchell.

Top shots from the night play had maximum 180 hitters Big Daddy Frank Begley with 1x180, Arran Edwards 3x180’s, Mick Burke 2x180’s, High check outs saw, Frank Begley with a 104 take out, Craig Agnew 96 game shot, Scott Baillie with a 93 game shot, Fast games had Mick Burke on target with 15-16-20 darters, Scott Baillie 3x16-18-19-20 darters, Craig Agnew with games finished in 16-18-18-19 darts, Arran Edwards with the fastest game of the night a cracking 13 darter followed by games finished in 3x16-18 darters.


17th July, Calamity Jane League, has a real fight for the top spot as Denise Bird and Mary Clark are both on 14 points, Leona Stewart sits in third place with 11 points, then the league really gets congested with only 3 points separating the chasing pack, Kathy Henderson on 10points, Gillian Mitchell 9 points, Abi Sclater and Ali Chaffe both on 8 points, Christine MacIntosh 7 points then Amanda Millar on 5 points.


17th July, Buffalo Bills League saw William stretch his lead to 21 points from 7 matches , but just back of him in joint second place we have Graeme Bird and Rex Brady both on 17 points and with two games in hand on the leader, Jim Mitchell in fourth on 15 points, then three players on 14 points Kieran Bird, Ian Stevenson, Martin Deegan, Rab Dick and Scott Cameron both with 10 points, then Colin Robertson and Geordie Dryburgh on 8 points, William Millar and Scott Bryson on 6 points and then on4 points we have Jay Millar and Shaun Robertson who both have lots of games in hand!

Top shots this week came from Ian Stevenson, Jim Mitchell, both firing in maximum 180’s, fast games saw William Borland with 3x20 darters, Ian Stevenson 15 & 18 dart games, Scott Cameron 20 darter, Rex Brady 2x16 & 19 dart games and a cracking 174 score set up to leave a double, Graeme Bird 15 plus 2x17 and 19 dart games and a rock solid 92 game shot.


15th July, Callum Wilkinson edges out Lewis Lyall to take the Stirrup Stane Memorial trophy . Once again a great days darts dominoes and pool, with over £450 raised for the Coleman charity, organised and run by Arran Edwards.


15th July, Jim Mitchell loses out in the quarter finals of the Stranraer Open, William Borland making last 16 of the Crown Inn competition in Bo’Ness.

Mitchell firing in on the day games finished in 4x18 darts and a cracking 12 darter via 140-140-180-41 game shot, also a tidy 171 to leave double 8! Meanwhile in the Stirrup Stane it saw Ian Stevenson firing in 18 and 20 dart games and a maximum 180, William Borland at the Bo’Ness event on target with 3x180’s 1x177, 2x16, 2x17 and 18 darter for his afternoon’s work on the flock board.


12th July, Scores from the local Posse who were in action at the Murrayfield Sports bar in Edinburgh, In the Gold league it saw Rab Dick coming away with a cracking 7-4 victory, In the Platinum league East Calder’s Graeme Bird was in top form with a 8-4 victory which included 126 game shot and a 92 take out, he also fired in 15-16-18 dart games, William Borland also on the winning trail with a 8-6 win which saw him registering a maximum 180 and six games in under 19 darts with 16-17-17-18-19 deadly arrows, Jim Mitchell playing well won 8-0 with games finished in 13-14-16-18-18-18-19 darts also on target with 2x180’s.


10th July, Sinners or should I say Devilish Imps league saw, Ian Mitchell 5-0 Scott Begley, Craig Agnew 3-2 Scott Baillie, Ian Mitchell 4-1 Joe Devlin, Gordon Bruce 4-1 Ian Mitchell, Craig Agnew 3-2 Scott Baillie, Arran Edwards 4-1 Tommy Smith, Gordon Bruce 5-0 Tommy Smith, Joe Devlin 5-0 Scott Begley, Arran Edwards 4-1 Craig Agnew, Craig Agnew 3-2 Gordon Bruce.


10th July, Report from the Saints & Sinners darts league in the Stirrup Stane summer league, Saints of Heaven league, Michael Conway 3-1 Frank Begley, Mick Burke 5-0 Rodger Barron, Rodger Barron 3-2 Stuart Tait, Bob Paterson 5-0 Frank Crook, Brian MacIntyre 3-2 Gary Christie, Rodger Barron 3-2 Frank Crook, Michael Conway 5-0 Frank Crook, Frank Begley 3-2 Bob Paterson, Mick Burke 4-1 Gary Christie.


10th July, Top shots of note came from, Maximum 180 hitters Gary Christie, Scott Baillie, Ian Mitchell, Mick Burke all with 1x180 a piece, However Arran Edwards firing in 3x180’s was the most prolific scorer on the night, Top finishes came by way off, Mick Burke with a superb 152 game shot followed by a 107 and 82 take outs, Arran Edwards 128 game shot, Craig Agnew 100 game shot, Gary Christie 89 take out, Fast games 20 darts or less were recorded by, Mick Burke with 3x18 darters and a17 dart game but his fastest of the night a cracking 15 dart game, Ian Mitchell 18 darter, Scott Baillie 17-19-19 dart games, Arran Edwards with 17 and 3x18 and a 20 darter to his tally for the night, Gordon Bruce on target with 16-17-and a brace of 19 darters, Gary Christie 17 & 19 dart games.


10th July, And once again the Summer league was the place to be as the Calamity Jane’s ladies league were in action at the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston, results from the nights play went like this, Denise Bird 2-1 Daisy Heeps, Gillian Mitchell 2-1 Kathy Henderson, Denise Bird 3-0 Amanda Millar, Mary Clark 3-0 Leona Stewart, Abi Sclater 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Christine Macintosh 2-1 Daisy Heeps, Gillian Mitchell 2-1 Amanda Millar, Mary Clark 2-1 Denise Bird, Leona Stewart 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Ali Chaffe 2-1 Christine Macintosh, Kathy Henderson 3-0 Daisy Heeps. So Just in front is Denise Bird on 10points, Mary Clark 8 points, Leona Stewart 7 points, Abi Sclater-Ali Chaffe-Kathy Henderson and Christine Macintosh all on 6 points, Amanda Millar and Gillian Mitchell 5 points apiece, Daisy Heeps 1 point but Daisy does have games in hand on all of the league!


10th July Buffalo Bills league action went like this, Rex Brady 4-0 Jay Millar, Graeme Bird 4-0 Martin Deegan, Kieran Bird 4-0 Shaun Robertson, Rab Dick 3-1 Colin Robertson, William Borland 4-0 William Millar, Rex Brady 3-1 Martin Deegan, Graeme Bird 4-0 Shaun Robertson, Kieran Bird 2-2 Colin Robertson, Ian Stevenson 3-1 William Millar, Scott Cameron 4-0 T Lewis, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Martin Deegan, Rab Dick 3-1 William Millar, William Borland 4-0 Scott Cameron, Jay Millar 4-0 T Lewis, Kieran Bird 4-0 William Millar, Scott Cameron 2-2 Ian Stevenson, William Borland 4-0 T Lewis, Martin Deegan 4-0 Jay Millar, William Borland 3-1 Ian Stevenson, Martin Deegan 4-0 T Lewis, So after week one of the Buffalo Bills league William Borland leads on 15 points, Kieran Bird 14 points, Graeme Bird 12 points, Rex Brady 11 points, Martin Deegan, Rab Dick Ian Stevenson all on 10 points, Jim Mitchell and Colin Robertson with 7 points, William Millar and Scott Cameron 6 points , and then we have Scott Bryson, Jay Millar, Geordie Dryburgh , Shaun Robertson on 4 points. Only the one maximum hit on the night Rab Dick from Kirknewton firing that one in, top finish came from Colin Robertson with a 110 game shot, Fastest game recorded saw William Borland with a 14 darter.

Kirknewton Innkeepers out on the town!
Picture of Ians Missus even brighter than the boys
Bad mistake, no pic of Gillian I'm in trouble now!
Ian Butler and Jim with same colour tashes
Murrayfield Sports bar Charity day.
Mick Burgess and the gang in party mood


8th July, Once again the West Lothian Posse rode into the Murrayfield Sports bar in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Darts Association charity event S.I.M.B.A. (Simpson’s memory box appeal) which helps raise monies for families who may have lost a child, the amount raised on the day was at the last count was £974, So dart players and their friends once again doing what they do best raising money for a very worthwhile cause, Now on the day it saw eight groups drawn out the hat and each group saw all the players in that group playing round robin best of 3x501, and once again it saw the posse do very well in these league round robins, with Scott Baillie, Jim Mitchell, William Borland, Kieran Bird, Graeme Bird, all winning their respective leagues, Rab Dick also qualifying in second place in his league to make the last 16 knock out stages,  unfortunately Denise Bird and Gillian Mitchell our lady representatives  both these ladies having won the Bathgate Ladies singles titles in the past two seasons and Denise holding both Bathgate and West Calder titles at the moment just failed to make it through to the k.o. cup stages, and then the matches became best of 5x501, Graeme, Kieran, Rab, Scott all then went out in the last 16, Mitchell fell at the quarter final stages, and William Borland in the semi finals, the Winner on the day was Edinburgh county player Davie Sharp runner up Stuart Ironside, but the main winner was the charity, great day out, with so many talented dart players who came from all over the central belt, but once again a huge amount of work done by the committee who did a superb job, Alan White, Iain Lyons, Dane McDiarmid, Lee Caithness, well done guys I doff my hat to you! Some stats from the West Lothian contingent saw, Jim Mitchell 3x180’s along with finishes off 86-89-93-112-127 on the bulls eye fast games recorded were  15-18-19 darts, Graeme Bird on target with 1x180 a 85 game shot and a 17 darter, Scott Baillie 1x180 and 2x17 darters along with 2x20 dart games and a rock solid 80 take out, Rab Dick 2x180’s 92 and 100 game shots, a brace of 16 darters and a 17 dart game, William Borland 4x180’s and games finished in 14-3x15-16-17-18-19-20 darts, and check out of 112, Kieran Bird 3x180’s and games finished in 18-18-19 darts and a very useful 108 take out. Photo's to follow!


5th July, Once again the posse took the trail into Auld Reekie for the start of another round up of darting matches with the top players from the leagues all now seeded into either Platinum, Gold, Silver it saw the matches for the Platinum best of 15x501, Gold league 13x501, Silver 11x501, Jim Mitchell and Graeme Bird both losing 5-8 in the Platinum league, However the young guns of Kieran Bird and Scott Baillie both turned in superb performances Kieran winning 8-4 and Scott a superb 8-0 victory, William Borland also with a fine 8-2 victory, Rab Dick in the Gold league also on the winning trail with a fine 7-4 victory, shots of note saw William Borland 3x17 darters plus 2x19 dart games and a rock solid 92 game shot, Kieran Bird firing in 1x180 and a brace of 19 darters, Scott Baillie 3x20 dart games and a 17 darter, Jim Mitchell 1x180 and a tidy 17 darter.


3rd July, Stirrup Stane (Tait) summer leagues,

From the League Heaven we had the Heavenly Angels! Frank Begley 3-2 Gary Christie, Stuart Tait 3-2 Bob Paterson, Brian McIntyre 3-2 Frank Crook, Frank Begley 4-1 Rodger Barron, Gary Christie 5-0 Frank Crook, Brian McIntyre 4-1 Colin Kelly.


3rd July, The group from Hell saw one or two devils strutting their stuff and it saw, Scott Baillie 5-0 Scot Begley, Craig Agnew 3-2 Ian Mitchell, Scott Baillie 3-2 Gordon Bruce, Tommy Smith 4-1 Scott Begley, Craig Agnew 4-1 Joe Devlin, Gordon Bruce 5-0 Joe Devlin.


Players firing in some cracking shots had Scott Baillie, Gordon Bruce, Gary Christie with 1x180 each however Big Daddy Frank Begley was on target with 2x180’s, Top finishing came by way off Scott Baillie 90 game shot, Craig Agnew 126 take out, Fast games from Scott Baillie with 16 & 19 darters, Ian Mitchell 16 darter, Craig Agnew with 16-17-17-19 darts, Gordon Bruce 18 & 19 darters, Gary Christie 19 darter.


3rd July Calamity Jane’s Ladies summer league, saw some terrific tussles on the dartboard with the ladies playing 3x501 but all legs must be played as each one is worth a point, Christine Macintosh 2-1 Gillian Mitchell, Leona Stewart 2-1 Kathy Henderson, Amanda Millar 3-0 Abi Sclater, Mary Clark 2-1 Ali Chaffe, Denise Bird 2-1 Kathy Henderson, Leona Stewart 2-1 Amanda Millar Abi Sclater 2-1 Mary Clark, Abi Sclater 2-1 Christine Macintosh, Denise Bird 2-1 Ali Chaffe. So leaders of the Calamity Jane’s after week one are, four ladies all on 4 points each Abi Sclater, Denise Bird, Amanda Millar, Leona Stewart, just behind on 3 points are Christine Macintosh, Mary Clark, on 2 points Kathy Henderson, Ali Chaffe, Gillian Mitchell 1 point.


3RD July, Buffalo Bills Summer League, The first night of the men’s league was a simple k.o. competition with matches being best of 9x501, and in the quarter finals the scores went like this, William Borland 5-0 Geordie Dryburgh, Jim Mitchell 5-3 William Millar, Graeme Bird 5-3 Scott Cameron, Rex Brady 5-3 Kieran Bird, semi final score line saw Jim Mitchell 5-2 William Borland, Graeme Bird 5-3 Rex Brady, the final saw Graeme Bird just edging out Jim Mitchell with Graeme turning in a 28.6 dart average to Jims 27.8 dart average, Winner Graeme Bird runner up Jim Mitchell, top scores came by way off, William Borland, Jim Mitchell, Graeme Bird, all turning in maximum 180’s, top finishes came by way off, William Borland cracking 156 game shot he also fired in 102 finish as well, Jim Mitchell with 100 and a 81 game shots, Rex Brady 90 game shot , Kieran Bird 86 game shot, , Ian Stevenson 82 game shot, Martin Graeme Bird with a brace of 80 finishes, Deegan 80 game shot, fast games reported saw Graeme Bird with 8 fast games finished in 4x17, 2x18, 2x20 deadly arrows, Jim Mitchell with  7 fast games done in 16-17-2x19, 2x20 darters, William Borland games finished in 15-16-2x17 dart legs, Martin Deegan 18 & 20 dart games, Rex Brady 15 darter, Scott Cameron 17 darter, Rab Dick 18 darter, Kieran Bird 18 darter.


W.C.D.D.L. Roll of Honour for season 2016/17, Premier League Champions Stirrup Stane Wanderers, Championship League Champions Stirrup Stane Indians, K.O. Cup Champions Cawburn Assassins, Jocky Watson Fours Champions Cawburn Assassin’s, League Fours Champions Volunteer Highway Men, Three Person Team Champions Cawburn Assassin’s, Match-Play Doubles Champions G Bird & G Borland, League Doubles Champions J Fleming & D Aitken, Christmas Singles Champion A Edwards, 301 Singles Champion W Borland, Delegates Champion J Banks, Champion of Champion D Aitken, Ladies Singles Champion D Bird, League Singles Champion D Aitken.


1st July,  W.C.D.D.L.

Well the league has now officially ended with the presentation of trophies which was held in the Cawburn Sports bar our league sponsors, On behalf of the committee a big thank you to those who turned up to collect their trophy haul from the season, unfortunately some teams made little effort with one player picking up 10 trophies for his team, You cant force players to turn up but if they have no interest in collecting their trophies the question must be why bother to play at all, Anyway as the saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink! And that just about sums it up. Well the AGM is on the 4th September, fingers crossed players will turn up for that event. 

If your playing in the Summer leagues I wish you all the very best which ever one you decide to play in, Happy hunting when it comes to try and hit those oh so elusive finishing doubles.


30th June, Gladstone’s Friday night league in Leith saw action from some of our Monday night players,  On the maximum 180 trail it saw Davie Nisbet from the Volunteer Highway Men with 2x180’s and John Charleston from the Brucefield Farmers firing in 3x180’s, John Charleston also hitting the top finish of the night with a cracking 130 game shot, Fastest game came by way of Davie Nisbet with a rock solid 14 darter.


28th June, Once again the local posse made their way into the Murrayfield sports bar in Edinburgh, this time not a league match but a singles competition, and it saw some excellent arrows thrown by our adventurous dart players who travel through almost every week to try their hand against some of the capitals finest players, Graeme Bird firing in finishes of 130 & 112 take outs along with a maximum 180 and 17&18 darters, Rab Dick with 2x76 game shots and a 20 darter, Kieran Bird maximum 180 and a 16 dart game, Jim Mitchell with a brace of maximums and games finished in 14-18-18-20 darts and 2x76 game shots, But it was once again William Borland who took the plaudits with some tremendous scoring 2x180’s 1x174, 1x171 and game shots of 91 & 104 & 108 twice, along with 9 sub 20 darters 13-15-3x16-18-3x19 dart games. William beating local man Alan White in the grand final by 5 games to 3, both players with dart averages in the high 80’s cracking match to witness.



26th June, Last week of the winter season! And it was the Blue Ribbon event the W.C.D.D.L Singles Championship, and an excellent turn out saw just about all the top players in attendance, so players losing out in the last 16 were, C Wilkinson, S Baillie, C Agnew, G Cheshire, D Nisbet, J Bruton, G Bruce, S Clow, and losing quarter finalists were, G Borland, G Bird, J Quinn, S Baker, and we were down to the semi finalists and it saw K Bird bt W Borland , D Aitken bt A Edwards, and the Grand Final was a tale of youth versus experience, With Davie Aitken facing off against Kieran Bird, and this time Experience won through and it saw Davie Aitken keep the best to last! Firing in a superb 11 darter via 140-95-174-92 game shot he kept up the pressure and finished of with a cracking 28+ dart average, so congratulations to Davie Aitken League Singles Champion 2017, and commiserations to Kieran Bird who at 18 years of age I am sure will be in many more finals to come in the years to follow. On the night some excellent scoring on the six boards in use, Maximum hitters were, Kieran Bird, William Borland, Scott Baker, Arran Edwards, Rex Brady, Gordon Bruce, Callum Wilkinson, Graham Borland David Aitken, Top class finishing and the checkouts came by way off, Davie Aitken 153-98-93 Game shots, Derek Carmichael 148 game shot, Paul McCaig 120 g.s. Arran Edwards 117-78 g.s. Graham Borland 116-89 g.s. William Borland 114-85-82 g.s. Graeme Bird 113 g.s. Gordon Bruce 100-84 g.s. Jamie Fleming 97 g.s. Rex Brady 96 g.s. Jim Quinn 96 g.s. Jamie Banks 86 g.s. Ryan Jack 83 g.s. Davie Nisbet 80 g.s. And then to fast games and they came thick and fast in no particular order just the way they were written down! W Borland 14-15-17-18-19-20 darters, Graeme Bird 16 darter, Davie Nisbet 18 darter, Kieran Bird 17 & 18 darters, Scott Baillie 19 darter, Derek Carmichael 15 dart game, Arran Edwards 15-16-17-5x18 darters, Rex Brady 14 darter, Grant Lyle 18 darter, Gordon Bruce 15&16 dart games, Callum Wilkinson superb 12 darter, Jim Quinn 18 darter, Graham Borland 15 darter, But top games came from our champion Davie Aitken with games finished in 11-17-17-18-18-19-25 darts he also had the highest check out of the night a marvellous 153 via 60-57-36. Superb arrows thrown from many players, but there can be only one! Champion Davie Aitken, Runner up Kieran Bird. Once again many thanks to the league sponsor The Cawburn Sports Bar, to the bar staff who keep the amber nectar flowing, and of course our league committee, Connie Bamburry and John MacDonald, another excellent run tournament, T.Y. and of course to the dart players who all turn up to support these events without you there would be no darts, Well done everyone!


24th June, Kirknewton held an open singles straight after the doubles competition had been played, And it saw the majority of players who had taken part in the doubles stay on to try their hand at a best of 3x501 singles tournament, and it saw Jim Mitchell just edging out Rab Dick from Kirknewton in the first semi final, the second semi final had William Millar taking out Scott Gardiner from Edinburgh by 2 games to 1, so to the final which was the best of 5x501, and it was local player William Millar a Kirknewton Innkeeper player who took the initiative with two excellent finishes of 92 & 85 with 60-32 and 45-40 game shots to go 2-1 ahead, but Jim Mitchell then managed to fire in a couple of maximums with 1x171 on the treble nineteen’s and a 1x180 to just do enough to edge in front in the scoring and take the title by the tightest of margins 3-2.


24th June, The venue the Kirknewton Inn in Kirknewton! For an open doubles competition, An absolute fabulous plethora of dart players from the local area and Mid Lothian all came with their partners to try and annex this prestige’s team/doubles competition, The losing doubles in the quarter finals were, Mick Burke & Gordon Bruce, Graeme Bird & Rab Dick, Scott Gardiner & Alan Tully, Stephan Morrans & Paul Weir, Losing Semi finalists were William Borland & Greg Ritchie, Alan White & Daine McDiarmid, and then there were two and losing out by 4 games to 6 in the best of 11 final it saw Lewis Coult & Stuart Ironsides having to settle for the Runners up place, and the Champions who were crowned on the day were, Steve Murray & Davie Sharp from Edinburgh. Once again a superbly run competition with Richard, Rab and Colin at the helm you would expect nothing else, Also the ambience of the Kirknewton Inn is one of the friendliest darting venues on the calendar, and if you haven’t been there for one of their competitions then I suggest you do, everyone from the owner the bar staff and the locals make you most welcome, and the beer is good! Take my word for it! Now some statistics from the day and I realise there are some missing as players forgot to write them down! Gordon Bruce 1x177 and a 77 game shot, William Borland 2x180’s and a 80 game shot, Jim Mitchell 1x180 and 86 take out, Stephan Morrans 123 game shot via 57-30-36, Dane McDiarmid 130 game shot, Lewis Coult 110 game shot, some good games remembering these are double matches, S Morrans & P Weir 15 darter, G Bruce & M Burk 4 games finished in under 18 darts, W Borland & G Ritchie 6 sub 20 darters.


23RD June, The event the Lanark Open Doubles competition which is held in the Lanark Bowling Club in the centre of town, Fabulous venue and the dartboards are exceptionally well presented all colour coded! Well three pairs from our local leagues made the journey through as did players from the Clyde valley , Greater Glasgow and the Borders, William Borland & Rab Dick went out early doors going down 1-3, which left Callum Wilkinson & John Somerville who made it through to the quarter finals before losing out in a very tight match up going down 2-3 Callum and John firing in 19&20 dart legs, Callum with a rock solid 81 game shot, This left Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell flying the flag for the West Lothian contingent and they went all the way to the grand final before running into Gary Stone and Arran Douglas both players who have worn the Scottish team shirts Gary in the senior squad and Arran in the under 18’s , on the day The Internationalists made no mistake with Gary firing in 3 winning doubles with three darts! Winners receiving £160, Gary Stone & Arran Douglas, Runners up receiving £100 Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell, Both Gary Stone and Graeme Bird having been in the final of this competition twice before but it was Jim Mitchell’s third time, all the players having won the title before with different partners. Graeme Bird firing in a maximum 180 and a cracking 100 game shot Graeme & Jim fastest games were 14 & 18 darters.

Championship Champions!
Indians of Craigshill team of 2017


19th June West Calder & District Dart League, Championship league results and this league was so tight at the top it went down the very last match of the season, results saw, Tower bar Knights 3-6 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Grand Central Railroaders 7-2 Cawburn Highlanders, Brucefield Crofters 3-6 Commercial Inn Juniors, Doo Club Fanciers 1-8 Stirrup Stane Indians, And so it was done a superb league which went down the wire, The Stirrup Stane Indians under the leadership of the Fat Controller team captain Fred Hamilton went into the last match of the season needing to win and fingers crossed if the Highlanders slipped up then the title went to the Indians, and you could not write the script the Cawburn Highlanders who had led the season from almost start to finish slipped up they went to the Grand Central Railroaders just needing to get over the winning line and the title was theirs, however the welcome mat the Railroaders put out for the visiting team was anything but welcoming as it saw them undone in a tight singles match up it saw the home team take the lead 4 games to 2, and it got no better for the Highlanders in the doubles as the Grand Central Railroader’s steamed into a cracking 7 -2 win, and as the news filtered down into East Calder where Fred had his team winning 6-0 over the Doo Club Fanciers the roar went up and the Championship title was theirs, Congratulations Championship League Champions the Stirrup Stane Indians and commiserations to gallant runners up the Cawburn Highlanders. Superb effort from all the teams in this league as once again there were no teams who managed to go undefeated and everyone had wins to their names. OH I might have got it slightly wrong think Fred Hamilton’s smile this morning might just out do Stuart Tait’s! Well done to both Team Captain of their respective championship winning teams.


19th June, West Calder & District Darts League, Final league round up of team matches from the Premier league matches,  in the Premier league it saw the Cawburn Assassins 9-0 Doo Club Flyers, Volunteer Highway Men 6-3 Brucefield Farmers, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 5-4 Loganlea Colliers, and with one match report to come in the Central bar Rebels v Almondale Pirates, the league Pennant goes to the Wanderers from the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill I don’t believe there will be a bigger smile on the face of a captain than that of Stuart Tait’s this morning well done the Stirrup Stane Wanderers Premier league champions, the runners up place went down the wire and once again it saw only legs for and against separate the Cawburn Assassins from the Volunteer Highway Men and it was last seasons winners the Assassins who took the runner up place, well done to all the teams in the league no one managed to go undefeated one damn hard league to win.


19th June, Special Mentions this week go to, and we start with a lady who managed her first victory of the season in the last match of the season well done to Abi Sclater with a cracking 93 game shot 7-60-26  also on target for the Innkeepers of Kirknewton was Rab Dick & Billy Stirling both on the maximum 180 trail, Stirrup Stane Wanderers had Gordon Bruce and Arran Edwards firing in maximum 180’s Gordon also on target with 16 & 19 darters also in on the action Mick Burke with a 19 darter of his own, Bruce & Burke then 18&19 darters in their doubles, Stirrup Stane Indians saw Liam Corbett with a superb 14 darter and Ian Mitchell with a rock solid 82 game shot, Brucefield Farmers player Jamie Banks jnr 18 darter and an 82 game shot, Highway Man Jim Mitchell 17 darter and a maximum 180, From the Assassins Graeme Bird firing in 16&17 darters with an 76 take out. Lewis Lyle 18 darter for the Railroaders of Carmon Dean

Volunteer Arms Finalists
W Borland Champion, J Mitchell Run/up
run by Ted McMillan Winmau rep for -Scotland


17th June, Volunteer Arms  Open Singles, Cracking turn out for this annual tournament run by Martin Deegan as per usual with his hard working  unpaid volunteer/minions in attendance George Jukebox Thorburn and the Marshall Colin Robertson, With players from as far a field as Glasgow and throughout the central belt there were some terrific match ups and with games played best of 7x501 up to the semi finals where it went to 9x501 and then 11 x501 in the final, The last 16 saw some tremendous talent on show and here are the results, W Borland bt D Nisbet, K Bird bt M Deegan, M Rice bt N Dempsey, F Quinn bt C Wilkinson, G Borland bt S Robertson, R Brady bt J Banks, R Dick bt W Wilson, J Mitchell bt P McCaig, and to the quarter finals, R Brady bt G Borland, J Mitchell bt R Dick, W Borland bt K Bird, F Quinn bt M Rice, and then there were four! W Borland bt F Quinn, J Mitchell bt R Brady, and then there two and as the saying goes there can be only one! In this best of 11x501 it saw both players hitting form but William Borland’s finishing power was pitch perfect with hardly a dart wasted both players rattling the treble twenty bed bt in the end Youthful William (Bridges) Borland  overcame the (Old Man) Jim Mitchell by 6 games to 2. Once again a cracking competition well done to the organisers and to all those who travelled a fare distance to take part. Some of the top shots recorded on the day came by way off, Davie Nisbet, Jim Mitchell, Gary Christie, Micky Rice, Graham Borland all firing in maximum 180’s, However it was the younger generation who took it to the next level with Kieran Bird 2x180’s and William Borland 5x180’s great shooting, Checkouts recorded saw, David (Desperate Dan) Nisbet with a superb 136 take out, Jim Mitchell 117 game shot and a 86 game shot, Shaun Robertson from the Highlanders with two cracking game shots 114 & 98 take outs, Micky Rice of Whitburn notoriety 104 kill shot, William Borland 110 game shot, Grant Lyle 96 game shot, Rex Brady rock solid 80 take out, Now the classiest game shot of the day came by way of an unknown! Treble 19 double 18 double 18 for a super kill shot of 129 but though they wrote down the finish they never put their name beside it! Anyone wish to claim this classy shot out, Lot of fast games on the day to many to add individually but they will be added to the web sites fast games league table, later to-day! Once again some superb arrows thrown at the good old flock boards, trebles twenties got hammered in this darting extravaganza! Champion William Borland £160, Runner/up J Mitchell £80,monetary prizes were also paid down to the quarter finalist’s as well all money raised was paid out,


15th June, News in from the Friday night Premier league in Leith held in Gladstone’s bar, Davie Nisbet firing in 11 darter along with no fewer than 5x180’s in the past couple of weeks, also firing in maximum’s it saw Jamie Banks with 2x180’s, And Uphalls favourite darting son John Skippy Charleston also with a maximum 180, also in a couple of singles competitions held recently it saw the Handicap Singles event the title going to Andy Silkowski who edged out Davie Nisbet in the final,  John Charleston just losing out in the semi finals of the R Smith    Memorial trophy which was won by J McGrouther. Players from the local league positions are,







Legs for

Legs against





D Nisbet











J Charleston











J Banks











S Scott











C Forsyth











14th June, Murrayfield sports bar Premier league results for this week saw, Kieran Bird playing superbly well and winning yet again 2 games from 2 with 7-0 and 7-3 score lines, on the night Kieran rattled in 16-18-20 darters plus trio of maximum 180’s, Rab Dick went down 3-7 with the consolation of a maximum m180 and a tidy 100 game shot, Jim Mitchell winning 7-1 with 17 & 19 darters to report and a rock solid 92 game shot, Scott Baillie winning with a 7-2 score line also firing in a maximum 180 and games finished in 18 & 20 darts plus a 118 game shot. This keeps all the West Lothian players in the hunt for Platinum League places, this league will see at the end of it the top four players go into the Platinum league, the next four places go into the Gold league and so on into Silver and Bronze leagues, Sitting in top places at the moment it has,






Legs for

Legs against


Dart average


League Position

Div 1

K Bird










Div 1

R Dick










Div 2

W Borland










Div 2

S Baillie










Div 3

J Mitchell










Div 3











A Rose between two thorns! our Champions
Jamie Banks, Denise Bird, Davie Aitken


12th June, Night of Champions, with not one but three titles up for grabs in the West Calder & District Darts League,

First up we had the Ladies singles title and there were three former champions in the mix Kathy Henderson, Denise Bird and current holder of the title Mary Clark, The semi final line up saw Alli Chaffe from Kirknewton up against Denise Bird and it was Denise who claimed her place in the final in a close encounter, the second semi final had Leona Stewart facing off against Kathy Henderson and it was Kathy who claimed her place in the final, so here we had two former champions of the Ladies darts in the grand final, And in a hotly contested final it saw Denise Bird claim the title for the third time and equalling Avril Birds three wins and is now only one title behind the four time champion Lydia Barrowman,  over the seasons since the Ladies championship was started it has seen the standard of darts get higher and higher every year and we now have Ladies rattling maximum 180’s on a regular basis, Denise Bird, Gillian Mitchell, Mary Clark Jillian Speirs, Gayle Maxwell all having their names in the Maximum League Table for the West Calder League, Since the inception of the ladies league singles back in 2002 their champions have been,

Lydia Barrowman 2002-03-05-06, Julie Marshall 2004, Lena Gallagher 2007-08, Avril Bird 2010-11-13, Yvonne Wilson 2014, Kathy Henderson 2015, Mary Clark 2016, Denise Bird 2009-2012-2017.

Congratulations to both lady finalists this season Champion Denise Bird, Runner /up Kathy Henderson.


12th June, Delegates Championship, Once again with all the teams in the league represented and a couple of former champions in the competition it saw some absolutely superb performances from all the players involved, the quarter final line up saw Jamie Banks bt Colin Hamilton, Stevie Scott bt Ian Carmichael, Scott Baker bt Jim Mitchell, Chris Mitchell bt Ryan Jack, and to the semi finals played over 5x501 and Jamie Banks winning 3-1 over Stevie Scott, Scott Baker beating Christopher Mitchell 3-0, and so to the grand final which was now the best of 7x501 encounter, and what a superb final with the match ebbing and flowing one way then the other, 1-1, 2-2 3-3 and down the wire to the very last leg in this best of 7 encounter and it saw Jamie Banks jnr representing the Brucefield Farmers from Bellsquarry claiming the title by 4 games to 3 over Scott Baker from the Central bar Rebels in West Calder, Champion Jamie Banks, Runner/up Scott Baker.


12th June Champions of Champions, once again a sublime line up of champions taking to the ocky with all the teams in the league represented with their team champion trying to annex this prestige’s title, the quarter final line up saw, Davie Aitken bt Wullie Wilson, William Borland bt Scott Baker, Bunny Forrest bt Rab Dick, Gordon Bruce bt Scott Cameron, and to the semi final, Davie Aitken bt William Borland, However a very difficult decision had to be made in the other semi final as Gordon Bruce received a phone call saying his wife had taken seriously ill and as we all realise FAMILY MUST COME FIRST, so Gordon had to leave, our thoughts from all of us go to Gordon and his family at this time, however a decision had to be then made and the committee could not allow the Scott Cameron who had lost in the quarter final to go through so it saw Bunny Forrest toe the ocky against Davie Aitken in the Grand final, and it saw  a tremendous battle take place with both players rattling in the treble twenties however there can be only one! And it saw Davie Aitken from The Commercial Inn Nomads in West Calder crowned champion by 4 games to 2 over a gallant Runner/up from the Brucefield Farmers Bunny Forrest. Since records started being kept our champion of champions winners have been, Rab Lees 1992, Davie Nisbet 1994-97-04, Jim Anderson 1999, Paul Weir 2000, Stevie Duncan 2006, Colin Robertson 2007-09-10-13, Gordon Bruce 2011, Jim Mitchell 1998-01-02-03-05-08-16, Davie Aitken 2013-14-15-17.


12th June, Some facts and figures from the nights action and what has been recorded are, Maximum hitters saw Davie Aitken, Scott Baker, Kevin Murphy, William Borland, Jamie Banks all firing 1x180 each, Bunny Forrest however the only player registering 2x180s on the night, Top finishes came from, Jamie Banks 122 game shot, Stuart Tait 115 check out, Gordon Bruce 102 take out, Wullie Wilson 94 g.s. Scott Baker 94 & 80 game shots, Colin Hamilton 91 game shot, Bunny Forrest 90 take out, Few fast games recorded I know there will be more but if they don’t get reported then we cant add them! Wullie Wilson 20 darter, Davie Aitken 2x18 darters  and 20 dart game, Scott Baker 17 dart game, Bunny Forrest 2x18 & 2x20 dart games, Kevin Murphy 19 darter, Gordon Bruce 17 darter as did Stevie Scott, Ladies and Gentlemen of the ocky that is all I have written down if you have any to add please drop me a line and we will have them added to the respective league tables, Once again many thanks to Connie Bamburry and John MacDonald our league secretaries for running not one but three competitions extremely smoothly, cheers Jim M.


10th June, Saturday saw Jim Mitchell hit the lonesome trail by himself on his way to Renfrew and the Pickwick’s darts open tournament, this event was run as a round robin affair with four boards in action, and the top two players from each group making the quarter finals, all group matches were best of 5x501, Jim winning 3-1, 3-0, 3-0, then a loss 1-3 to Andy Boulton, however he went through as second in his group, in the quarter final it saw a 4-3 win put him into the money rounds, unfortunately double trouble then set in 3-1 up and one dart missed at double top let his opponent back in next leg one dart at double 16 missed and it saw the match level at 3-3 and the rest is history a 3-4 defeat, However consolation of losing to the winner on the day George Dempsey, never been in Pickwick’s bar before but a very good venue 4 dart boards, run well and not that it has anything to do with darts but the BEST pint of Caledonian Best I have ever tasted, and I can assure you I know a good pint when I get one, top of my Pint hit list used to be Badger Beer down in Dorset, that has now changed Caledonian Best in Pickwick’s tops it, and that takes some doing, great friendly bunch made to feel very welcome indeed. On the day Mitchell fired in 3x180’s and roughly 10 games done in 20 darts or less, semi finalist receiving £40, Runner /up £100, Winner £200.


9th June, Some darts facts from the Port of Leith in Edinburgh, Gladstone’s  Friday night league have six of our local players who compete in a Singles Premier league, It saw Stevie Scott firing in a cracking 171 score on the treble nineteen’s along with a 17 darter and a rock solid 102 game shot, Davie Nisbet on target with two superb games equalling the seasons best game with firstly a 12 darter and then going even better with a superb 11 dart game now that could take a bit of beating, Davie also finishing a game on 135 excellent finishing power from this old man of the ocky just goes to show age is no barrier in this great sport of ours? Also in action it had Arran Edwards playing in the Loanhead Premier Friday night league and with each match the best of 10x501 it saw Arran turn in a 7-3 victory in his first match with no game going over 18 darts.


9THJune, Wee trip to the Doo club in East Calder for a friendly mixed doubles competition well two to be correct, each time the doubles partnerships are picked at random, Well the first final saw Babs and Jim Mitchell edging out Kathy Henderson & Graeme Bird 3-1, the second competition saw Gillian Mitchell& Graeme Bird losing out to Kathy Henderson & Jim Mitchell 3-0, great laugh and some good darts thrown by all Graeme and Jim firing in maximums, but all played in great spirit. Cracking competition for a Friday night!


7th June, Premier league action in Edinburgh saw only two of our local players in action, Kieran Bird with a double header in which he came away with 7-3 and 7-0 wins firing in a brace of 17 darters a 20 dart game and a maximum 180, Rab Dick also with two games to play saw him winning 7-3 in his first match before slipping to a 6-7 defeat after being 5-1 up!  Rab fired in 1x180 1x177 score and had games finished in 16-17-18-20-20 darts along with check outs of 80 twice and two ton finishes off 100 & 110.


5th May, W.C.&.D.D.L. Championship League, Commercial Inn Juniors 9-0 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies, Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Brucefield Crofters, Cawburn Highlanders 6-3 Tower bar Knights, Stirrup Stane Indians 5-4 Grand Central Railroaders.

And so down to the very last league match of the season to see who will win the Championship Pennant with both the Cawburn Highlanders and the Stirrup Stane Indians on the same points true the Highlanders have a better goal difference but should they lose and the Indians win then the title will go to the Stirrup Stane all to play for and it could not be closer, now that’s darts 23 league matches played and only goal difference separating the top two places!

Premier League, Doo Club Flyers 0-9 Stirrup Stane Wanderers, Almondale Pirates 1-8 Cawburn Assassins, Loganlea Colliers 5-4 Commercial Inn Nomads, Brucefield Farmers 6-3 Central bar Rebels.

And with that win for the Stirrup Stane Wanderers it has the Premier League Title going to the Wanderer’s of Craigshill with one league match remaining.

SPECIAL MENTIONS , this week has five players rattling in maximum 180’s Bunny Forrest and Jimmy Johnston for the Brucefield Farmers both on the maximum trail, Gordon Bruce and Scott Baillie for the Wanderers of Craigshill and Paul the Ranger Weir for the Assassins from the Cawburn Sports bar, Fast Games came by way off, Callum Wilkinson 15 dart game, Arran Edwards 16 darter, Gordon Bruce 17 darter, Mick Burke 17 darter, Paul Weir 17 darter,  Kieran Bird 20 dart game, Finishes which have to be 75 or better came by way off, Callum Wilkinson with a brace of excellent finishes with 111 & 110 game shots,  Stevie Edwards from the Innkeepers with a 109 game shot, Gordon Bruce 102 take out, Martin Balfour from the Rebels with a 89 game shot, William Borland 85 take out, Davie Aitken 82 game shot, Top doubles shooting came from the partnerships of Kieran Bird & Gordon Bruce with a 15 dart game, William Borland & Graeme Bird 17 darter, Bunny Forrest & Jamie Banks 19 dart game for the Farmers of Brucefield, Close calls this week saw Stephan Hume just missing out on a 180 settling for a 140 oh so close!


3rd June, Once again it saw the Posse from West Lothian make the trip down the A1 to Haddington the venue the Gardeners Arms for their second of two competitions, the reason I say two they had a cracking idea thought of by the Gardeners Arms if you entered both their tournament then you would go into a draw for £50 and it saw Graeme Bird from East Calder take the money home! Their second cracking idea was for every game you won you received points over the two competitions and that £50 went to William Borland also of East Calder, And to make the perfect treble it saw William Borland and Graeme Bird making the grand  final, in a superb match which was the best of 9x501 it saw William winning 5 games to 2, Williams winning dart average a cracking 27+ per dart, Graeme Bird darts average 26+ and the average game of the grand final was 18 darts per leg cracking game of darts, which saw both players receiving a superb round of applause from the watching crowd, Once again the Gardeners Arms put on a great competition and even though the winnings this time went back up the A1 the sportsmanship and friendship from the East Lothian players is second to none, Looking forward to the next one, thanks again for the hospitality OH and I suppose it should really have been a not a treble but a (five fold) as not only did the darts go the way of the East Calder men but they won two of the raffle prizes as well (lucky so and so’s) Great day out Thanks again.


1st June, Cawburn Sports bar Over & Under 50 years of age leagues came to a thrilling climax as players did their utmost to try and annex the two titles on offer, in the Under 50’s league it saw the leadership change hands for the third time in three weeks and with the top seven places receiving monetary awards the tension was electric, However there can be only one! As the old adage goes, and it saw last years runner up William Borland  go one better this season and annex the title in dramatic style William Borland receiving a Framed Certificate and £140 for claiming the tile, Runner up was Arran Edwards receiving a Framed Certificate and £100, Third place was Shaun Clow who had led for most of the season but was just caught in the last week Shaun receiving £70, Two players were joint fourth place Paul Weir and Rex Brady both receiving £42 each, Sixth place went to Rab Dick from Kirknewton with £35 for his efforts, In seventh place it saw Scott Baillie last seasons champion who had rallied well after a slow start to the season picking up £30.

The Over 50’s League saw a very tight close run in to the final placing with Gordon Bruce Holding on the top spot going one better than last seasons runners up place this time taking the title and in a role reversal it saw last seasons champion Jim Mitchell settling for second place, This battle royal between two good friends and ferocious combatant ants on the ocky saw Jim Inflicting Gordon’s only loss of the season however though Jim has now gone two seasons undefeated it saw Gordon winning having more 4-0 score lines than Jim who was winning with 3-1 scores and with every leg worth a point that was to settle the title! A draw to third place Micky Burke and a couple of lost point’s early stages were to cost him dear! And it saw Gordon Bruce crowned Champion receiving a Framed Certificate and £140 for his championship winning effort, Jim Mitchell receiving a Framed Certificate and £100 for runners up, Third place saw William Harraughty and Micky Burke receiving £ 57 each, In Fifth and final place it had Davie Nisbet receiving £40.


William (Bridges) Borland in the Under 50’s and Gordon (The) Bruce in the Over 50’s. Many thanks to all who made this competition a great success to some players who perhaps don’t get the recognition they deserve! Christine (Nana) McIntosh,  Wullie (Conductor) Wilson, Ian (Van Man)Stevenson, who marked more boards than I can count thank you, and of course to Rex Brady who without his help in running these events they would most certainly take a lot longer to run and he makes sure he notices my mistakes! thanks again, and of course THANK YOU to our league sponsor Malky from the Cawburn Sports bar and Gwen our hard working member of staff who keeps the beer flowing and then cleans up after wards once we have all departed see you at the next one cheers Jim.

Some stats from the nights play William Borland 2x180’s along with 14-17-18-18-19 dart games and a tidy 91 take out, Jim Mitchell 1x180 along with 16-17-18-19-19-20 darters and game shots of 120-88-80, Rex Brady 1x180 and games finished in 14-18-19 20 darts and a cracking 118 game shot, Micky Burke 1x180 and games finished in 14-17-18-19 darts and a 86 game shot, William Harraughty with four fast games finished in 18 and 3x19 darters and a rock solid 78 take out Scott Baillie with 1x180 and 2x17 darters, Kieran Bird 1x180 and a cracking 100 game shot, David Nisbet 1x180 and 17 & 20 dart games, Gordon Bruce a brace of 20 darters, Craig Jack 20 darter, William Millar 112 game shot. Martin Deegan 15 dart game. Rab Dick 1x180. And that folks is that!


31st May, The outlaw trail into Auld Reekie saw the West Lothian Posse heading into the Murrayfield Sports bar Premier league for their Wednesday night action on the ockies! And once again it was thumbs up for our local players as first Kieran Bird had a superb 7-0 win with 2x18 darters and a couple of magical maximum 180’s on his way to cementing his place in third position Rab Dick from Kirknewton was also in superb form firing in 4x180’s with 12-15-18-20 dart games on his way to winning 7-0 as well and joining Kieran in joint third place and both players have games in hand on the two players above them! Scott Baillie was the only loser however it was to his friend and colleague William Borland it saw Scott hitting a maximum 180 and two games finished in 15 & 18 darts but William was in great shape firing in 15-15-17-18-18-20 darters with a rock solid 90 check out  for a fine 7-2 win, Jim Mitchell like William has now secured the top place in their respective leagues this week Jim Mitchell won 7-2 with a brace of 19 darters and a 105 game shot helping him over the winning line.


29TH May, W.C.&D.D.L. Results from the Championship league saw, Grand Central Railroaders 5-4 Doo Club Fanciers, Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 4-5 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Brucefield Crofters 4-5 Cawburn Highlanders, Tower bar Knights 2-7 Stirrup Stane Indians. The Premier league saw, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 8-1 Almonvale Pirates, Cawburn Assassins 6-3 Brucefield Farmers, Volunteer Highway Men 5-4 Commercial Inn Nomads, Doo Club Flyers 3-6 Loganlea Colliers


SPECIAL MENTIONS, from the Tower bar Knights J.Devlin 97 C/O (T19 D20) Cawburn Assassins W.Borland 18 Darter, C.Wilkinson 180 +14 Darter I. Stevenson 90 C/O, G Bird 17 darter, W.Borland & G.Bird 17 dart pairs, W Harraughty & C Wilkinson17&19 dart pairs games, Mitchell & Nisbet from the Highway Men 14 dart pairs game,Brucefield Farmers C Fawcett 1 x177 score, B Forrest 97 game shot, Cawburn Highlanders saw J Kirk and C Mitchell firing in maximum 180’s, Craig Jack for the Crofters of Bellsquarry with a 120 game shot, Colliers player Micky had a superb 16 game shot and an 18 darter, J Brogan 98 take out, other scores from the nights action some good scoring from Alan Wilson 125 score, Stuart Mackie 140, George Bird out of retirement firing in a 114 score, Kevin Murphy who must be the most improved player in the past season on target with 121 score, And last but by no means least we have for the ladies Avril Bird with 132 & 112 scores.

Looks may not be to good!
But what a team this would make!


27th May, Team of local West Lothian players made the trip to Haddington the venue the Gardeners Arms which has been a happy hunting ground for our local players in the past couple of years! This time the competition is played over two weeks with two extra prizes involved should you enter both competitions then you go into a draw and if your name is pulled out you win £50, also every games you win gets you points and if after both weeks you are the player with most points you also receive £50, nice wee incentives there! Each day the pay out is to the last four players, with £300 on offer, Well it saw Semi Professional player Andy Boulton just a tad to bit to handle on the day, as he defeated Graeme Bird in the quarter finals, Jim Mitchell in the semi finals and William Borland in the final, Prize fund saw winner £150, 2nd £ 80, joint 3rd £35 each. Some stats from the days play saw Graeme Bird with 2x18 darters, plus 2x84 game shots, Callum Wilkinson 18-19-2x20 dart games, and a tidy 75 game shot, Ian Stevenson a 19 darter, Jim Mitchell with 3x15 & 16 dart games and  finishes off 124 & 118 & 82 along with 3x180’s William Borland with 4x180’s 110 game shot, and games finished in 2x12-15-16-2x19 darters.

We would like to thank our chauffeur on the day Ian Stevenson who took this motley bunch on a very scenic day trip! Micky Rice, Callum Wilkinson, Graeme Bird, William Borland, and obviously me myself I, THANKS Ian.


25th May, The penultimate league night in the Over and under 50’s league saw some superb action from the first dart to the last on the night, 16 maximums were scored on the night and these came from Arran Edwards 4x180’s,William Borland 3x180’s, Paul Weir 2x180’s, Davie Nisbet 2x180’s,Paul McCaig 1x180, Gordon Bruce 1x180, Micky Burke 1x180, Gary Christie 1x180, Mary Clark 1x180, William Wilson 1x180,  as for fast games the best by far saw Gordon Bruce with a spectacular 11 darter by way off 123-180-100-98 game shot Arran Edwards 12 darter along with game finished in 15-17-18-19, Scott Baillie with 4x20 dart games, William Borland firing in 12 legs of darts finished in 13-14-3x16-17-3x18-2x19 cracking arrows, William Harraughty with 14-17-20-20 darters, Rex Brady 20 darter, Rab Dick 19 dart game, Gary Christie 19 & 20 dart games, Paul Weir 18 darter, Wullie Wilson 19 dart game, Micky Burke 14 darter, Davie Nisbet 17 darter, Check outs came from Micky Burke 136 game shot, Paul Weir 115 g.s. William Borland 112 g.s. Gordon Bruce 98 g.s Shaun Clow 88 g.s. Rex Brady 76 g.s  Scott Baillie 78 g.s. Arran Edwards 76 g.s. Rab Dick 94 g.s. Abby Sclater 76 g.s. Couple special mentions on the night saw Christine McIntosh with a72 game shot, Mary Clarke with a superb maximum 180, Abby Sclater 76 game shot.

Railroaders Dart Player (Charity Man)
Mr Gerry Hughes


24th –May, Wednesday in the Saltire Lounge in Carmon-dean in Livingston, It saw Charity man Mr Gerry Hughes take on the mammoth challenge of playing darts for 11 hours to raise monies for Children’s Charity in Scotland, Now on the day not only did Gerry play darts he also organised a doubles competition which had members of the Morrison’s staff in Livingston paired up with dart players from the Grand Central Railroaders team who play in the W.C.D.D.L. Championship division, After all the chalk dust had settled it has seen the £240 he had already collected by Wednesday morning in sponsorship. That total should once all the monies still to come in which have been pledged their will be Just over the £500 raised for a very worthy cause, So in my case I take my hat off to you sir, well done Gerry Hughes the Eliminator! On a job well done.


24th May, A depleted posse of local players made their way to the Premier league in Edinburgh, The players who did manage the trip had Scott Baillie of Armadale winning 7-2 with three fast games which saw 16-17-19 darters along with a brace of maximum 180’s, William Borland also on the winning trail with two wins from two matches 7-0 & 7-1 which included 2 maximums and 6 fast games finished in 13-15-17-18-18-19 darts, Jim Mitchell continued his unbeaten run with a top of the table clash with Stuart Ironside, winning a gruelling encounter 7 games to 5, which saw none of the 12 legs of darts played give the other player more than 7 trips to the board all winning legs in 21 darts or less! Mitchell had 2x15 along with 2x16 and 2x18 and a solitary 20 darts 1x180 and a 108 game shot.

So after 10 weeks of match play it has Kieran Bird & Rab Dick both in joint third place in division 1, William Borland sirs top of division 2 with Scott Baillie in third place, Jim Mitchell leads division 3 with Graeme Bird in third place, remembering after all the league matches the top four from each division go into the Premier League K.O. Cup play Offs.


22nd May, Monday night league action, Premier results, Brucefield Farmers 1-8 Stirrup Stane Wanderers,  Almondale Pirates 9-0 Doo Club Flyers, Loganlea Colliers 1-8 Volunteer Highway Men, Commercial Inn Nomads 3-6 Central bar Rebels. Championship league results, Cawburn Highlanders 6-3 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies, Stirrup Stane Indians 8-1 Brucefield Crofters, Doo Club Fanciers 2-7 Tower bar Knights, Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Commercial Inn Juniors.

Few cracking mentions this week and these go to, Kieran Bird from the Wanderers 19 dart game, Kevin Murphy for the Flyers cracking 102 game shot, Pirates players doing the dastardly deeds were John Tannock with a maximum 180 along with a 20 darter, Scott Bryson also on the maximum 180 trail, and also firing out a broadside of treble hitting it saw Stevie Duncan 180 and a 102 take out, Keith Jamieson for the Highlanders with a 95 game shot, Rab Smith of the Golden Oldies with a 89 game shot going out on the bulls eye 19-20-bull,  Scott Baker of the Rebellious ones from West Calder cracking 15 darter and a rock solid 76 take out, Davie Yule 17 dart game for the Commercial Juniors, But shot of the night this week goes to Commercial Inn Juniors player Mr Jason Rae with a superb 168 score via treble 20, treble 19 and treble 17 cracking score.       


18th May, Thursday night action in the Over & Under 50’s league saw some terrific action on the six boards, And with only two more weeks of action to go the leagues are wide open as the top of the leader boards are so very tight, In the Under 50’s it has seven players only separated by 9 points at the top of the leader board with, Shaun Clow, Paul Weir, Arran Edwards all on 56 points, Rab Dick one point behind on 55 points, Rex Brady on 51 points and William Borland on 49 points followed by Paul McCaig and last years champion Scott Baillie on 47 points. The Over 50’s has last seasons runner up sitting top of the league Gordon Bruce on 41 points, Micky Burke 36 points, William Harraughty 35 points, Ian Stevenson 33 Points and last seasons champion Jim Mitchell on 32 points, So Gordon Bruce sits in the driving seat in this league however Harraughty and Mitchell do have games in hand, and it will come down to those final few matches as they all have to play each other! Top shooting from the nights play saw 15 maximum 180’s scored, Paul Weir 3x180’s, Arran Edwards 3x180’s, Davie Nisbet 2x180’s, Lewis Lyle 2x180’s,Ryan Jack 1x180, Gayle Maxwell 1x180, Ian Stevenson 1x180, Mick Burke 1x180, Rex Brady 1x180. Top finishes came thick and fast with Lewis Lyle with a superb 152 game shot, Gordon Bruce 114 & 96 g.s. Rex Brady 110 & 92 g.s. Arron Edwards 106 & 90 g.s. Gary Christie 96 & 80 g.s. Craig Jack 92 g.s. Scott Baillie 86 g.s. Paul McCaig 80 g.s. I an Stevenson 78 g.s. Gayle Maxwell 76 g.s. Fast games and these must be 20 darts or less were recorded by, Gayle Maxwell 13-16-19 darters, Gordon Bruce 14&3x20 darters, Arran Edwards 14-15-2x16-17-2x18 dart games Ian Stevenson 15 -20 darters, Scott Baillie 16 darter, Rex Brady 16 darter, Mick Burke 2x17 -18 dart games, Davie Nisbet 17 darter, Lewis Lyle 2x18 darters, Kieran Bird 18 darter, Martin Deegan 19 darter, Jim Mitchell 2x19 & 2x20 darters, Paul Weir 20 darter, Ryan Jack 20 darter, Amanda Millar 20 darter,. Looks like there will be some extremely tough match ups in the next two weeks as the top 7 places in the under’s league are guaranteed in the prize fund and the top 5 in the over 50’s league receive prize monies, All the best to everyone!


17th May, Edinburgh Premier League results, Graeme Bird with a fine 7-3 win which had 14 & 16 dart games and a tidy 106 game shot, Kieran Bird with yet another cracking match having only dropped two legs in the past 4 weeks of play 7-1 score line and a 83 game shot, Armadale’s man of the moment Scott Baillie firing in 16-16-19-19 dart games on his way to a fighting 7-5 victory, Jim Mitchell winning 7-0 with 13-15-14 darters his last three games also a brace of maximum 180’s and a maximum on the treble 19’a with a 171 score. William Borland suffering from his trip to Wales suffered only his second defeat in the league so far this season losing 3-7.

Facts from Wales, looking at the state some of our dart players came back in! I believe they actually managed to get a few legs of darts in as well, William Borland 7x180’s along with 14-2x15-16-18-2x20 dart games before going out in the third match he also fired in a couple of cracking finishes 112 followed by a 164 take out, Graeme Bird 3x180’s 16 darter and a rock solid 97 game shot, Kieran Bird 2x180’s to add to his tally for the year, Scott Baillie 1x180, 111-90-80 game shots, and three fast games done in 15-16-18 darts. Looking at the state of some of them and hearing of their exploits it’s a wonder they managed to toe the ocky!


15TH May, W.C.&.D.D.L. Monday night results from the Premier league saw, Cawburn Assassins 6-3 Commercial Inn Nomads, Doo Club Flyers 2-7 Brucefield Farmers, Central bar Rebels 3-6 Volunteer Highway Men, Almondale Pirates 5-4 Loganlea Colliers.

Championship league results saw, Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 3-6 Stirrup Stane Indians, Brucefield Crofters 6-3 Doo Club Fanciers, Commercial Inn Juniors 2-7 Cawburn Highlanders, Tower bar Knights 3-6 Grand Central Railroaders.

 Special Mentions this week start with a cracking doubles match, Playing for the Tower Knights it has Stuart Mitchell & Rodger Barron firing in a superb 14 dart game, Other top doubles games which were left in the shade by that cracker saw, Paul Weir & William Harraughty of the Assassin’s firing in a 16 darter, Stevie Scott & Mitchell of the Highway Men 18 & 19 dart games in their partnership, Callum Wilkinson & Ian Stevenson 20 dart doubles match, Maximum hitters this week saw, Paul Weir 1x180, Micky Smith 1x180, Bunny Forrest 1x180, Gary Christie 1x 180, Jim Mitchell 1x177, Fast Games of note coming from Craig Forrest 18 darter, Chris Fawcett 19 dart game, Stevie Duncan 20 darter ( no other mentions!) Check outs had, John Brogan 111 game shot, Alan Wilson 107 game shot, Davie Nisbet 102 g.s. Paul Weir 100 take out with 20-tops-tops, William Wilson 91 take out, Davie Aitken 85 game shot, Stephan Colthart 78 game shot, couple of close shaves on the maximum scores had Kevin Murphy and Craig Forrest just missing out and recording 140’s

  14th May, Pennies bar in Falkirk saw a double elimination competition take place this was a singles competition which gave all players two chances to win, each match in the early rounds was played over 5x501 with the winner staying in group 1 and the loser going into group 2 and once the dust had settled on four hours darting action on four boards it saw Jim Mitchell and Andrew Davidson face off against each other , strange but true Jim and Andrew played early doors which saw Jim winning 3-2, however Andy went on to win the second grop and Jim won group 1, so this meant that Andrew had to beat Jim twice as Jim had not lost a match and every player got two chances! Anyway games saw Jim Mitchell 3-0 Scott Paterson, Mitchell 3-1 Davie Burt, Mitchell 3-2 Andrew Davidson, Mitchell 3-1 Brian Donaldson, Andrew Davidson then inflicted a 2-4 defeat on Jim, so the next game would decide who was champion and it was Jim Mitchell who won 4-2 to take the title over Andrew who had the fastest game of the day a superb 11 darter seven perfect darts but having to settle for an 11 darter, Mitchell on the day fired in 3x180’s and many games finished between the 15 to 18 bracket and an awful lot of 140’s to many to count. Different competition this one giving every player two chances and Andrew lost twice to Jim, Jim losing once to Andrew, 17 legs of darts these two players played and nothing in it with Jim 9 legs to Andrews 8 can’t get much closer than that can you! Many thanks to the organisers of this competition and to the sponsors Pennies bar Falkirk. Good to talk to some old adversaries of the ocky on the day, John Donaldson, Alex Lister, Duncan Hastings, Gordon Aneil, to name just a few and lets not forget the unforgettable Micky Rice, and many more everyone had a great time and what was nice to see when the final was being played, both players were supported and encouraged by the people watching, true sportsmanship, T.Y.

Also to thanks to Andrew for letting me know of some more comps on the horizon, competition page has been updated.

Champion Jim Mitchell r/up Andrew Davidson.


13th May, Saturday saw a depleted posse of players head west to the Pockets snooker club in Paisley truth be told it was a solo ride as only Jim Mitchell was going the rest of the West Lothian county posse had headed South to invade Wales for the week-end, Anyway it saw Mitchell winning 3-0 in the first round with the help of a 115 take out, second round match saw him going through 3-1 with the help of a 180 and a tidy 18 darter, next round once again like last week it saw Mark Barrilli standing in his way and another cracking match Mark winning 3-1 games taking 15-12-14 15 darts Mitchell with a 14 darter and sitting on 66 after 12 darts in the fourth leg and not getting back to the board! so with two meeting in two weeks the matches have gone like this Jim 16-15 Mark 12-12-14 -15-12 Jim 14 Mark 15, that’s the standard and hey ho you just keep trying, anyway the Grand Final saw Michael Malone and Drew Callary go head to head in a best of 11x501 final, and in the second leg it had everyone standing as Michael missed double 12 for the perfect game 180-177-120-just missing double 12 for it having to settle for an 11 darter! Final score saw Michael Malone 6-Drew Callary 2. May have gone through alone but was made welcome by many of the darters in the venue it never fails to amaze me the camaraderie of darts players, good people! And as Mark Barrilli told me when I first arrived half pint and a vodka £2 special, beer £2.75 a pint nice.


11th May, Under 50’s League results, Ryan Jack 2-2 Paul McCaig, Scott Bryson 2-2 Rab Dick, Wullie Jack 4-0 Lewis Lyle, Rex Brady 4-0 Craig Jack, Mandy Millar 3-1 Ryan Jack, Shaun Clow 3-1 Abi Sclater, Mandy Millar 3-1 Jay Millar, Ryan Jack 4-0 Craig Jack, Rex Brady 3-1 Scott Bryson,  Paul McCaig 4-0 Jay Millar, Shaun Clow 2-2 Rab Dick, Wullie Jack 2-2 Scott Bryson, Jay Millar 3-1 Abi Sclater, Lewis Lyle 3-1 Willie Millar, Shaun Clow 2-2 Rex Brady, Ryan Jack 3-1 Lewis Lyle,

Some top games from the night and top story has to be Amanda Millar taking 6 points from a possible 8, good shooting, Fast games saw Amanda Millar 15 darter, Ryan Jack 18 dart game, Rex Brady 16-19-19 darters plus a maximum 180, Wullie Jack 3x19 darters plus a maximum 180, Shaun Clow brace of 19 dart games, Lewis Lyle 20 darter, Rab Dick 18 and 19 darters.


10th May, Once again our local posse of players were in action in the Edinburgh Premier League which is played at the Murrayfield Sports Bar in Gorgi Edinburgh, Six matches and once again an excellent return with 6 wins recorded, Rab Dick from Kirknewton firing on all cylinders with a 7-1 victory which included a superb 140 game shot and three legs finished in 16-18-20 darts, Kieran Bird winning 7-2 and recording 2x180’s in his victory, William Borland a 7-4 winner with 5 cracking legs of darts 14-2x15-16-17 dart games and two excellent check outs 112 followed by a 164 game shot, Scott Baillie from Armadale in fine form with a 7-2 win and a tidy 19 darter, Graeme Bird snr firing in 2x15 dart games plus finishes of 100 & 130 and a maximum 180 on his way to coming out a 7-4 winner, Jim Mitchell keeping the run going with a 7-1 win. Mitchell now the only unbeaten player in the Posse with 9 wins from 9, Borland played 7 won 6, Kieran Bird played 8 won 6, Rab Dick played 9 won 7, Graeme Bird played 11 won 9, Scott Baillie played 8 won 6. With last nights matches still to be added the league places will be updated a.s.a.p.


8TH May, W.C.D.D.L. Monday night results from Premier & Championship leagues, Premier League , Loganlea Colliers 2-7 Central bar Rebels, Volunteer Highway Men 3-6 Cawburn Assassin’s, Commercial Inn Nomads 1-8 Stirrup Stane Indians, Brucefield Farmers 8-1 Almondale Pirates. Championship league results, Grand Central Railroaders 6-3 Brucefield Crofters, Stirrup Stane Indians 5-4 Commercial Inn Juniors, Doo Club Fanciers 1-8 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies, Cawburn Highlanders 3-6 Kirknewton Innkeepers.

So with the finishing line only four league matches away the Wanderers from the Stirrup Stane are two points clear in the Premier league with 34 points, joint second has the Volunteer Highway Men and the Cawburn Assassin’s both on 32 points and it looks like a tough run in for all three teams who cant afford to drop any points to the chasing pack.

Championship league is even tighter at the top with the Cawburn Assassin’s still leading but only by legs for as the Stirrup Stane Indians are also on 32 points, and only two points behind sit the Grand Central Railroaders and the Kirknewton Innkeepers who came away with a superb victory at the home of the league leaders.


Some excellent shooting on the night from players in both divisions, Six maximum 180’s recorded and they were by Martin Balfour of the Central bar Rebels, Jim Mitchell and David Nisbet for the Volunteer Highway Men, Paul Weir & William Borland for the Cawburn Assassin’s, And turning back time when he was one of the counties finest players Tam Hart of the Golden Oldies from the Deans B.C. also firing in a 180, Kirk Gordon from the Cawburn Highlanders a magical 171 score via 57-57-57 excellent shooting on the treble nineteen’s.  High finishes were abundant as well with Sean Hanlon of the Central bar Rebels from West Calder finishing a cracking 142 game shot,  John Kirk a two time winner of the league singles showing he still has the class in his armoury with a superb 140 game shot, William Borland for the Assassins with 130 & 78 game shots, Also with a 130 game shot it saw Scott Baker also from the Rebels of West Calder strutting his stuff, Arran Edwards 100 take out, Chris Mitchell 94 game shot, Paul Weir 93 take out, Davie Aitken 83 finish, Chris Fawcett from the Farmers of Bellsquarry 78 take out, Fred Hamilton the captain of the Craigshill Indians showing how to finish games with 76 & 62 take outs, Fast Games came fast and furious and these were recorded by, Davie Nisbet 14 dart game fastest of the nights action, , then we had three players with 16 darters Graeme Bird, Rex Brady and  Callum Wilkinson, three players with 17 dart games Gordon Bruce, Kirk Gordon and Bunny Forrest, Martin Balfour, Paul Weir, Craig Agnew, Arran Edwards all turning in 18 dart games, Ryan Little 20 dart game for the Rebels of West Calder. Only reported doubles game saw Stevie Scott & Mitchell with a brace of 20 dart games.


6th-7th May, Westward bound along the rail track went our posse of local darters, Graeme Bird, Rab Dick, William Borland and Jim Mitchell, the end of the line was the Dumbuck hotel in Dumbarton for a wee game of arrows,  cracking hotel and a very formidable field of darting talent was also gathered there for the this darting rodeo, William Borland winning his first round match 3-0 with a very nice 170 game shot at the end of an 18 darter, but unfortunately he came unstuck in the next round as trebles became like hens teeth in a dentists!, Graeme Bird went down fighting 2-3 he did have the consolation of a maximum 180 and a cracking 16 dart game to console him, Rab Dick was playing well a fine 3-0 win followed by another win this time 3-2 , before losing out 2-3 in the last 16, Rab firing in 6 cracking legs of darts with 2x16, 2x17 and 2x18 darters on the day along with 80 and 100 game shots, Jim Mitchell got through his first round match 3-1, before going out 2-3, five legs of darts Mitchell winning in 16 & 15 with a maximum 180 in each leg, then having to stand back and admire his opponent Mark Barrilli as he  went 12-12-14 darters with a maximum 180 all of his three legs, 5 x180’s in 5 legs of darts, good game of darts. The competition was won by Evander Stevenson who beat Mark Barrilli in the final, Sunday saw Mitchell travel through himself and for his efforts he got Gary Stone in round of 32, Mitchell going out in 14 darts first leg, before Gary turned on the style longest leg 18 darts, 1-3 Gary Stone, Winner on the day was Mark Barrilli who beat Cameron Menzies in the final.



, Premier League results, Once again a good night on the ocky for the West Lothian players, Kieran Bird with a fine 7-1 win and games finished in 16-17-19 and a cracking 121 game shot, Graeme Bird snr also returning with a 7-1 victory, Scott Baillie from Armadale winning 7-2 rattling in a brace of 20 darters plus game shot of 80 and a maximum 180, William Borland 7-1 win and game shot of 110 plus 18-19 darters, Jim Mitchell winning 7-0 with games finished in 15-17-18-19 darts and a tidy 116 game shot, Rab Dick from Kirknewton with a 7-3 victory which included a maximum 180 and a brace of 18 darters.

So after week 7 it has Rab Dick up to second place in Division 1 with 14 points while just two points back in fourth place is Kieran Bird , Division 2 has William Borland from East Calder and Scott Baillie from Armadale sharing second place both with 12 points with Borland having a game in hand on the leader Dane McDiarmid, Division 3 has another two local players in joint second place with Jim Mitchell and Graeme Bird both on 18 points just two points of Stuart Ironside who has played a game more,



RESULTS 1/5/17 W.C.&.D.D.L.

Well folks changing of the Guard, last night saw some superb match ups and in the Premier League it saw the Wanderers from the Stirrup Stane take the bull by the horns and propel themselves to the top of the league. Scores saw Stirrup Stane Wanderers 6-3 Volunteer Highway Men, Doo Club Flyers 4-5 Commercial Inn Nomads, Cawburn Assassin’s 7-2 Central bar Rebels, Brucefield Farmers 7-2 Almondale Colliers.

Championship League results, Tower bar Knights 6-3 Brucefield Crofters, Commercial Inn Juniors 7-2 Doo Club Fanciers, Kirknewton Innkeepers 4-5 Stirrup Stane Indians, Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 4-5 Grand Central Railroaders.

With both leagues up for grabs it looks like every team near the top of their respective leagues can not afford any slip ups as the chasing pack are right behind and just waiting for the opportunity to take advantage, Some excellent games from the night, Top honour though must go to the man who took out the Big Fish as the saying goes, Arran Edwards 170 game shot cracking arrows, Maximum hitters that I have been told about are as follows, Rex Brady, Arran Edwards, Gordon Bruce, Jim Mitchell, Jamie Banks, J Galloway, Gary Christie , Paul Weir, Kevin Murphy superb 177 score, Big finishes as said before Arran Edwards 170 g.s. Callum Wilkinson 155 g.s. Graeme Smith 97 g.s. Gary Christie 96 g.s. Rex Brady 96 g.s. Kieran Bird 85 g.s. Ryan Jack 76 g.s. Fast games and these came by way off, Craig Forrest 15 darter,Rex Brady 15 darter,  Mick Burke 17 darter,Ryan Jack 18 darter, Kevin Murphy 18 darter, William Borland 18 darter, Callum Wilkinson 18 darter, Ryan Little 19 dart game. William Harraughty 19 darter, Some top doubles action which saw, Craig Forrest & Chris Fawcett 18 dart game, Paul Weir & Graeme Bird 20 darter, Some other top scores from the nights action on good old flock boards saw, Stevie Morton Kevin Murphy, Aldo, Stephan Hume all firing in 140’s, AS did John Brett, Davie Aitken just behind with a 137 score. NOW there are scores missing from last nights matches I have put down the ones I can remember, and what have been submitted by team captains, HOWEVER until the Match secretary Connie Bamburry receives the team sheets with all the information on them I cant report them, so come on captains lets give your players the credit they deserve (please) cheers Jim M.

Fife Open Doubles Finalists 2017
M Rice & J Mitchell r/up. E Callander & A Souter champions
Quarter Finalists, Fife Open Singles 2017
Graeme Bird & Jim Mitchell


29th-30th April, The Fife Open was held in Glenrothes one of Scotland’s top Open competitions, and players from the width and breadth of the country and the North of England in attendance they all descended upon the CISWO Club to try and annex the titles on offer, From West Lothian we had 2 players who fought their way through the tough qualifying matches on the Saturday to make the finals on the Sunday, Graeme Bird from East Calder winning 3-1,3-0,4-3, and then winning 4-0 in the last 16 before losing out in the quarter finals 3-4 on the Sunday, Jim Mitchell also in action winning 3-2,3-1,4-2, on the Saturday before winning 4-3 on the Sunday then going out 3-4 in the quarter finals both players receiving £75 for their efforts, The Sunday also held the Open Fife Doubles championship, and once again it saw two West Lothian teams doing exceptionally well, Graeme Bird & Stevie Scott from East Calder met their local opponents Jim Mitchell & Micky Rice in the semi finals and it saw Jim Mitchell & Micky Rice go through to the Grand Final on the stage to contest the championship against Alan Souter and Ewan Callander from Angus, and this time the last step was one just to far and it saw the title go North as Souter and Callander took the title home. Alan Souter ranked number one in the B.D.O. darts inter counties rankings also taking the singles title as well. Jim Mitchell & Micky Rice having the consolation of a nice pay cheque home for their sterling efforts on the day.

Lot of action from local players throughout the week end, and here is the information that has been reported, Callum Wilkinson firing in scores off 17- 18 and plus 2x19 darters and finishes of 86&94,William Harraughty from Whitburn w3-0 then lost 1-3, Micky Rice w3-0, before losing 1-3, Stephan Morrans 2-3 loss, John Somerville from Breich winning 3-2, then 3-0 before losing out in the qualifying round 0-4, Kieran Bird 1-3 loss, Callum Wilkinson with  two 3-1 win’s before going down 1-3, William Borland Winning 3-0 twice then losing out 0-3.

Top shots of note from the week end go like this, Graeme Bird 3x180’s and games finished in 15-17-18-18 darts, Jim Mitchell 2x180’s & 1x171 and a tidy 88 check out, William Harraughty 1x180, Stephan Morrans 18 darter, Jamie Banks and Lewis Lyle were there on the Sunday for the youth singles and it saw Jamie Banks going out in the last 16 by the tightest of margins a 2-3 loss Jamie firing in a maximum 180 on the day, Lewis Lyle going out in the last 32, However Jamie and Lewis teamed up in the Fife Open doubles and had a superb run through before losing out to Rab Page and Jamie Clark in the Quarter Finals taking out some top players in the early rounds. Well done to all the local players who attended and some excellent performances from many players from our local leagues, see you at the next one!


27th April, The Over & Under’s Leagues were in action, and I would like to say after three hours of checking and rechecking the league tables fingers crossed they are correct, as some will be aware last year this event went almost without a hitch, unfortunately this year we have had players who could not make it due to work commitments etc and of course the DOMINOE interlude! And I have also been told that the Welsh Open will have an adverse effect as well, anyway what ever happens the competition will still finish on the first Thursday the 1st of June, if there are matches which have not been played on that eventful night the player who was in the venue will receive the 4 points on offer for each match, so PLEASE try and fulfil your fixtures as it may well have an adverse effect on the league tables! As you were all aware this was an 8 week league and we have had to cut it to 7 weeks so please players try and turn up T.Y. the results are on line in the League table page (left hand side of the main page) Now for some superb facts from last nights action we have Maximum hitters saw Gayle Maxwell with 2x180’s Shaun Clow also 2x180’s, Lewis Lyle likewise as was Paul Weir with a brace of maximums 2x180’s, Arran Edwards 1x180,  Scott Baillie 1x180, Jim Mitchell 1x180, William Borland 1x180, Rab Dick 1x180, Gordon Bruce 1x180, Paul McCaig 1x180, Ian Stevenson 1x180, 16 maximum 180’s and Gayle Maxwell also rattling in a 171 score as well, top scoring from a lot of players, Top finishing power also with Arran Edwards 140 & 90 game shots, William Borland 140 game shot, Gordon Bruce 113 & 102 finishes, Rex Brady 108 & 96 take outs, Craig Jack 108 game shot, Jim Mitchell 107 & 81 finishes on the bulls eye, Ian Stevenson 97 game shot, Christine McIntosh 88 game shot, Paul Weir 82 & 80 take outs,  Rab Dick 80 game shot, William Harraughty 76 game shot, Fast games came thick and fast and here are the ones recorded! Jim Mitchell 12 darter via 140-140-140-81 g.s. Arran Edwards with 13-2x15-17-18 dart games, Gayle Maxwell 13-14-2x20 darters,  Gordon Bruce with 7 fast games and these were 15-17-18-19-19-19-20 darts, Shaun Clow 15-2x17-18-2x19 20 dart games, William Borland 15-18-20 darters,  William Harraughty 15 darter, Lewis Lyle brace of 16 darters, Paul Weir 17-19 dart legs, Paul McCaig 17 & 18 dart games, Rab Dick 17 darter, Rex Brady 18 darter, Ian Stevenson 18 darter, Mick Burke 17 darter, Scott Baillie 2x20 darters.  


Under threat of sleeping in the spare room I have to mention one special classy finish on the night Double1 double 3 double 16 now that’s how to finish on 40 left! Well done Mrs Maw Mitchell x But there were a couple of other cracking scores of note, Nana Christine McIntosh rock solid 88 game shot, the Whirlwind Gayle Maxwell who is making a few of the male players in the under 50’s league look over their shoulders as she steadily moves up the rankings!, and of course we must not forget the youthful over 50’s player who has the honour of being the youngest of the oldies William Harraughty who with age catching up still managed a rock solid 76 check out not bad for someone who is looking to be in bed by 10pm at night now tucked up with his horlicks!


26th April, Premier League action in Auld Reekie saw some sterling performances from our West Lothian contingent, Rab Dick from Kirknewton a fine 7-0 win, Kieran Bird also with a 7-0 victory firing in some excellent shots with 17 & 19 darters and a superb take out of 135 via 25-60-bulle eye, joining him in his first match with an identical score line was Graeme Bird snr a 7-0 winner, Jim Mitchell winning 7-1 against Alan Ibster which saw Mitchell turn in a 14 darter, with Alan firing in a cracking 177 score to leave double 16 which he took out first dart for a 19 darter, Scott Baillie one of Armadales top players hard fought win with a 7-4 score line and four cracking legs done in 17-17-19-20 darts, Last game of the night for our local players saw Graeme Bird and Jim Mitchell going head to head, and it was Mitchell who came away with a 7-2 win once again Mitchell firing in a 14 darter, Graeme on target with a maximum 180 and a tidy 17 darter. In the league standings it has William Borland sitting in second place in division 2 with Dane McDiarmid holding the top position though William Borland does have 2 games in hand. Scott Baillie sitting in a handy fourth place, as when these leagues finish the top four go into the Premier K.O. cup along with the top four from the other leagues, Division 3 has a tough looking threesome at the top of the league with Stuart Ironside leading the group , Graeme Bird sits in second and Jim Mitchell in third though Mitchell does have a game in hand, Rab Dick sits in second place in division 1 with Kieran Bird back in fifth place. All these positions may well change shortly with last nights results still to be added, so could be changes a foot with all our local players winning matches.


24th April, W.C.D.D.L. The leagues four person team event took place last night in the Cawburn Sports bar who are the proud sponsors of the Monday night league, and 18 intrepid teams entered this event with the format being four games of singles which were 1x701, and for the doubles also 1x701, however should the score be tied at 3-3 then a final leg of 1001 would be played with players playing in the formation they had been placed by their respective captains, And there were some exceptional match ups, but once the chalk dust had settled after three hours of play we had four teams left toeing the ocky to contest the semi finals, board 5 saw the Cawburn Assassin’s winning 4-1 over the Almondale Pirates, board three saw the Volunteer Highway Men edging out the Stirrup Stane Wanderers in a close encounter. So after almost four hours of play here it was the final and it could have not been much closer, Jim Mitchell bt Graham Borland, George Thorburn losing to Graeme Bird, Rex Brady losing to William Harraughty, Martin Deegan losing to Callum Wilkinson, so the Assassins 3-1 up at the start of the doubles, but Mitchell & Thorburn kept the Highway Men’s hopes alive taking the first doubles against Borland & Bird, Rex Brady & Martin Deegan then won a tight game against William Harraughty & Callum Wilkinson, so here it was 3-3 and a one leg shoot out of 1001 to decide the title, And it was Callum Wilkinson with double 8 that took the title to the Cawburn Assassins by the tightest of margins 4 games to 3. A late night probably, the longest for some time but with so many matches going the distance it was only to be expected. Many thanks to the bar staff for keeping the foaming nectar flowing smoothly all night long, HOWEVER can I just say once your team has won! Perhaps some of the jubilant excesses might be toned down! The sight of Gillian Mitchell doing her Locomotion moves on the way to the control desk to tell off her ladies team success (Gillian, Denise, Kathy, Leona) moving them into the quarter finals was almost too much to bear! Fare enough if Little Eva was playing in the background but there again who is brave enough to tell a ladies team to cool it after an excellent 4-0 win! (Not me)

Few notes written down on the night, William Borland excellent 21 dart game of 701 with a 126 game shot on the bulls eye, John Brett 1x180 and a 114 and I believe 85 game shots, Mitchell 180 and a brace of 24 dart 701 legs. Martin Deegan & Rex Brady 23 dart doubles leg for a plus 30 dart average. I realise there will be more unfortunately I don’t have the paper with the stats on it at the moment but will add once they get to me.


20th April Under 50’s & Over 50’s League report,  Notes from last night go like this with some excellent shooting from an awful lot of players, so if the scores were written down here they are! Maximum scorers saw, William Borland 2x180’s, Kieran Bird 2x180’s, Christopher Mitchell 1x180, Shaun Clow 1x180, Top finishes saw two players taking out 150 game shots, William Harraughty and Rex Brady were these players top finishing, William Wilson 100 check out, Scott Baillie 100 game shot, Rex Brady with a 98 game shot, Shaun Clow 95 take out, William Borland 91 g.s. William Harraughty also on target with 80-84-86 game shots, Lewis Lyle 85 take down, William Wilson 81 g.s. Gayle Maxwell 80 take out, Fast Games which have to be 20 darts or less, Shaun Clow 15-19-20 darters, William Borland 11 fast legs recorded with games finished in 14-15-3x16-3x18-19-2x20 darters, William Harraughty games finished in 15-18-18 darts showing that age is no barrier to one of Whitburn’s more senior players, at the other end of the age spectrum we have Kieran Bird from East Calder firing in 16-18-20-20 dart games, Gayle Maxwell 16 & 17 dart games, Rab Dick of Kirknewton infamy firing in a brace of 18 darters plus a tidy 19 dart game, Scott Baillie 20 dart game, Rex Brady on target with a brace of rock solid 18 dart games. Ian Stevenson and Paul McCaig both on target with 20 dart games. One of Armadales top arrow smiths for many a season Mick Burke games finished in 18-19-19 darts.

On a wee note from myself, I would like to say welcome to Gayle Maxwell who has joined the under 50’s league (never ask a lady her age!) and already making a substantial inroad into the league couple of fast legs and a tidy 80 game shot, think this lady player will have a lot to say who reaches the top seven in her league, she may well have ambitions of being in there at the end of the league and who would bet against her! As many will be aware couple of people have dropped out well truth be told haven’t turned up, so everyone gets a 4-0 win against these names, would have been nice if they could have let me know before I did the league draws, but that’s life. So folks next week please if you can be at the venue for just a wee bit longer than usual it would certainly help, thanks Jim M.


19th April, Premier League at the Murrayfield Sports bar in Auld Reekie, saw all our players from the local area turning in winning performances, Graeme Bird with a 7-2 win and three fast legs done in 2x17 & 18 darts and a nice 123 game shot, Kieran Bird also firing in a cracking performance with two wins on the night  a brace of 7-0 wins and 4x18 darters and 4x 20 dart games plus a maximum 180 as well, Rab Dick 7-2 victory and a 19 dart game, Scott Baillie 7-0 victory and legs finished in 18-19-20-20 darts and a rock solid 76 game shot, Jim Mitchell 7-1 win with two legs under 20 darts 13 & 18 dart games. William Borland winning with games finished in 15-16-18-20 darts and 85 & 88 game shots in a 7-0 win.


17th April, Back to local league business and in the Premier league results went like this, Volunteer Highway Men 6-3 Doo Club Flyers, Commercial Nomads 4-5 Almondale Pirates, Cawburn Assassins 5-4 Loganlea Colliers, Central bar Rebels 4-5 Stirrup Stane Wanderers.

Championship league results, Tower bar Knights 6-3 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies, Grand Central Railroaders 5-4 Commercial Inn Juniors, Doo Club Fanciers 2-7 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Stirrup Stane Indians 6-3 Cawburn Highlanders,


Special Mentions reported so far go to, Stuart Russell from the Loganlea Colliers with 19 & 20 dart games and a tidy 98 game shot, Denise Bird from the Ladies of the Doo Club Fanciers 97 take out, Rab Dick 19 darter for the Innkeepers of Kirknewton, Commercial Nomads had John Brett 15 darter and team mate Davie Aitken 20 dart game, Tower bar Knights saw Gary Cheshire with a 90 game shot and Joe Devlin 94 game shot but superseding both his team mates was Brian Tosh McIntyre with a 100 take out and a 18 darter, Mitchell for the Highway Men 92 game shot. Stirrup Stane Indian a very tall Indian was also on the war path last night with a brace of 18 darters and two cracking finishes to both games with 74 & 76 take outs. Derek Yule for the Commercial Juniors nice rock solid 77 game shot. Grant Lyle 90 game shot for the Rail Roaders. Father and son then teamed up for a 20 dart pairs match. Wanderers from Craigshill players on target with Mick Burk firing in a

16 darter, Kieran Bird also with a 16 dart game, Arran Edwards 17 darter plus a maximum 180 as did Gordon Bruce who also filled up the red lipstick with a 180. Central bar Rebels had Martin Balfour with a 20 darter, Scott Baker 20 dart game as well, Ryan Little & Shaun Hanlon teaming up and firing in a tasty 17 dart doubles leg. Christopher Mitchell maximum 180 for the Highlanders and Liam Corbett 20 darter for the Craigshill Indians..





Saturday 15th April, Posse of local darting talent rode into the Murrayfield Sports bar for a Charity singles event with money being raised for C.H.A.S. The competition saw eight sections with players having to play all of their opponents in there league and the top two from each league would then progress to the last 16, Format was quick best of 3x501,  but it saw all five of our Monday night players progress through to the final league table, Arran Edwards & Rab Dick going out in the last 16, Martin Deegan & Jim Mitchell making the quarter finals before retiring from the event, Graeme Bird made it through to the Grand Final before losing out to Alan White in a very close encounter. Stats for the local players goes like this Arran Edwards 13 darter, Jim Mitchell 8 games in 20 darts or less, 17-3x18-2x19-2x20 plus a couple of checkouts being 76-77-96 along with a maximum 180, Graeme Bird 5 games in 20 darts or under with 2x17-3x18 and a magnificent 158 game shot and a more modest 80 game shot, Rab Dick a maximum 180, Martin Deegan with 17 & 18 darters, Craig Jack 20 darter with 78 game shot. Well run tournament and raising money for a great cause well done the committee on the day another very well run tournament.

Mick Burke from the Over 50's League
Fastest recorded game on the night 14 darter.


13th April The start, yes back by popular demand the over & Under 50’s road show got back to toeing the ocky again, and with new faces joining the ones from before there were some cracking laughs and superb arrows thrown at the flock boards on the night, here are some of the stats from the evenings play from both the Over 50’ league and the Under 50’s league.

Checkouts and it was the younger brigade that were showing us the way, With the top five ton plus finishes coming from , William Borland from East Calder with a cracking 122 game shot, Local Craigshill man Arran Edwards with a 118 & 100 take outs, From Kirknewton Jay Millar from the notorious Millar clan with a 113 game shot, Lewis Lyle 103 take out along with an 83 game shot, Rab Dick 100 take out, Paul (the Ranger) Weir 94 game shot, Wullie Jack rock solid 86 take out, Grand Central Railroader Wullie Wilson 80 game shot. Maximum scores remembering they are from 171-180 all count as maximums! Paul McCaig, Jim Mitchell, Rab Dick, all firing in 1x180 each however Shaun Clow the man with the Beard to be Feared went a little bit better rattling in 3x180’s on the night,

Fast games and these must be 20 darts or less to get on the score board for a dart average of 25 per dart or better! Gordon (The) Bruce with 6 games finished in 17-17-18-18-19-20 superb arrows, William Borland five sub 20 darters firing in 17-17-18-18-20 darts, Shaun Clow also with five cracking games recorded 16-19-19-19-20 darters, Lewis Lyle taking over where his dad left off with games finished in 18-18-19 darts, Arran Edwards with 16-17 darters, Big Wullie Jack games finished in 19-20 darts, The defending champions from both leagues last time out both hitting two top games Scott Baillie with 19-20 dart games and Jim Mitchell with 17-19 darters, Rab Dick 16 dart game, Paul McCaig & Willie Harraughty both with 20 darters, But fastest recorded game of the nights action went to one of Armadale’s top arrow smiths Mick Burke with a cracking 14 darter followed by an 20 dart game top shooting from an awful lot of players, lets see if it can better I believe without a doubt it will! Watch this space.

Results Over 50’s,  Christine McIntosh 0-4 Gordon Bruce, Gillian Mitchell 1-3 Martin Deegan, Ian Stevenson 1-3 William Harraughty, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Wullie Wilson, Wullie Wilson 2-2 Mary Clark, Ian Stevenson 1-3 Micky Burke, William Harraughty 1-3 Jim Mitchell, Mary Clark 0-4 Gordon Bruce, Gordon Bruce 3-1 Micky Burke, Mary Clark 3-1 Gillian Mitchell.

Results Under 50’s, A Edwards 4-0 R Jack, S Bryson 0-4 S Clow, C Jack 1-3 S Morrans, P Weir 4-0 J Millar, C Mitchell 0-4 K Bird, G Christie 0-4 W Jack,  A Chaffe 0-4 S Baillie,  A Millar 0-4 W Borland, R Dick 3-1 L Lyle, W Millar 3-1 P McCaig, S Clow 4-0 R Jack, S Morrans 1-3 R Brady, J Millar 2-2 S Bryson, K Bird 2-2 P Weir, W Jack 4-0 A Sclater, S Baillie 4-0 C Mitchell, L Lyle 3-1 A Chaffe, P McCaig 4-0 A Millar, W Millar 0-4 R Dick, A Edwards 2-2 S Clow, R Jack 3-1 J Millar, S Bryson 1-3 K bird, C Jack 1-3 W Jack, P Weir 2-2 S Baillie, A Sclater 0-4 W Borland, C Mitchell 1-3 L Lyle, A Chaffe 1-3 W Millar, G Christie 1-3 P McCaig, A Millar 0-4 R Dick, A Edwards 3-1 K Bird, C Mitchell 3-1 C Jack, A Chaffe 0-4 R Brady, P McCaig 1-3 S Morrans. 


12th April Premier, league report from the Murrayfield Sports Bar. All six of our local players were in action last night and here are the stats from matches played. Kirknewton’s top arrow smith getting in on the action with a superb 160 game shot and a cracking 13 darter to add to his tally of fast games this year, Kieran Bird from East Calder a brace of maximum 180’s plus a tidy 88 game shot and 18&19 dart games, Scott Baillie from Armadale on target with a maximum 180 and three rock solid finishes off 83 & 92 & 97, and games finished in 18-19-20-20-20- darts, William Borland tree maximum 180’s and games finished in quick time via 15-16-3x17-18-19-20 darts, Graeme Bird also with 3x180’s and five sub 20 darters via 15-17-17-18-18 darters along with 80 & 94 game shots, Old Man Mitchell tagging along with 18-19-19 darters and a cheeky wee 86 game shot.                            


Monday 10th April W.C.D.D.L. Results

Premier League Results, Stirrup Stane  Wanderer’s6-3 Cawburn Assassins, Doo club Flyers 5-4 Central bar Rebels, Almondale Pirates 4-5 Volunteer Highway Men, Brucefield Farmers 4-5 Commercial Nomads.

Championship League Results, Deans Golden Oldies 4-5 Brucefield Crofters, Commercial Juniors 4-5 Tower bar Knights, Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Grand Central Railroaders, Cawburn Highlanders 8-1 Doo Club Fanciers.

SPECIAL MENTIONS, Maximum hitters this week saw, Arran Edwards 1x180, Chris Fawcett 1x180, George Thorburn 1x180, Rex Brady 1x180, Stevie Scott 1x180, Shaun Clow 1x180. Top Finishes were hit by, Scott Baillie 90 g.s.Gordon Bruce 80 g.s.Mick Burke 93 g.s. Colin Hamilton 98 g.s.John Tannock 98 g.s. Scott Cameron 88 g.s. Fast games saw, Gordon Bruce 18 darter, Davie Nisbet firing in 2x15 dart games, But fastest recorded game this week goes to Brucefield Farmer player Chris Fawcett with a cracking 13 dart game. But the nearly man once again but it has to happen he has been so close so many times this season so far Aldo of the Doo Club Flyers 121 score the maximum 180 must just be round the corner!

Wee snippet from the sun! Sunshine report from Sunny Spain saw Kathy Henderson and Jim Mitchell playing in the Benidorm Open darts competition, Kathy receiving an envelope with 45 euros for quarter finals of the Ladies pairs, and much the same for Mitchell quarter finals of the men’s pairs with Wullie Laird from Ayrshire and a quarter final place in the 701 singles, 70 euros for his efforts, But nice to see some darting colleagues from West Lothian also in attendance Mary and Johnny Walker from Greenrigg, Irene and Shug from Armadale and the Whyte family from Breich, Karen and Amy forgotten Karen’s mans name! Oops! Met some really nice people and fingers crossed will bump into them at an other comp some where down the line!


Monday 3rd April W.C.D.D.L. RESULTS.

Premier league results, Almondale Pirates 4-5 Central bar Rebels, Doo Club Flyers 1-8 Cawburn Assassin’s, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 8-1 Loganlea Colliers, Brucefield Farmers 3-6 Volunteer Highway Men,

Championship league results, Stirrup Stane Indians 9-0 Doo Club Fanciers, Cawburn Highlanders 7-2 Grand Central Railroaders, Commercial Juniors 3-6 Brucefield Crofters, and Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Tower bar knights.

Special mentions from this weeks league action are, Maximum 180 hitters saw Bunny Forrest and Jamie Banks jnr rattling the treble twenty bed for 180’s scores for the Farmers of Brucefield, Gary Christie of the Indians from Craigshill maximum 180, Gordon Bruce from the Stirrup Stane Wanderers along with team mates Arran Edwards and Kieran Bird all on the maximum trail however Mick Burke went one better firing in a brace of the magical maximum 180’s excellent shooting from these Wanderers, Loganlea captain Alan Wilson maximum 180 recorded, Tower bar Knights player Gary Cheshire on target with a maximum 180 as well. Fast finishes this week came by way of Jimmy Johnson 84 g.s. Rab Anderson 88 g.s. Mick Burke 90 g.s. K irk Gordon 76 g.s. S andy Coulter 78 g.s. only four players breaking the ton finish this week and they were Martin Balfour with a 100 g.s for the Rebels of West Calder, Rab Dick 102 g.s for the Innkeepers of Kirknewton and Gordon Bruce of the Wanderers with a 103 g.s but top finish this week saw John Kirk with a cracking 130 game shot. Fast games finished in 20 darts or less were fired in by, Gordon Bruce 15 darter, Graeme Smith from the Rebels 18 darter, Martin Blainey 18 darter for the Innkeepers, couple of 20 darters and it was Christopher Mitchell & Saun Hanlon from Highlanders and Rebels respectively who did the deed. Couple doubles games to mention Gary Christie & Bob Wallace cracking 17 darter, Gary Cheshire & Paul Duff 18 darter, John Kirk & Christopher Mitchell 20 darter.

Spencer McDonald (Secretary) Jim Mitchell Champion
Jim Graham r/up, Danny Kirkland chairman


Friday 31ST March, Saw the Blue ribbon events take place in the Bathgate Friday nights league season, The venue was Coppies bar in Armadale and quite probably one of the finest line up of players seen within the county in many a year were there to try and annex the League Singles Title, The first title on the night saw the Ladies final between last years champion Gillian Mitchell and Denise Bird, this time though there was no stopping Denise and she came away a worthy winner by 4 games to 0, Congratulations to Denise, Ladies Bathgate Singles champion 2017, commiserations to Gillian runner up Bathgate Ladies singles 2017.

Well after three hours of intense match play on three boards the men’s tournament was heating up the last 16 players left toeing the ocky were a who’s who of darting talent from the West Lothian area, Results are as follows Last16, Scott Baillie bt J Kennedy, Jim Graham bt Frank McDonald, A McDonald bt D Nelson, W Harraughty bt R Dick, D Allen bt R Nelson,  A Gardiner bt G McMillan, J Mitchell bt J Johnson, G Bird bt K Cochrane, So to the quarter final match up’s, J Graham bt S Baillie, A McDonald bt W Harraughty, D Allan bt A Gardiner, J Mitchell bt G Bird, and now there were four left to try and claim the title, First semi final saw Jim Graham bt Alan McDonald, the second semi final saw Last years champion Davie Allan up against Jim Mitchell and it was the latter who progressed to the final. So here it was the last two players left standing both these players having won the title before and the question would it be the power scoring of Jim (Pelter) Graham who batters the treble twenty with the force of a blacksmith striking his anvil, or would the rock steady play of Jim (Old Man) Mitchell see him take the day, Well it was Jim Mitchell who took the plaudits on the day beating Jim Graham by 4 games to 0. Both these players have great respect for each other as over the past thirty and more years they have battered each other up and down the ockies of the county venues this time it was Old Man Mitchell who came out ahead, but without a doubt these two champions will face each other again at some competition and next time it could well be the other way round. Now some statistics from the night’s play it saw Jim Mitchell recording 4x171 scores on the treble nineteen’s along with game shots of 80-114-115-126, and games finished in 14 darts twice, along with 15 and a brace of 18 darters. Jim Graham firing in 3x180’s along with 2x14 darters and game shots of 116 and a superb 132 via bull-bull-double 16, Top finish of the night went to Callum Wilkinson with a cracking 156 take out 60-60-36, Scott Baillie firing in 7 game finished in 20 darts or less with 16-17-18-19-19-20-20 darters plus a maximum 180, William Borland maximum 180 and 17 and 18 dart games, Rab Dick 100 game shot plus a maximum 180, Alan McDonald maximum 180 and a 15 darter plus a 05 game shot, Alan Gardiner a cracking 111 game shot, Davie Allan maximum 180, Ian Campbell also with a 180 maximum, Spencer McDonald 75 game shot.

Once again many thanks to the committee Danny Kirkland, Spencer McDonald and Big ‘G’ and of course our sponsors COPPIES bar from Armadale.

Bathgate Friday League Men's Singles  Champion 2017 Jim (Old Man) Mitchell, runner up Jim(Pelter) Graham.

Bathgate Friday League Ladies Singles Champion 2017 Denise Bird, runner up Gillian Mitchell. 


Wednesday 29th March, Premier League Action was once again on the agenda, unfortunately two of our players were down with illness, Rab Dick with the deadly Man Flu, and Graeme Bird visiting the hospital for his injury which he received back at Christmas time, But there was action on the boards from four players, Scott Baillie firing in five sub 20 dart games in his match ups with games finished in 17-17-18-20-20 darts plus 3 x 180’s he won his first match with a fine 7-4 score line before losing 2-7, Kieran Bird also on the maximum trail with 1x180, and 16-17-18 dart games to add to his fast games league table and he also won one match before losing his second match of the night, William Borland 15-16-17 darters plus a cracking 174 set up and a maximum 180 along with a 90 game shot on his way to winning 7-1, Jim Mitchell winning 7-1 and recording 112 game shot and games finished in 17-18-19 darts.

Assassin's from the Cawburn Sports Bar

 Monday 27th March, W.C.&.D.D.L. The Monday night Three person team event was held in the venue of the league sponsor’s, the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston, This event is a sudden type of competition with three games only , one game of 1001 all three play, then one game of 701 doubles, and should the score be tied at 1-1, then a singles match would decide the outcome, after two hours of play on the six boards in use we came down to the final eight teams left standing, match results going like this, Commercial Inn Juniors bt Commercial Nomads, Cawburn Assassins ‘A’ bt Kirknewton Innkeepers, Cawburn Assassins ‘B’ bt Brucefield Farmers, Central bar Rebels bt Cawburn Assassin’s ‘C’. So to the semi finals and it saw a clean sweep for the Cawburn Assassin’s as both their teams got past two very good teams in the Commercial Inn Juniors and the Central bar Rebels, the winning team from the Cawburn were, Graeme Bird and the Borland brothers of Graham and William, who edged out the team of Callum Wilkinson, William Harraughty and Paul Weir. Once again many thanks to the hospitality from the Cawburn sports bar, also to Connie Bamburry Match secretary and Colin Robertson who stepped in to help out as John MacDonald League secretary was unavailable to attend due to illness. 


Sunday 26th March, The Ellwyn Lounge was the venue in Grangemouth on Sunday for an Open Doubles competition, this event was in a slightly different format with each match being the best of 5 x 701, and the winners were Davie Kerwin & Jim Russell jnr from Grangemouth who edged out Paul Weir from East Calder and Rab Dick from Kirknewton in the Grand Final.

Alan Gardiner & Jim Graham
Bathgate League Doubles Champions 2017


Friday 24th March, Bathgate league action saw the League Doubles title on the line and there were some superb pairings in this event from all the teams in the league, all the matches up to the final were the best of 5x501 and you would have had to be a brave man to try and pick a winner from the quarter final line up, However when it came down to the last eight doubles partnerships left standing it saw, M Burke & C Maxwell bt W Wilson & C Sangster, J Graham & A Gardiner bt W Harraughty & R Dick, W Borland & K Bird bt P Lafferty &  J Smith, C Wilkinson & P Weir bt S Duncan & J MacMillan, and to the semi final line up one of the strongest line ups seen for a long time, J Graham & A Gardiner bt C Maxwell & M Burke, W Borland & K Bird bt C Wilkinson & P Weir. And then we had two pairings left standing and the format now the best of 7x501, From Lammies bar in Fauldhouse Jim Graham & Alan Gardiner and facing them across the ocky was William Borland & Kieran Bird representing the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn, and the final could not have been closer 1-1 then 2-2 and 3-3 followed so after three hours of competitive game play we had a one leg shoot out to see who would claim the title of Bathgate League 501 Doubles Champions, and it went to the pairing of Jim Graham and Alan Gardiner when Alan checked out on double ten with his last dart with William and Kieran sitting on a double, fantastic match up so congratulations go to Jim Graham & Alan Gardiner 2017 Bathgate league Doubles Champions, and also playing their part in a superb final congratulations to the runners up Kieran Bird & William Borland, Once again many thanks to the staff of Coppies bar in Armadale for sponsoring this event and to the committee of Danny Kirkland, Spencer McDonald and Big G for running this event. Couple of maximums hit on the night with Jim Graham and William Wilson firing in maximum 180’s but special mention to Paul Weir recording 2x180’s, Scott Baillie with a 110 game shot and Willie Wilson 86 game shot, I know there would have been more but in the cauldron of match play they were not reported, so if you know of more statistics please drop me a line and they will be added, cheers.


Wednesday 22nd March, Edinburgh Darts Premier League got started with over 80 players taking part in 8 leagues, And the local posse from West Lothian were involved, it saw five of the six players from West Lothian winning with only one loss reported, However Scott Baillie from Armadale only went down by the odd leg in this the best of 13x501 match Scott losing 6-7 he recorded finishes of 75-76-78 game shots and rattled in four sub 20 dart legs with 17-17-18-19 dart games. Kieran Bird winning 7-2 Graeme Bird and on his way to reaching the magic number 7 it saw him fire in two maximum 180’s along with a 114 & 76 game shots fastest game a 17 darter, Jim Mitchell winning 7-0 fastest games being 15 & 16 darters, William Borland with a fighting 7-4 win in which he recorded 18-19-20 dart games and a maximum 180, Rab Dick from Kirknewton also winning by a score line of 7 games to 2 Rab’s top finish a rock solid 90 game shot.


March 21st

Premier League results.

Central bar Rebels 5-4 Brucefield Farmers, Cawburn Assassin’s 6-3 Almondale Pirates, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 8-1 Doo Club Fanciers, Commercial Inn Nomads 7-2 Loganlea Colliers.

Championship League results.

Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 2-7 Commercial Inn Juniors, Brucefield Crofters 3-6 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Grand Central Railroaders 4-5 Stirrup Stane Indians, Tower bar Knights 4-5 Cawburn Highlanders.


Special mention this week are, Four players firing in maximum 180’s John Brogan for the Loganlea Colliers, Rab Jack maximum 180 for the Crofters of Bellsquarry, William Borland for the Assassin’s, Sandy Coulter for the Highlanders,

Fast games coming from, Scott Baillie 18 darter, John Brogan 18 darter, A Micky 17 darter, W Borland 16 & 17 dart games, William Harraughty 15 dart game. Rab Dick from the Innkeepers with a brace of 20 darters, Rab Jack with an 18 darter

Classy finishing this week recorded by, Jim Quinn with a 120 game shot, William Harraughty 84 game shot, Matt Purdie 85 game shot, Shaun Robertson 80 game shot, Davie Aitken 78 game shot,

I Simmons getting in on the action on the check out league with a 76 game shot. Top doubles match this week S Duncan & M Brady for the Pirates of the Almondale with an 18 darter, M Balfour & G Smith from the Central bar Rebels with 20 dart doubles game as did D Aitken & J Grant for the Nomads.


Monday 20th March, This Weeks special match report.

Cawburn Assassin’s v Almondale Pirates

W Borland 2-1 J Tannock, Borland with 16&17 darters plus a maximum 180,  G Bird 2-1 M Brady, P Weir 2-0 S Cameron, I Stevenson 0-2 S Duncan, W Harraughty 2-0 S Bryson, Harraughty with 15 darter plus an 84 take out, C Wilkinson 2-1 D Carmichael, so 5-1 to the Assassin’s after the singles, Doubles matches saw, Borland & Bird 0-2 Tannock & Carmichael, Harraughty & Jack 1-2 Duncan & Brady Duncan and Brady 20 darter, Weir & Stevenson 2-0 Cameron & Bryson. Final result 6-3 to the Cawburn Assassin’s.


P.D.C. Development  comp 7 & 8, Sunday 19th March

 Jamie Banks and Arran Edwards losing out in round one to Jack Faragher and Curtis Turner respectively 4-2.

William has now gone one better than yesterday where he reached the last 32, to-day he is now into the last 16, results so far are, William Borland bye, William Borland 4-2 Aiden Cope, William Borland 4-2 Peter Fisher, William Borland 4-2 Scott Dale, 

William Borland 1-4 Adam Hunt  (Last 16)


Saturday 18th March, The P.D.C. Development tour was held in Wigan and it saw three of our local Monday night players in action, Jamie Banks winning his first match 4-3 before losing to Nathan Lafferty 4-0 in the second round, and it saw Arran Edwards also losing out in round two as he went down 4-3 to Patrikc van den Boogard

William Borland 4-0 Kieran Heard, following them out at the second round it saw William Borland also leaving in the second round losing to Ryan Meikle 4-1.

Onto competition two on the day and it saw, William Borland receiving a bye then in the second round it saw William winning 4-0 against Christopher Snyder’s, William Borland then beat Scott Dale 4-2, before losing out in the last 32 to Brian Raman 4-3.

Jamie going out to John Brown 4-1 in round one, Arran Edwards received a bye in round one then went on to beat Conner Scutts 4-1 before bowing out to Jake Jones 4-3.

Winners of the first two competitions were, Kenny Neyens 5-4 Adam Hunt in the first competition, Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-2 Adam Hunt in the second competition.

Competition results from Sundays two tournaments to follow!


Saturday news update 18th March, Crown bar in Bo’Ness held its annual Open competition and with no fewer than six players in the mix who have all graced the ocky in televised events this was a superb field of arrow smiths who entered, The grand final saw Alan Chuck Norris beating Gary Stone 6-1 to claim the title. West Lothian’s only entry Mitchell fell at the first hurdle going down 6-4 to Michael Jones, good enough game 107 game shot and three legs under 18 darts but not enough in this type of field!

 Friday 17th March, Bathgate & District darts league season is coming to a close yes there are still three competitions to go, Men’s & Ladies singles along with Delegates competitions to be played, However the league Pennant is now safely in the hands of the defending champions from last season the Bentswood Inn from Stoneyburn, However there has to be a play-of for second place as the Lammies bar (2) from Fauldhouse and the Cross Tavern from Whitburn will have to face each other on the 14th April at a neutral venue, Results from Fridays league matches went like this, Bentswood Inn 8-1 corrie bar, Lammies (1) 0-9 Lammies (2)

Cross Tavern 5-4 Coppies bar. Some scores of note from the Bentswood v Corrie game saw , Callum Wilkinson 15 & 19 dart games along with 117 game shot, Jim Mitchell 81 & 99 check outs plus a maximum 180, William Harraughty cracking shanghai on the twenties for a 120 game shot, Graeme Bird 19 darter, Willie Wilson from the Corrie bar also in on the action with a 20 darter plus a 81 game shot. But shot of the night was a simple double 8 from Callum Wilkinson which delivered the league title for the second consecutive season.

  Wednesday 15th March, William Borland wins 501 Double start competitions in Edinburgh beating Andrew Davidson in the final. Results from the night’s action are as follows, EDA Edinburgh Grand Prix singles 2017 results! 

Last 16
C.Smith 5-3 D.McDiarmid
M.Crowe 5-2 L.Caithness
W.Borland 5-3 J.Mitchell
J.Gibson 5-1 K.Bird
M.Bain 5-2 C.Kingstree
S.Ironside 5-1 A.Isbister
A.Davidson 5-0 L.Coult
G.Bird 5-2 L.McDaid

Quarter Finals
C.Smith 2-5 M.Crowe
W.Borland 5-0 J.Gibson
M.Bain 2-5 S.Ironside
A.Davidson 5-3 G.Bird

Semi finals
M.Crowe 0-5 W.Borland
S.Ironside 0-5 A.Davidson

W.Borland 6-2 A Davidson

Big congratulations to William Borland who won the second ever EDA singles Grand Prix against Andy Davidson in the final! William only dropped 5 legs the entire tournament including the group phase.

Congrats to Scott Muir who beat Ian Butler 5-2 in the final of the flyer this evening. Also a special thanks to the folk that volunteered marked games this evening, it was greatly appreciated!


Monday 13th March, After a two week absence the West Calder & District got back to league business, Results from the Premier league saw  Almondale Pirates 2-7 Stirrup Stane Wanderers, Commercial Inn Nomads 6-3 Volunteer Highway Men, Loganlea Colliers 8-1 Doo Club Flyers, Brucefield Farmers 4-5 Cawburn Assassin’s. In the Championship league the results were as follows,  Doo Club Fanciers 2-7 Grand Central Railroaders, Kirknewton Innkeepers 5-4 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies, Cawburn Highlanders 8-1 Brucefield Crofters, Stirrup Stane Indians 2-7 Tower bar Knights.


So with the Highlanders winning in the Championship league and their nearest rivals at the moment the Stirrup Stane Indians losing they have opened up a 4 point gap at the top of the leader board and are now 6 points ahead of the third place Kirknewton Innkeepers. The Premier league saw the league leaders the Volunteer Highway Men lose their second game of the season and with players sidelined through injury it looks like it may get even worse for them as the season progresses, The Stirrup Stane Wanderers and the Cawburn Assassins are both now only 4 points behind and both teams have a game in hand, So the fight is now on to see who can stay the course! Special mentions this week go to , John Brett of the Nomads with 2x18 dart games a maximum 180 and a tidy 84 game shot, Also on target for the Nomads was Davie Aitken with 14 and 16 dart games plus a maximum 180, Martin Deegan for the Highway Men firing in a 19 darter Mitchell 20 dart game, Davie Nisbet with a 100 game shot, Brucefield Crofters player Brian Hart 20 dart game, Almonvale Pirates players Scott Bryson and Scott Cameron with 100 and 81 finishes respectively, Mick Burk of the Wanderers from the Stirrup Stane on target with a maximum 180.

Other mention in dispatches are, Paul Weir with a maximum 180, and our very own WIL I AM otherwise known as William Harraughty with 14 and 16 darters nice shooting always  good to know once you pass 50 you can still keep it up! Also father and son duo from the Grand Central, with Grant Lyle finishing on 75 and Lewis Lyle on 96 rock solid finishing power from these Railroaders.


Davie Aitken, Invitational Champion 2017
Rab & Raymond tournament organisers.


Saturday 11th March, Kirknewton Inn held an Invitational open singles event and with over 50 of the finest players from across the county of West Lothian in attendance it saw Davie Aitken from Polbeth who plays for the Commercial Inn Nomads take the title in superb fashion over William Borland of the Cawburn Assassins, by a score line of 6 games to 2. Not only did Davie take the title he claimed the prizes for most maximum’s scored on the day the fastest leg and the highest recorded finish of 145, superb arrows from this gentleman of the ocky.


Friday 10th March, Bathgate league results as follows, Bentswood Inn 8-1 Masonic, Old Wine 8-1 Cross Tavern, Coppies bar 9-0 Lammies (1) Corrie bar 3-6 Lammies (2)


Wednesday 8th March, This was the last of a three week qualifying competition held in the Murrayfield Sports bar in Gorgi Edinburgh, and it saw some excellent games from the travelling posse of Local dart players. With eight leagues and each player having to play everyone else in their league the top two players from their respective leagues would then make the grand final next week. Kieran Bird winning league (7) Graeme Bird winning league (8) William Borland winning league (3) and Jim Mitchell as runner up in league (6) so we have four players in the last 16 should be some cracking ties and hopefully one of them will come away with the title, However with some of the finest players from the Lothian’s and Borders in the mix, this will be tough competition to win.


Monday 6th March, West Calder & District Match-play doubles competition saw a excellent turnout who came to try and annex the title, The quarter finals onwards saw M Deegan & R Brady bt R Dick & W Millar, G Bird & W Borland bt J Galloway & J Devlin, G Borland & W Harraughty bt J Fleming & J Brett, A Edwards & G Bruce bt S Morrans & T Laird. Semi Finals G Bird & W Borland bt R Brady & M Deegan, A Edwards & G Bruce bt G Borland & W Harraughty, Final saw G Bird & W Borland bt A Edwards & G Bruce. Champions G Bird & W Borland Runners up A Edwards & G Bruce.

Paul (The Ranger) Weir
Fastest recorded game 11 superb arrows, 5-3-2017


Sunday 5th March, Venue was the Players Lounge in Falkirk, and once again a cracking posse of West Lothian players made the journey over the county border to try and annex the title, Quarter final results, Andrew Alexander beat Paul Weir
Jim Mitchell beat Graeme Bird
Rab Dick beat Nikki Adamson
William Borland beat Alex Lister

Jim Mitchell beat Andrew Alexander
William Borland beat Rab Dick

William Borland beat Jim Mitchell

and as it so happens once again it saw William Borland and Jim Mitchell take to the ocky in the grand final, few missed darts early on sealed Mitchell’s fate and William Borland came out a 5-3 winner, this was his fifth winners purse of the year for William Borland, while Mitchell has claimed one winners purse and has had to settle for four runners up purses so far this year. On the day some tremendous arrows from the West Lothian players fastest game recorded saw Paul Weir with a fabulous 11 darter Paul also fired in 3 x180s and a 92 game shot on the day, Graeme Bird on target with a 177 score and a 105 game shot plus 3x17 darters and a 18 dart game, Rab Dick 17 darter , Jim Mitchell game shots of 164 via 57-57-bulls eye, 154 via 57-57-40, and a more modest 90 game shot Mitchell also firing in a brace of 180’s and a tidy 177 score, games finished in 12-14-15-15-17-17-18-18 darts, William Borland 4x180’s along with games finished in 15-18-19 darts and check outs of 92-100-115-122. Five local players from the Monday night league in the last eight cracking effort from the guy’s, see you at the next one.


Friday 3rd March, Bathgate Friday night league saw the league champions from last season the Bentswood Inn, and who sit top of the league with two games to go in the league fixtures tasted their first defeat for almost two seasons, So though they need only one win to secure the league pennant for the second time, they were brought down to earth by the team from Lammies bar in Fauldhouse, this match saw the first four games very even and at 2-2 it was anyone’s game, However Lammies then took full advantage of their home venue and went into a commanding 4-2 lead after the singles, But you don’t get to be top of the Bathgate league without having a strong desire to win, and back came the Bentswood players taking the first and second of the three doubles matches to even the match so 4-4 and into the final game of the night, and it saw Jim Graham & Spencer McDonald take the plaudits for the home team with a final 5-4 result, this now brings three teams into contention for second place as the Cross Tavern from Whitburn, Lammies bar from Fauldhouse and Coppies bar in Armadale can all secure the second place position should results go there way, Some terrific scores from the nights play saw, Maximum 180’s recorded by David Allan, Alan Gardiner, and Spencer McDonald, top finishes came by way of Paul Weir 115 game shot, Jim Mitchell & Alan Gardiner both with 80 game shots, Rab Dick 78 game shot, fastest recorded game saw Paul Weir and Dave Allan with a 15 darters recorded, Jim Graham, Rab Dick Dougie Hogg all firing in 18 dart games, So with only two league matches remaining there is still plenty to play for in the Friday night league.

Results are Lammies bar (2) 5-4 Bentswood Inn, Corrie bar 1-8 Cross Tavern, Old Wine 0-9 Lammies bar (1), Coppies bar 9-0 Masonic.


Well done to Mandy Millar who I believe fired in her first maximum 180 to-day while playing with Willie Millar and Rab Dick. At the Kirknewton Inn.


Mr Edwin Grieve R.I.P. Funeral on Wednesday at 1pm, Livingston Crematorium.


Gentleman of the Ocky

Ladies & Gentlemen, Have just heard some bad news Mr Eddie Grieve who up until last season played for the Stirrup Stane in Craigshill, Eddie is in hospital with the dreaded ‘c’, Now for those that know Eddie this little story about the man wont be anything new to them, A few will remember that my wife of 31 years  (Mhairi) passed away a while ago, and one night at a darts exhibition the committee members, Fin Drummond and John Kirk sold raffle tickets and at the end of the exhibition night Fin came up to me and handed me the proceeds of the raffles and said it was for myself and that I could do with it as I wished, Well I stated the money raised would go to the Mobility centre in Carmon dean, This is where Eddie comes into the story, Eddie says to me how much did they raise Jim! I answered £200 Eddie then put another two hundred pounds into my hand and said here Jim do with it as you wish, Any way that kind gesture let us the darts people of this area gift the £400 to the Mobility centre, Fin and Myself took the money raised and it was in the Courier for those that may remember, But once again the generosity of this man Eddie Grieve can not be denied,  On behalf of all who know you in the league we wish you all the very best , and our thoughts are with you. Jim Mitchell Chairman W.C.D.D.L.

Exhibition Night at the Cawburn Sports Bar.
Action on the Ocky


Monday 27th February, Well the annual West Calder and District darts exhibition rolled into the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston on Monday night for the fifteenth consecutive season and we had two old favourites back in action on the ocky, Gary Robson for the fifth time and Alan Norris for the third time, And what a great evenings entertainment we were given by two of the finest exhibition players on the circuit, from the P.D.C. Alan  (Chuck) Norris and from the B.D.O. Gary (Robbo) Robson held us all enthralled as they strutted their darting skills on the ocky, Double Double finishes were common from Chuck Norris, and I suppose you could say one up man ship from Gary Robson as he played and scored on one board but finished matches by checking out on the board next to the one he was playing on! Superb exhibition from both players and the crowd a mixture of league players , families and friends had a great experience, Now these events could not take place without the help of a lot of people, so I would like to thank our two M.C. on the night Mr Chris Forsyth & Mr Colin Hamilton, also from Winmau darts we had the Scottish representative in attendance Mr Ted McMillan who sponsored a brand new blade 5 dartboard and also supplying a projector screen for use in the scoring on the night, And then Ted also sponsored a brand new dart shirt signed by both professionals for a raffle prize (many thanks) also to Billy Weir who did the computer scoring all night long, And of course our sponsor Malky from the Cawburn Sports bar and his staff who made all very welcome on the night.

Gillian Mitchell and Connie Bamburry for selling raffles and the football card, And the two prizes on the night the signed dartboard went to Mrs Donna Crook, and the autographed darts shirt going to Mrs Gillian Mitchell. Folks many thanks for a great night atmosphere was superb, Jim Mitchell Chairman W.C.&.D.D.L.

Bob Hall Memorial Champion 2017
Camereon Menzies

  Saturday 25th February, The second annual Bob Hall Memorial competition was held in the Royal British Legion in Bathgate who sponsored this event, And a terrific amount of players from the local area and as far a field as Berwick turned up to compete in this competition. After three hours play it saw the last 32 players left toeing the ocky, Alan McDonald 3-2 Jim Kennedy, Ashley Pendrech 3-2 Stevie Duncan, Alan Gardener 3-1 Wullie Wilson, David Allan 3-2 Murray Smart, Callum Wilkinson 3-0 Stuart Whyte, Scott Baillie 3-1 George Thorburn, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Ryan Markham, Ricky McDonald 3-0Rex Brady, Billy Meikle 3-1 David Nelson, Cameron Menzies 3-0 Jamie  MacMillan, Willie Harraughty 3-1 William Borland, Craig Young 3-0 Shaun Robertson, Arron Edwards 3-0 Jimmy MacMillan, Frank McDonald 3-2 Greg Hogarth, Graeme Bird 3-2 Micky Rice, Gordon Bruce 3-0 Andy Thomson snr. 

 Last 16 saw Alan McDonald 3-0 Ashley Pendrich, David Allan 3-2 Alan Gardener, Scott Baillie 3-1 Callum Wilkinson, Jim Mitchell 3-1 Ricky McDonald, Cameron Menzies 3-0 Billy Meikle, Willie Harraughty 3-0 Craig Young, Frank McDonald 3-2 Arron Edwards, Gordon Bruce 3-1 Graeme Bird.

 Quarter finals, Allan McDonald 3-2 David Allan, Jim Mitchell 3-0 Scott Baillie, Cameron Menzies 3-1 Willie Harraughty, Gordon Bruce 3-2 Frank McDonald.

 Semi finals, Jim Mitchell 3-0 Allan McDonald, Cameron Menzies 3-0 Gordon Bruce.

 Grand Final. And it saw the man who was crowned Scottish Open Singles Champion also add the Bob Hall Memorial competition to his C.V. as he defeated local man Jim Mitchell 3-0 in the final. Once again a very well run competition with Liz McLean taking care of the running order and the draw and posting the results on social media, Also a big thank you to Minwau darts representative Ted McMillan for sponsoring the brand new board 5 and for his help in providing a large projector screen so that the audience at the back of the hall could keep up to date with all the scores from the quarter finals onwards being screened live! But once again a cracking venue and of course let us not forget the organiser Brian Speirs who played darts with Bob Hall for many a season, and to Big Billy who took charge of the score calling through out the finals. Top scores recorded from the days action saw, Scott Baillie, Graeme Bird, William Harraughty, Frank McDonald all record 1 x180, Jim Mitchell 3x180s, However top maximum hitter was the champion Cameron Menzies with 6x180’s recorded on the day, Top Finishing saw Jim Mitchell 116-112-94 game shots, Callum Wilkinson 116 game shot, Arran Edwards 96 game shot, Ricky McDonald 104 take out, Fast games that were recorded saw Graeme Bird 17 darter, Scott Baillie 2X15 plus 18 and 19  dart games, Callum Wilkinson 19 darter, Gordon Bruce 18-19-20 dart games, Arron Edwards 18-19-21 darters, Jim Mitchell 16-17-18 darters, Cameron Menzies far to many to mention lets just say and this is the truth as all scores and darts averages from the quarter finals were on the big screen his dart average for his last three matches was a very stead 30+ average his last 9 legs of darts were finished in 17 darts or less! You’re Bob Hall Memorial Champion for 2017 CAMEREON MENZIES Scottish and British Open singles champion.


Friday 24th February,  Bathgate league held their annual D Ross four person team competition, this event has teams of four players playing 1x501 in the singles then two games of 1x701 in the doubles, should the score be tied at 3-3 then a sudden death leg of 1001 would decide the outcome, In the first semi final it saw Coppies bar edge out the Cross Tavern in tremendous tussle be the odd leg in seven 4-3 the final score, the second semi final saw Bentswood Inn A+B play off against each other, and it was the defending champions of William Borland, Jim Mitchell, Graeme Bird and William Harraughty who would face off against Rab Nelson, Micky Rice, Mick Burke and Colin Maxwell in the grand final, It saw the Coppies team take a 2-0 lead in the race to 4, however the defending champions were not to be denied and after the singles it saw the score tied at 2-2 and with both doubles matches going the way of the Bentswood Inn it saw them under the leadership of team captain William Harraughty take the title for a second year. Once again many thanks to the Coppies bar in Armadale for hosting this event and to Danny Kirkland who marked the final.


Wednesday 22nd February, Premier league in Edinburgh had some tough match ups for our local players involved remembering this is a double start league!, Jim Mitchell pulled himself back into contention with 3 wins from 3 with 5-0-5-1-5-1 win’s firing in games finished in 14-15-15-17 darts finishes of 160-100-88-85, plus a maximum 180, Rab Dick winning his first match 5-0 before double trouble set in and two 2-5 losses came his way 90 game shot best of the night for this player who has been on top form lately! Graeme Bird from East Calder firing in 6 sub 20 dart games with 2x17-2x18-2x19 dart legs plus an 80 game shot, matches won 5-2-5-3-5-0, Kieran Bird also turning in a good performance with two 5-0 win’s  plus a brace of maximum 180’s and a tidy 20 darter, Scott Baillie from Armadale got himself onto the winners list with 2 victories from 3 matches with 5-0-5-0 and a solitary loss 1-5 couple of rock solid finishes with 76 & 80 game shots. William Borland 3 excellent wins on the night all with 5-0 score lines see’s him top of his league and with some excellent games finishing with 17-2x18, 19-20 dart games a maximum 180 and finishes of 81-84-86.


Monday 20th February, W.C.&.D.D.L. Results from the Championship league saw the, Stirrup Stane Indians 7-2 Brucefield Crofters, Commercial Inn Juniors 5-4 Kirknewton Innkeepers, Tower bar Knights 8-1 Doo Club Fanciers, Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 1-8 Cawburn Highlanders,

Premier league results, Doo Club Flyers 3-6 Almondale Pirates, Volunteer Highway Men 7-2 Loganlea Colliers, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 6-3 Brucefield Crofters.

 Special Mentions this week go to , Rab Craig 2 x180 for the Brucefield Crofters, Gordon Bruce firing in 2x180’s for the Wanderers of Craigshill, Davie Nisbet 1 x 180 for the Highway Men, John Charleston from the Farmers of Brucefield 1x180, Top finishes saw Craig Forrest 113 game shot,  Ryan Jack nice 88 take out B Hart 76 game shot. Couple other mentions go to John Charleston only fast game I have heard about so far sure more to follow 17 darter, J Tannock from the Pirates and Stephan Hume both just missing out on maximum 180’s having to settle for 140 scores.

Just in few more top scores from the nights play, Jim Mitchell for the Highway Men 20 darter, Martin the Dechmont hobbit hits a 20 darter and a 15 dart game along with maximum 180, looks like this bad weather is giving him time to practice! Also with a 15 dart game Rex Brady, Stuart Russell for the Loganlea Colliers on target with a maximum 180 and a cracking 14 dart game fastest of the evenings play.

Skippy Charleston & Micky Rice
After a few beers at the Scottish Open
Colin Hamilton & Micky Rice,
James Anderson Mitchell & John Charleston


Saturday & Sunday 18-19th February, This was the Scottish Open which is held in the Normandy hotel in Glasgow, with over 1200 men & ladies from as far a field as Iceland-Mainland Europe and the united Kingdom and Ireland taking to the ocky on the Saturday to try and make the last 32 for the grand finals on the Sunday it saw some superb performances from local players in the West Calder Monday league, Fastest set saw John Charleston from the Brucefield Farmers turn in 13-15-15 dart games for a superb 104 per throw average this included a maximum 180 along with a cracking 139 game shot, However in John ‘s next match double trouble turned up and he went down 2-3, Colin Hamilton from the Commercial Nomads never really got started and his opponent never missed a check pout and 0-3 the result of this match up. And so to Jim Mitchell who managed to win through to the finals with 3-1,3-0,3-2, 3-2, 4-3, wins and claim his place in Sundays grand final, In his last 32 match up it saw him up against former Scottish captain and current international Ross Montgomery ranked 11th in the World darts Federation rankings, Mitchell went 2-0 up before Montgomery fought back to 2-2 then Mitchell missed no opportunity when it came round and took the match 4 games to 2, However the task now saw Mitchell up against World ranked number 8 Wesley Harms, and once again a see saw battle on the ocky with the longest match a 18 darter, Mitchell went 0-1 down came back to 3-1 up but back came Harms and 3-3 it was sudden death Wesley had the advantage of throwing first but Mitchell left 40 after 12 darts tragedy which all dart players will know of two on the top wire one just below and 20 was left, Wesley Harms with 80 left took it out for the longest game of the match a 18 darter. And so another dream over until next year. However some superb news Cameron Menzies from Ayrshire took the Scottish Open Men’s singles t. Ladies doubles champions saw Aileen de Graff & Sharon Prins take the title over Lisa & Danielle Ashton, Men’s Doubles title went to Ryan Joyce & Kevin McDine who held of Tom Gregory & Gary Thomson in the final 3-2, Ladies singles title went to Fallon Sherrock who edged out Deta Hedman 5-4 in a cracker. Men’s title went to home crowd favourite Cameroon Menzies who beat Daniel Day from England 6-2.

Top shots reported from local players this week end saw Colin Hamilton 82 check out, John Charleston 139 game shot along with 13 plus a brace of 15 darters and a maximum 180, Jim Mitchell 3x180’s plus a 177 score and 14 games finished in 19 darts or less , alas though three darts at double tops was the one throw which will be remembered once the chalk dust settles!!


Saturday 18th February, The Cawburn Sports bar held its annual N.T.S.O. tournament which is run by Kirk Gordon, and it saw a superb competition which had players from the central belt and over the water players from Fife attend, The final saw Local player Davie Aitken from Polbeth defeating Fife star Kevin Feeley in the final, semi finalist were Colin Feeley and Scott McLeod.


Sunday 19th February,  where another two tournaments would be held, First up on Sunday saw Arran Edwards losing out 2-4, William Borland went on to win his first round match 4-0, Jamie then went out 1-4, and in the last 128 it saw William Borland then lost out 3-4 in this round, And so to the last competition of the week end and the results went like this, Arran Edwards receiving a bye, William Borland also got a bye, Jamie losing out 0-4, Next game saw Arran Edwards losing 1-4, William Borland won 4-2, William then lost out in the last 64 2-4, But he did receive some prize money for reaching this stage, Players from Europe, United Kingdom and Northern Ireland attended these events and the standard is quite amazing to say the very least, so well done to our local players and roll on the next development tour, Players who won the events played were, Luke Humphries who won Development tour One on the Saturday and also Development tour 4 on the Sunday outstanding play, Dimitri Van den Bergh won Development tour 2, and Development tour 3 went to Ryan Meikle.


Saturday 18th February, Saturday saw the P.D.C. Development tour taking place in Wigan, this event is held over two days and has four tournaments to play in, West Calder’s Jamie Banks collected a fine 4-1 win in his first match, Arran Edwards from Livingston winning 4-3 in his first round match, William Borland from East Calder receiving a bye in the first round, their second round matches in the last 128 saw mixed results as Jamie Banks lost out 1-4, Arran Edwards then lost out in a 7 leg thriller by the tightest of score lines 3-4, William Borland then won 4-3 and it was into the last 64 for him as he carried the West Lothian banner, However that was his final round as he then went out 2-4. And so onto the second competition of the day, William Borland then lost out 0-4, Jamie Banks was his turn to receive a bye, Arran Edwards also lost out 0-4, so Jamie Banks was left carrying the West Lothian banner this time, unfortunately it saw Jamie losing 1-4 in the next round.


Friday 17th February, Bathgate Friday night league results, Coppies bar 8-1 Corrie bar, Cross Tavern 5-4 Lammies (2), Bentswood Inn 6-3 Old Wine,  Special notes from the nights play saw Jim Graham from the Lammies team in Fauldhouse fire in 2x180,s Paul Drake from the Cross Tavern 1x180, Paul Weir recording a maximum 180 for the Bentswood Inn, top finish from the nights play saw Wullie Jack with a tremendous 149 game shot, 60-57-32, Graeme Bird 130 game shot via 60-20-bulls eye, Fast games saw Paul Weir with a 16 darter, Graeme Bird 2x20 dart games, Rab Dick 20 dart game and Jim Mitchell 19 darter.


Wednesday 15th February, Well start of the Edinburgh Darts Association, dart league which is played in the Murrayfield Sports bar in Edinburgh and for the next few weeks and with over 80 registered players this singles league looks like it will have some tough battles on  the ocky ahead for the local West Lothian players, and the format is 8x501 and a wee twist to it being a double start, and so the West Lothian contingent went to try and strut their stuff as you do! With mixed results, Rab Dick winning 5-3 & 5-2, Graeme Borland with 5-0, 5-0 win’s,  and Graeme Bird won both his matches 5-2 and 5-0, Kieran Bird 5-1 win and a 4-4 draw, Jim Mitchell losing 3-5 and then with a 5-0 win, Scott Baillie losing 3-5 and 2-5, However Scott managed a brace of maximum 180’s on the night, Other games of note came via Graeme Bird 2x17 darters followed by 2x19 dart games plus a tidy 80 game shot, William Borland 13-18-19 dart games, Jim Mitchell 1x180 and four games finished in 18 darts or less with 16-17-18-18 darters, and it did see some excellent shooting skills on the checking in remembering this is a double start competition, Scott Baillie 160 check in as did William Borland who did it twice!


13TH February, W.C. &.D.D.L.

Well a mile stone finally passed as the Brucefield Crofters collected their first points of the season, with a fine 6-3 victory over the Doo Club Fanciers in the Championship league, Cawburn Highlanders 7-2 Commercial Inn Juniors which keeps the Highlanders firmly at the top of the Championship league table, Grand Central Railroaders 5-4 Tower bar Knights, Stirrup Stane Indians 6-3 Deans B.C. Golden Oldies.

 Premier league action saw the Commercial Inn Nomads suffer a heavy defeat at the hands of the travelling Cawburn Assassin’s 0-9 the score line, Almondale Pirates take the points in this match up 7-2 winners over the Loganlea Colliers, Brucefield Farmers continue to collect points after a slow start to the season with a fine 8-1 win over Doo Club Flyers. The Premier league had a match which was almost like the game of monopoly, Volunteer Highway Men hosted the travelling Central bar Rebels from West Calder and what a match up, to say this was anyone’s game was an understatement, and I do believe the Highway Men used their get out of jail card on this one! Scores on the door went like this, S Scott 1-2 S Hanlon, J Mitchell 2-0 S Baker, D Nisbet 2-1 R Little, P Hastings 0-2 G Smith, R Brady 2-0 M Buik, M Deegan 1-2 M Balfour, Doubles went down the wire, Mitchell & Hastings 2-0 Baker & Buik, Scott & Nisbet 0-2 Hanlon & Little, Deegan & Brady 2-0 Smith & Balfour. Final score 5-4 for the home team.

Shots of note from the nights play saw some absolutely top marksmanship from an awful lot of players, Finishing power on the night was absolutely superb here are what I have been told, Craig Jack for the Brucefield Crofters fabulous 153 game shot, Old Man Mitchell for the Highway Men 150 game shot, Almondale Pirate M Brady 142 take out, Graham Borland for the Assassin’s 129 game shot, Also for the Assassin’s Paul Weir with a 127kill shot, M Brady also on target with a 90 take out for the Pirates of Craigshill, Sean Hanlon from the Rebellious ones in West Calder and John Brogan of the Colliers in Loganlea both with 88 take outs finishing on the bulls eye via 20-18-bull, Ryan Jack 87 game shot, William Harraughty 86 game shot. Maximum hitters on the night saw  M Brady from the Pirates, Jim Mitchell and Davie Nisbet for the Highway Men, Ian Simmons for the Crofters, J Mackie from the Colliers and Paul Weir from the Assassin’s all finding the red lipstick with 180 scores, Fast games came quick and fast Mitchell 16 darter, Martin Balfour 16 & 20 dart games, Paul Weir 17 darter,

John Kirk 17 darter, Sandy Coulter 18 darts, William Borland 18 & 20 Ryan Little 19 darter, darters, William Harraughty 18 dart game. R Barraclough from the Doo Club Flyers rock solid 75 game shot, Craig Forrest 84 check out and Bunny Forrest maximum 180. Any more out there drop me a line and the scores will be added.


Sunday 12th February, Auld Toll bar in Grangemouth, Fine body of darting enthusiasts attended this very well run tournament, with former Scottish News of the World Champion and a former  Scottish Masters Champion in the mix  there were some excellent match ups, However when all done and dusted it was John Connal who got the better of Jim Mitchell in the grand final, score 4 games to 3, This competition if the organisers don’t mind me saying is great value for money, They paid out £100 to the winner, £50 for R/up, and 2x £ 25 for S/f, on the day and only charge £3 entry, you cant buy a pint for that price in most public houses these days! Well done Mr W Lindsay for running this comp, look forward to next one, and to all the players who took time out to talk to me, it must have been hard as my travelling companion Micky Rice of Whitburn notoriety hardly ever shuts up!  Great company. Any way couple of wee notes Mitchell 141 & 107 & 84 & 81 check outs, brace of maximum 180’s, and a few games under 20 darts best being a 12 darter via 100-180-140-81 game shot.


11th February, Saturday County Results, Scottish Inter-counties road train rolled into the Loganlea Social club home venue for the West Lothian county team, Unfortunately the travelling county team from Clackmannanshire proved just to strong on the day the Ladies ‘B’ team losing out 1-3, Men’s ‘B’ however fought out a very competitive 3-3 draw in their match, Ladies ‘A’ lost 1-5, and the Men’s ‘A’ losing 2-10,  Player of the match awards went to Davie Aitken for the men’s A,  Kirsty McKaw for the Ladies ‘A’, Men’s ‘B’ team man of the match award went to Frank Brown, and Finally Ladies ‘B’ award going to Mary Walker. Only Maximum 180 recorded went to Livingston’s Stephan Colthart.


10th February, Bathgate Friday night league results,

Masonic 0-9 Bentswood Inn, Lammies (2) 7-2 Corrie bar, Old Wine 2-7 Cross Tavern, Coppies 7-2 Lammies (1) couple special mentions reported so far, Spencer McDonald & Dougie Hogg both rattling in 16 darters, Mitchell 17 darter, Willie Jack 17 dart game , Ross Burnside and Callum Wilkinson both finishing in 19 darts, Alan McDonald and Jim Mitchell both on the maximum 180 trail, highest check out reported so far J Mackie with a cracking 100 game shot.


8-2-2017 Wednesday Premier league in Edinburgh saw William Borland continue his good run of form winning the open singles with a 5-3 victory over Stuart Ironside in the final, Jim Mitchell lost out in the semi finals, Graeme Bird, Kieran Bird and Scott Baillie  making the last 16 and Rab Dick  falling in the last 32,  Top shots came by way off William Borland firing in 3x180’s along with games finished in 13-16-16-17-18-19-20-20 darts, finishes of 108-120-133 also along the way, Mitchell with 3x180’s games finished in 15-16-16-16-19-19-19 darts, and game shots of 104-116, Kieran Bird 3x180’s and quick games 17-17-20-20 arrows, Graeme Bird brace of 19 darters, Scott Baillie 76 game shot and a 19 dart game, Rab Dick 19 darter.

Monday 6th February,


Here are last night’s results in the Premier league it saw, Stirrup Stane Wanderers 6-3 Commercial Inn Nomads, Cawburn Assassin’s 5-4 Volunteer Highway Men, Almondale Pirates 5-4 Brucefield Farmers, Central bar Rebels 4-5 Loganlea Colliers.

Championship league saw the Deans B.C. Golden Oldies 6-3 Doo Club Fanciers, Brucefield Crofters 2-7 Grand Central Railroaders, Commercial Inn Juniors 4-5 Stirrup Stane Indians, Kirknewton Innkeepers 3-6 Cawburn Highlanders.

In the Premier league it has seen the last remaining team that was undefeated lose their winning streak, and the Assassin’s and the Wanderers have now closed the gap to just 4 points behind the Highway Men, so looks like hard run in for these three teams who have managed to pull away from the chasing pack. The Championship league has seen the Highlanders from the Cawburn bar keep their place at the top of the division with a 6-3 win over the Kirknewton Inn keepers, and with the Indians under the leader ship of Fred Hamilton from the Stirrup Stane they now join the Innkeepers in joint second place and with a game in hand!

Other mentions from the nights play saw only two maximum’s on the treble twenty bed but Graham Borland with a superb 171 score which is also classed a maximum in the league tables, Matt Purdie from the Golden Oldies from the Deans Bowling club who recorded one of them, and Paul Weir of the Assassins who claimed the other 180 scores, Quick games this week were recorded by Paul Weir with the fastest of this weeks play a rock solid 15 dart game, M Brady of the Almondale Pirates also with a quick 16 dart game, Graeme Bird 2 x 17 dart legs, John Kirk from the Highlanders with a 19 darter as were Bunny Forest and Calvin Fleming from the Brucefield Farmers, Paul McCaig from the Railroaders firing in a 18 darter, Graham Borland on target with an 18 dart game, Mitchell of the Highway Men 17 & 18 darters recorded. Top finishes saw Graham Borland cracking shanghai on the twenties for a 120 take out, Martin Deegan 114 take out, Rab Craig from the Brucefield Crofters with a 97 game shot as was S Webster from the Railroaders also a 97 take out, Paul Weir nice 84 take out, Davie Black 103 game shot and Michael Meek of the Commercial Juniors with an 80 finish, Willie Millar from the Innkeepers 80 game shot, John Charleston 80 check out for the Farmers, Scott Cameron from the Pirates of Craigshill 76 check out, Stephan Colthart from the Crofters 75 game shot. Couple of other mentions saw Craig Jack and Stuart Russel firing in 21 dart games. Fastest pairs game reported Rex Brady & Martin Deegan 15 darter.


Sunday 5-2-2017 (News Flash) William Bridges Borland wins Brightons Inn Memorial singles.

Bathgate League 5 Person team champions
The Bentswood Inn (A- & B+)


Friday 3-2-2017 The Bathgate league players were in action, at the home of the leagues sponsors Coppies bar in Armadale, this was the leagues five person team event, the format was five single matches with each match being a best of 3x501 affair, first team to get three chalks progressed to the next round. When the chalk dust had settled it saw the four semi final teams in action and on board one it saw the Bentswood Inn (A-) up against the Cross Tavern from Whitburn, this match up saw some  superb arrows from both teams and it went down the wire, with the score standing at 2-2 it saw the final match up between William Harraughty and Ross Burnside take to the ocky, Ross Burnside from the Cross Tavern took the first leg and with a finishing double in sight it looked like the match could be going to the Tavern team, However a superb 161 game shot from Harraughty via 60-51-bulls eye saw the match level at 1-1 and in  a very tense last leg shoot out it saw the Bentswood Inn player take his team through to the final with not quite same tremendous check as his 161, but a more important double 2, so in a very close match it saw Bentswood Inn (A-) 5-4  Cross Tavern. On board three it saw another tense affair with the Bentswood Inn (B+) up against Coppies bar, and once again the match could not have been more close 2-2 and with the last two players at the ocky it saw Kieran Bird secure the win for the Bentswood with a thrilling 2-1 win over seasoned campaigner Jimmy McMillan and truth be told Jimmy had chances but it was Kieran Bird who took his when the chance came around! So Bentswood Inn (B+) 5-4 Coppies bar the final result. So here we had it after some terrific battles on the ocky the two teams facing each other were the Bentswood Inn, Needless to say the title went to the Bentswood Inn with 3-0 victory in the final, So congratulations to both teams,  Bentswood Inn (A-) Gillian Mitchell,  William Borland, Jim Mitchell, Graeme Bird, William Harraughty.  Bentswood Inn (B +) Denise Bird, Rab Dick, Callum Wilkinson, Paul Weir, Kieran Bird. Once again a well run tournament under the supervision of league chairman Danny Kirkland. Some facts from the nights play saw a fantastic 11 darter in the very first match of the night from Lammies player (Pelter) Jim Graham with a marvellous 11 darter via 81-180-180-60 game shot, other top scores from the night saw Jim Mitchell with a 12 dart game via 140-180-100-81 out on the bulls eye, along with 2x14 darters and a 16 and an 18 dart games also 3 x180’s finishes of 122 & 81, William Borland 1x180 and a 98 game shot and 16 & 20 dart legs, Rab Dick 81 game shot finishing on the bulls eye, Graeme Bird with 2x16 darters, Wullie Jack 90 game shot via 60-30 plus a 20 darter, Paul Weir 14 darter and a maximum 180, But highest finish of the night and when you consider the pressure he was under must go to William Harraughty with his superb 161 take out.

Champions 2016 & 2017
Jamie Fleming & Davie Aitken (Commercial Nomads)


Monday 30-1-2017 Monday night saw the West Calder and District hold their annual league pairs competition and with a fabulous entry of 48 pairs the event had some absolute tremendous matches happening on all six match boards, when the quarter final line up was decided these are the results from there on, D Aitken & J Fleming 3-2 C Wilkinson & P Weir, Aldo & Ross 3-2 S Morton & S Hume, W Harraughty & G Borland 3-1 S Duncan & M Brady, W Borland & G bird 3-1 J Brett & J Quinn, And to the semi finals which saw, D Aitken & J Fleming 3-2 Aldo & Ross, W Harraughty & G Borland 3-2 W Borland & G Bird, and after three hours of intense play on the flock boards we had the defending champions D Aitken & J Fleming taking on W Harraughty & G Borland in a best of 7 x501 grand final. And in a tense affair which saw Harraughty and Borland take a 3-1 lead it saw missed doubles for the match and the defending champions punished them and in a great fight back it saw the West Calder & District darts league Doubles championship stay with the defending champions Davie Aitken and Jamie Fleming from the Commercial Inn from West Calder retain the title by 4 games to 3, commiserations to the runners up William Harraughty and Graham Borland from the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston.

Next year it could see history if the champions match the league record of three years on the belt! Two other partnerships have held the title for two consecutive years but only one for three years.

Now some top scores from the nights play which were recorded saw maximum’s recorded by Jim Mitchell, Graham Borland, Callum Wilkinson, Graeme Bird each recording 1 x180 a piece, William Borland going one better with 2 x 180 recorded, But top 180 hitter on the night was William Harraughty with 3 x 180’s to add to his tally on the record books, Top finishes saw Jim Quinn from Harthill firing in 88 & 92 game shots, Stevie Duncan rock solid 96 game shot, Gerry Hughes from the Grand Central Railroaders 99 take out, Mitchell 84 game shot, Scott Cameron of the Almondale Pirates 85 game shot, Jamie Fleming from the Commercial Nomads 81 game shot, William Harraughty 80 take out, Graeme Bird 100 game shot, Callum Wilkinson with a 116 finish top check out of the night recorded. Top games came thick and fast here are the top ones recorded, Harraughty & Borland with 2x13 and another 5 games finished in under 20 darts, Next fastest recorded match saw Ian Stevenson & Wullie Jack firing in a cracking 14 darter, Duncan & Brady rock solid 17 dart game, Fleming & Ducket 17 darter. So once again a cracking turn out for this league competition, many thanks to Connie Bamburry (Match secretary) John McDonald (League secretary) for once again getting the competition running smoothly, also to our sponsor the Cawburn Sports bar and of course lets not forget the bar staff who kept the amber nectar flowing through out the nights play, T.Y.


Saturday 28-1-2017  Open singles tournament held in the Murray bar Polbeth saw Davie Aitken from Polbeth claim the title with a 5-2 win over Callum Wilkinson from Whitburn.


Saturday 28-1-2017 The annual pilgrimage to the Moffat open doubles competition was held in the Proudfoot club in Moffat this competition is capped at 96 pairs and after that you are put onto a waiting list to see if you can enter, their was a notable amount of local players from both the West Calder Monday and Bathgate Friday night leagues  who made the trip South to play in this tournament, Frank & Alan McDonald, Andy Fallon snr & Andy Fallon jnr, Jim Mitchell & Graeme Bird, Wullie Wilson & David Wallace, David Lamond & Darrin Grey, William & Chris Audley, Dougie Hogg & Derek Campbell, After five hours of match play darts which saw the games being played over the best of 5x501, the grand final saw Graeme Bird & Mitchell  losing out by the odd leg in 7 going down 4-3 to the pairing of Kris Jaimeson and Michael Sheehan  from Glasgow. Champions K Jamieson & M Sheehan, r/up G Bird & J Mitchell.

  Friday 27-1-2017  Bathgate Friday night league results, Bentswood Inn 9-0 Lammies bar (1) Masonic 2-7 Cross Tavern,  Corrie bar 5-4 Old Wine Store, Lammies bar (2) 8-1 Coppies bar.

 Non illigitamus carborundum

  For Information only.

Ladies & Gentlemen or should I just say readers of this web site, many of you will be aware that last August I was charged with assault on a player from this area, In the time up until now there have been people who have gone around and spread rumours that I actually punched this player in this so called assault, This did not happen, My own lawyer advised me that there was no assault, and the Procurator Fiscal Services are not going ahead with the charge of assault, However I reiterate at no time did I ever punch anyone, Now I believe that the player who made this charge against myself was put up to it by his peer’s, obviously this is my own opinion only. Last Monday night speaking to an old comrade-friend and a former team captain of mine a man who I have held in respect since the 1970’s when I first met him, I mentioned that things were starting to get on top of me, with these accusations, His reply was, (Jim in this country you are innocent until proven guilty, don’t let them get you down, don’t give in)And ladies and gentlemen  I wont be giving in, as there are now no charges being brought out against myself. I look forward to toeing the ocky once again with the knowledge that I won’t be appearing in court, But to the people who went around telling anyone who would listen that I punched this player, SHAME ON YOU, And for those who believed that story, well I always thought better of you!

Signed Jim Mitchell

 Chairman W.C.D.D.L. 2000-2017.


And the burning question at the moment of readers of this web site is!

Who is VESUVEOUS, seems he or she is causing a bit of discussion, the one thing I can say it is not me!


W.C.&.D.D.L. 301 Singles championship 23/1/2017

Once again the very best players of the Monday night league turned out to try and annex the 301 Double start Double finish title to their resume, 69 players toed the ocky and with the format a cut throat best of 3 x 301 their were some very exciting matches taking place on all six dart boards in use, No fewer than four former champions in the mix, well one by one they all fell so it was guaranteed a new name would be added to the roll of honour this season and when it came to the quarter finals which then saw the competition become the best of 5 x 301 the results go like this, Stevie Duncan 3-1 Jim Quinn, Scott Cameron 3-1 John Galloway, Rex Brady 3-2 Martin Deegan, William Borland 3-1 Callum Wilkinson, and so to the semi finals and the results went like this, William Borland 3-1 Rex Brady, Stevie Duncan 3-2 Scott Cameron, And the grand finale saw the match then become 7 x 301 to see who would take the title home. And it saw William Borland and Stevie Duncan share the opening legs however Borland who has been in terrific form of late went into over drive and finished the next three legs with game shots off 112-118-and a more modest 86 game shot and it saw William Borland take the title of the 301 Singles championship home, Stevie Duncan a former league Champion of Champion had to settle for runners up this time round, But it shows that in darts age is no barrier our two finalists were from both ends of the age spectrum William 20 years of age, Stevie well lets just say he has a bus pass! And leave it at that. Once again a very well run competition by the league secretaries and of course our thanks to the league sponsors the Cawburn Sports bar in Pumpherston. Some top scores recorded on the night saw Scott Baillie from Armadale with a cracking 126 game shot, William Borland 118-112-86 game shots, Callum Wilkinson 90 & 81 take outs, Jamie Fleming from the Nomads of West Calder with 75 game shot as did John Galloway with a 75 finish via 25-bulls eye, Only one maximum 180 recorded and not surprising as in 301 if you check in big you don’t get many chances at the maximum score! William Harraughty with a 180 and Rab Dick from the Inn on the hill the Kirknewton Innkeepers cracking 177 score.


Friday 20/1/2017

Bathgate league action saw Danny Kirkland’s team from the Coppies bar hosting the Bentswood Inn players who are now playing out of the Cawburn Sports bar as the Bentswood is now closed.

And what a match up this was Coppies players names first, First to take to the ocky saw Mick Burke against Graeme Bird and it went the way of the Coppies man Mick taking out a cracking 86 game shot for an 18 dart game when Birdy was sitting on a double Graeme did notch up a maximum 180 but alas not enough to stop Mick Burk from winning 2-1, next up saw Colin Maxwell v Jim Mitchell and here was a very high scoring match both players rattling the twenty bed Colin firing in 140-125-and 3x100 scores however Mitchell replied with 180-140 and 3 x100’s of his own and came out a 2-0 winner, Third match up saw Jim Gibson v Paul Weir and Paul took command with a fine 88 game shot in the first leg via 48-tops and came away with a 2-0 win, so 2-1 to the visitors, Next match saw Jimmy Macmillan v William Harraughty and it saw William take the game 2-0 with a fine 100 game shot, Stevie Duncan was next up for the home side v Rab Dick and this was also a match up with some terrific scoring Rab took the first leg but Stevie then upped the ante with a cracking 96 game via 5-51-tops,to level the match 1-1 however Rab held on and a double 5 secured another point for the visitors, so at 4-1 down it saw Micky Rice take to the ocky to try and keep the home sides hopes alive his opponent Callum Wilkinson and it was Callum who secured the winning leg and the points with a fine 16 darter and so the match was now over with the travelling Bentswood Inn team 5-1 up, the doubles saw the home side take another point to make the final score line Coppies bar 2 Bentswood Inn 7.  Lammies bar’A’  (Fauldhouse) 2 -7 Cross Tavern, Old Wine (Shott’s) 2 -7 Lammies bar ‘B’ (Fauldhouse)  Masonic 0-9 Corrie bar (Armadale)


W.C.&.D.D.L. RESULTS 16/1/17

Some excellent games this week in the Premier league, looks like the festive period is well and truly departed. Commercial Inn Nomads 8-1 winners over the Doo Club Flyers, Volunteer Highway Men versus the Stirrup Stane Wanderers saw the top two teams face of against each other and it was the league leaders the Highway Men who came out 6-3 winners in this match up, The Loganlea Colliers hosted the Brucefield Farmers this week and after a slow start to the season it has seen a revitalised Farmers team take to the ocky and they came away with a fine 5-4 win, Pumpherston Cawburn Assassin’s v Central bar Rebels from West Calder saw the Assassins come away with an excellent 7-2 victory, This now has the premier league leaders the Highway Men sitting on 22 points with both the Stirrup Stane Wanderers and the Cawburn Assassin’s 6 points further back on 16 points a piece and the Nomads from the Commercial Inn in West Calder sitting on 12 points.

The Championship league saw the league leaders the Cawburn Highlanders having their free week, and this gave the two teams in joint second place the chance to catch them, However the two teams in closest proximity to the league leaders were both due to play each other so the points available were extremely important to both teams and it saw the  Stirrup Stane Indians have home advantage over the Kirknewton Innkeepers, but it was the travelling team from Kirknewton who took the points with a fine 7-2 win and join the Highway Men at the top of the league both on 18 points while the Indians from Craigshill are just 2 points further back on 16, Other results saw the Doo Club Fanciers losing out 0-9 to inform Commercial Inn Juniors team from West Calder who are steadily moving up the league, The Brucefield Crofters went down 1-8 to the Tower bar Knights from Craigshill which has them sitting on 14 points and just two points off third place in the league race, Grand Central Railroaders got themselves back on track with an excellent win over the Deans B.C. Golden oldies with a 8-1 score line, this was more like the Railroaders who started of so well at the beginning of the season before the run off losses which they kept losing by the odd game in nine!

Some top shot’s reported this week has seen, maximum 180 hitters being recorded by, Davie Nisbet from the Highway Men with 2x180’s, Mick Burk from the Wanderers 1x180, Paul Weir also with a maximum 180 for the Cawburn Assassin’s, Kirknewton Innkeeper player William Millar also on the maximum trail,fast games saw Brucefield Crofters player Stephan Colthart fire in a 17 darter and team mate Craig Jack joining him with a 19 dart game and a 84 game shot, William Borland with a 102 game shot for the Assassin’s and Scott Baker with a 92 take out for the Rebels of West Calder, Frank Crook and Lewis Lyle from the Railroaders with finishes of 93 & 71 respectively, couple of fine 21 dart games reported saw Brian McIntyre and Gary Cheshire both on target and Brian also finishing a 81 game shot.

  Pub Closure.

Sad news for darts players, The Bentswood Inn which is situated in Bents & Stoneyburn will be closing it’s doors very shortly, This public house has over the years held many an open competition and sponsored the Friday night darts league, However with a situation out with the control of the management Mr John Reidy who has done an awful lot for darts over the years and of course raised ten’s of thousands of pounds for local charities, he will be sadly missed by his Friday night darts team, On behalf of all the players we wish him well, where ever he finds himself in the future John Reidy a true gent.


Saturday 14th January

The annual McKechnie open doubles competition was held in Loanhead Miners welfare club, And a huge West Lothian contingent made the pilgrimage through to try and take the title in all ten pairs teams from the county travelled through, The best pairing came by way of a joint effort as Rab Dick from Kirknewton and Graeme Bird of East Calder fell at the penultimate hurdle losing out in the semi finals to eventual champions Harry Toddman and Ryan Murray from Edinburgh.

Players from the local area who played were, Paul McCaig & Wullie Wilson , William Borland & Jim Mitchell, Graeme Bird & Rab Dick, Gillian Mitchell & Denise Bird, William Harraughty & Paul Weir, Tam Brown & Micky Rice, Colin Robertson & Arran Edwards, Ryan Kelly & Stevie Scott, Calvin Fleming & Stephan Colthart. Some top shots came by way off, William Borland 1x180, Ryan Kelly 1x180, Micky Rice 1x180, Graeme Bird cracking 158 game shot, Rab Dick with two excellent finishes of 120 & 110 take outs, Mitchell 100 game shot, Willie Wilson 88 take out. Fastest game recorded from the local players saw Rab Dick & Graeme Bird with a lovely 12 dart game.


Friday 13th January

The top two teams in the Bathgate league went head to head and it saw the Bentswood Inn v Cross Tavern, and it saw the Bentswood Inn repeat their result from the first half of the season by winning by the same score line 9-0 win, This keeps last seasons champions still at the top of the league and four points clear of their nearest rivals,The result does not actually show the true match facts as the Cross Tavern players did have chances however the Bentswood players when a finish came round took their chances and as the old adage goes doubles for dough trebles for show!

Coppies bar in Armadale won 7-2 over the Old Wine Store from Shott’s,

Alan White Chairman E.D.A.
William (Bridges) Borland tonights winner.

Wednesday 11th January

The Premier league darts which is held in the Murrayfield Sports bar in Edinburgh got under way last night and it saw five players from the West Calder  & District league entering ,

Only one player made it into the quarter finals and it was East Calder’s William Borland who took the plaudits by winning the title, the results from the last eight go like this with the matches being the best of 9x501,

Quarter Finals I.Butler 0-5 M.Bain, L.Coult 3-5 W.Borland, S.Ironside 5-1  L.Caithness,
K.O'Neill 5-4 A.White, semi finals results saw, M.Bain 2-5 W.Borland, S.Ironside 5-2 K O'Neill, Final saw W.Borland 5-4 S.Ironside.

Top scores from the night for our Monday night players saw Rab Dick from Kirknewton rattling in a cracking 13 dart game, Graeme Bird fired in 2x180’s and a 19 darter, Mitchell 18 & 19 dart legs and a maximum 180, But without quest tion top player was William Borland with 4x180’s along with games finished in 14 darts being the quickest but he also hit 15 darter and 5 x 16 dart legs and 6x17 darters plus a more modest 18 dart game and a superb 148 game shot in the grand final via 54-54-40 on his way to picking up the winners purse.

Once again a very well run tournament which is organised by the committee of the E.D.A. and with some where in the region of 72 players entering their Premier league there will some superb nights of darts ahead, The venue can have up to 15 boards in action, and each board has a computer for the scoring along with a large screen for players to see the scores on the door! This organisation has certainly taken darts right into the 21st century.


Monday 9th January

West Calder & District Darts Leagues were back in action this week and it saw some superb matches taking place, in the Championship league the undefeated team up until now the Cawburn Highlanders were drawn away to one of their nearest rivals the Stirrup Stane Indians and it was Fred Hamilton’s team from the Stirrup who came away with a superb 6-3 win to close the gap to just two points of the Cawburn who sit at the top of the league on 18 points and also joining in on the chase for top spot it saw the Kirknewton Innkeepers claim two points when they won 6-3 against the Doo Club Fanciers, so Cawburn stay top on 18 points, with both the Innkeepers who are just ahead of the Indians on legs difference now both on 16 points and with the Indians of Craigshill having a game in hand on their rivals looks like some tough matches ahead in this Championship league before anyone can say where the title will end up! Other results has seen the Commercial Juniors from West Calder winning 6-3 over the travelling Grand Central Railroaders, this a blow to the Railroaders who for a while were part of the chasing pack vying for the top of the league, and the Juniors from the Commercial Inn having started of slowly in the league are now certainly having a huge input into the leagues results with 4 wins from 6 games.  The Golden Oldies from the Deans B.C. a very hard fought match before losing out by a single point to the  Tower bar Knights from Craigshill score line 5-4 in favour of the Knights of Craigshill. Looks like this league is heating up very nicely indeed!

The Premier league is also back in action and it saw the Cawburn Assassin’s winning a tough battle against the Loganlea Colliers the score line 6-3 to the Assassins but have heard through the grapevine that it could have been oh so different if the Colliers from Loganlea had hit their doubles! The Doo Club Flyers hosted the league leaders and it saw the Volunteer Highway Men bang on form after the festive break and a 9-0 win for the Highway Men now has them as the only undefeated team in either league. Almondale Pirates hosted the Commercial Inn Nomads and it was the away team that took the points with a 6-3 victory, and perhaps the shock result of the night it saw Stewart Tait’s team going down by the odd game in nine the Stirrup Stane Wanderers 4-5 Central bar Rebels the Rebellious ones have certainly got the players to beat any team in the league and it looks like they might just have found their form and look out the rest of the league the Rebels could be on the rampage!

Some notes from the night’s action on the boards go like this!

From the Doo Club Flyers it saw Stevie Morton firing in some excellent scores with a 2x140’s-137-125 and team mate Aldo just missing out on a maximum 180 and having to settle for a 140 on the wire oh so close! Highway Men saw Stevie Scott 15 darter also firing in 2x140’s plus a tidy 137 score, Mitchell 18 darter and a 108 game shot, Cawburn Highlanders player Sandy Coulter rock solid 20 dart game with an 80 game shot, Stirrup Stane Indians had S Stalker with a 88 game shot, and Commercial Inn Nomads saw Davie Aitken 17 dart game and a 84 take out along with team mates Jim Quinn 77 game shot and our overseas player the Jamaican Jim Aitken cracking 128 game shot.


Saturday 7th January

The Volunteer Arms in Uphall was the venue for an Open singles tournament which had players from afar a field as Greater Glasgow in attendance, and there were some superb arrows thrown on the day and the quarter finals line up was about as strong as it gets here be the results! Colin Robertson bt Colin Nichol, Rab Dick bt Martin Deegan, Gordon Bruce bt Jim McGeary, Arran Edwards bt John Charleston, and so to the semi finals Colin Robertson edged out Rab Dick by the odd leg in seven 4-3 the score line, and in the second semi final it saw Arran Edwards winning by 4 games to 2 over Gordon Bruce who was 2-0 up in a very fast paced match, so the grand final which was played over the best of 9x501 went down the wire with Arran Edwards missing two match winning darts Colin Robertson made no such mistake and took the final by 5 games to 4. Cracking match with absolutely nothing between the final two men left standing, Champion Colin Robertson, runner up Arran Edwards. Some superb scores recorded on the day 7 players firing in maximums John Charleston 3x180’s, Arran Edwards 3x180’s, Colin Robertson 2x171’s, Jim McGeary 2x180’s, Kirk Gordon, Rab Dick, James Cumming and Jim Mitchell all with 1x180 a piece, Fast games came thick and fast and it saw Davie Nisbet firing in games finished in 15-16-18-18-20 darts, William Harraughty 19 darter, Chris Forsyth games finished in 16-17-20-20-20 arrows, Gordon Bruce 17-20-20 darters, William Borland with 14-19 dart games, Colin Nichol 14-20 darters, Arran Edwards 15-15-18-18 dart legs, Rab Dick 20 darter, Martin Deegan 19 dart game, Colin Robertson games finished in 17-17-17-18-18-18 deadly darts. Finishes saw Jim McGeary with 95 and 112 take outs, Colin Nichol 113 game shot, Colin Robertson 119 game shot but top finish came from Arran Edwards with a fabulous 156 kill he also took out a 107 as well. Martin Deegan the organiser of this event and George Thorburn selling the raffles and taking care of everyone’s musical requirements made this a very good competition indeed! Well done guy’s.


Friday 6th January

The Bentswood Inn held the annual three person team competition which is now named after one of the leagues most respected players who sadly passed away a few years ago, So the Bob Hall Memorial trophy is a competition which is played by first off a 1001 leg which is a team event, then a doubles match which is 701 match and should the score be tied at 1-1 then the player who did not play in the doubles will play a best of 3x501 match to decide the winning team. Now the semi finals saw Lammies team of Jim Graham, Alan McDonald and Alan Gardiner  beating the Bentswood Inn team of Graeme Bird, Rab Dick and Paul Weir by two games to nil, the other semi final saw two teams from the Cross Tavern in Whitburn face off against each other and it was Paul Drake, Ross Burnside and Wullie Jack who edged out their team mates G McMillan, Ian Stevenson and Stephan Morrans by the same score line to claim their place in the grand final, The Final saw the Cross Tavern team take the opening match of a 1001 leg, but back came the Lammies team of Alan McDonald and Alan Gardiner to level the match at 1-1, so it came down to a final shoot out between Jim Graham for Lammies against Ross Burnside from the Cross Tavern to decide the championship for this season and it went the way of the team from Fauldhouse to take the title back to Lammies bar in a cracking match by 2 games to 1. Champions Jim Graham-Alan McDonald-Alan Gardiner, runners /up Wullie Jack-Paul Drake-Ross Burnside. Once again a well run competition by the committee of Danny Kirkland and G McMillan and thanks to the Bentswood Inn for sponsoring this event.

5th January 
Well they do say that what goes around comes around. And a wee competition held in the Kirknewton Inn on Tuesday night saw William (Bridges )Borland doing exactly as he did last year turning on the style, 5X180'S and a superb 170 take out and he just missed doing two off them back to back along with 12-13-15 darters not a bad way to see in the new year. Only other players in the past few days with anything to report has seen Ross Burnside with a 18 darter  with a cracking 108 game shot at the Top O the Toon competition, and Rab Dick firing in a 20 darter along with Mitchell 19 darts and Graeme (Jaws) Bird with an 18 dart game at the Murrayfield Sports bar comp.


Looking for a set of Willie Ethrington, tungsten darts 27grams, one of the old dart players from the early 1970's he was a former pro-boxer and International player.

Anyway if anyone can help there is a message in the guest book, from a gentleman in Edinburgh who is trying to find a set. 

Looking forward to the leagues starting back this week Friday night the Bathgate league is back in the Bentswood Inn for a competition, and on Monday night the West Calder League is back in action with league matches, looking forward to seeing and hearing about the exploits from all the teams, so lets see if we can get some news to send into the Courier for next week, The sports editor is giving us space in the sports section lets see if we can fill it!

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